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I loved this podcast! Great movies & funny intros! Please come back! We need you & your movies!!!
I'm a certifiable B-movie nostalgia nut and exploitation flick fan extraordinaire, and I just love this more than I can express with words!
This podcast has all the old cheesy movies I love to watch! It's the whole movie, guys, not snippets with some nerdy type commenting in between!!
These movies help to make my life complete! I've a collection of old VHS Indies and B-Flix, and they have here many, many I haven't found on VHS for my home. I love watching these. Thank you times a million!
Lover, where have you been all my life? I dreamed of something like this. This is AMAZING!!!!
I just love the old sci-fi movies, please do more.
We miss you and your cheesy goodness that is UHF!


This pretty good. U should add all the 8 HP movies. It would be great if u did that :)
I think these are the greatest podcasts ever to be created! I'm loving the reverend, the cheese, and the holy static... It has forever changed the life of my iPhone and iPad. If u do not have a sense of humor, these podcasts are not for u! I'm gonna go testify!
Well I have not whacked it so I think it's good because all the writes
Good stuff oldies black and white thrillers. Sweet
These are all amazing movies! Amazing epic movies! Im still waiting for some more classics though. Like psycho, the day the earth stood still, war of the worlds, and dawn of the dead. Keep up the good work guys!


By Kcshaun
What's going on? I luv this podcast. R u not uploading anymore?
there is nuttin like free movies. these are great to watch when you are just waiting around. They will help kill time on a airplane, road trip, or any where else where you are just sitting around.
Look you should put the movie The Hills Have Eyes, Jaws, The Shinning, Aliens, and others like Scream or at least something like that. I also think these films are great put not that scary...
Add the movie "Lady Frankenstein" please
I LOVE this podcast it is great!!!!!!
Thanks so much for these full length ah mazing movies! This just so happens to have a few of my favorites: Night of the living dead, Carnival of souls , and Little shop of horrors! keep posting!
Great movies ( and for all those mst3k fans this is a great place to find the unmisted movies)
It is great to see these old movies again! I love the old classics like Horror Express, the Gamera films (I hope you continue to add more of them!!!), Bad Taste (proving you remain in great taste!) and now Track of the Moon Beast. Please keep the monster movies coming! Thank you for this wonderful collection!
Thank you for the one of the best entertainment experiences ever. Watching Hercules on my iPod while on the boat from Kythnos to Syros.
I am obsessed with Cult of Uhf! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Add new movies like hangover and other movies plz . Other then that u rock thanks for the sick movies. :D
It is amazingly powerful. The all holey fuzz and cheese are powerful. You have to let the patrick Swayzee in your heart. I Also love the Three wise men (larry, Curly, Moe).
It is pretty good I really like Hercules it was really good i think all the other movies kindove sucked monkey balls
I love UHF the movies rock but I wish there were more movies in color
All movie that I been watching I'm satisfied ok.
Ahhhh, the good old days! Old, semi-bad movies. But wait! There's a sprinkling of 'Cult' humor with the introduction. Sort of a 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' lite. Well worth checking out - I'm addicted!
All hail the Holy Static, The UHF waves go on forever. Testify for Rev. Chumley my brothers and sisters. My Spirit will live on in the static. Keep up the antics Rev. Peace be with you.
As good as this is its hard to gripe. Small tweak, make the titles viewable in landscape. If not possible, adjust the font. Would also like to see year, b/w vs color in the description. Best pod ever!!! Keep it up, the worse=the better.
How are we to know which movies are which when they all say 'Cult of UHF' without the title being readily apparent?The only way to find out is to start watching each one! VERY LAME!
Keep the great old stuff coming. I love to watch this while I work out on Saturday. Thank YOU! Rev!!


By Kesay
This movie was the best movie ever
i came across you guys looking for free old movies podcast. Ive downloaded a large amount of them.some I did not reconize the title until I view it. I love the british chessy horror ones what better way to to go down memory lane. thanks guys ....continue update them. I am hooked.
Praise the Reverend, and Happy 4th Anniversary
If you like old movies, b-movies, cheesy movies and all that jazz, you should definitely subscribe to this podcast. This podcast fights boredom, fatigue, the evil empire, and tooth decay. What more could you possibly ask for? Nothing! Nothing I tells ya!!
Thank you for being awesome and bringing all of these kick a*s movies to my computer! Rock on!
I cant say a bad word about this podcast! Awesome flicks and for Free! I would only humbly request that cult of uhf air The House of Wax with Vincent Price. Great film and would complete my cheesy horror flick folder on my iPod.
Good quality podcast of bad quality movies. I know that's the point, but Reverend, couldn't you step it up just a little? There were some good sc-fi movies on uhf in the '70's (that were made in the '50's) - - a few more of those, maybe?
I love this B-movie cast. I just dont understand how weird the beginnig of eatch episode is.
Best. Podcast. Ever. The whole classic movie, FREE! two thumbs waaaaay up but thats only because I don't have more of them!
Praise be to UHF and the great lead ins. I am catching up on old ones and laughing with the hilarious intro. Miss the dancing during the promos though, good times
takes up a ton of space but I love it. loved "night of the living dead."
I love B-movies, and to find a podcast dedicated to them, and RELEASING THE WHOLE FILM is unheard of and amazing. thank you for enlightening my life.
This is truely an awesome podcast to behold. Your stamina will be tested by some of these old movies. Thank God for the reverend who livens up every movie with a delightful intermission. This podcast is a must see for any movie buff. Save a dollar at target and watch this podcast.
Thank you, I have enjoyed the movies. The episode with the letter people had me wondering if you guys were nuts, the movie progressed and I was splitting a gut laughing at the appropriate scene. I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. Cult UHF represents the forgotten genre of cheese movies that only the ultra sophisticated can appreciate. People were actually paid to make these movies, I think that is amazing! Please keep it going Elvis of North Idaho
...that's been there since MST3K went off the air.
This has to be one of my favorite podcasts of all time. Nothing can cure boredom like the old-tyme appeal of a cheezy movie.