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I cling to these episodes that points and highlights the signs of the times and the coming of our Blessed Hope. Thank you so very much for being our watchman on the wall. To God be the Glory!
15 minute cities are not totalitarian. It’s simply the traditional method of city design. All cities were 15 minute cities before ww2
This is the second time Jan has spread the lie that Bill Johnson endorses grave soaking. A quick YouTube search will show him explicitly denouncing this practice. Jans discussions on end times is undermined by her failure to research and maligning a church of Godly faith filled church.
I look forward to this podcast every week. I know there will be great guests and new information.
Jan has brought on world class guests that research and analyze all the current events and how they line up with our Bible. I love to listen every Friday and share this with all my friends. Jan will have a very special crown for keeping all of us in the know!! God bless you.
I’m a faithful follower to Jan’s podcast. She works hard on her research and information- I always learn something new. Thankful for her commitment to spreading the truth about the times we are living in.
Thank you for all you do to enlighten Christians.!
You are a blessing to the body of Christ. BL
I enjoy the content but Jan needs to mute herself while guests are talking as her mouth sounds are very distracting.
Thank you for speaking the truth of our glorious God! You are an amazing warrior for Christ…you have inspired me to share the gospel more and to GLOW for Jesus ❤️🙏🏻❤️
Thank you Jan! I look forward to your podcasts! Speaking God filled truth!
Words cannot express my gratitude for this podcast and everything that Jan and her team does. I’ve grown immensely in my walk with Christ and gained a wealth of knowledge from her, the pastors and speakers. What’s more is, Jan and Pastor Mark Henry host a bi-weekly “Understanding The Times” event with speakers from all across the country, who discuss current events and how they line up with Bible prophecy. I’ve had the privilege of attending several of these events. God bless and thank you, Jan! Continue being a light in this dark world. Maranatha!
I look forward to every Friday when I can listen to the next podcast. Jan Markel Is a fabulous host and all of her speakers and pastors are amazing!!!


By Truth m
Some of the things discussed here and some of the people on here are totally nuts.
Not sure, I agree with everything presented on this podcast, however, that is not uncommon in theology or the body of Christ. It doesn’t mean there’s grounds for separation however, it appears Olive tree is dividing the body of Christ with their concerns of some segments in Christianity. I understand their passion, I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The body of Christ is precious and does not need any more attacks especially within it’s ranks
I would like ti say, if you are wanting a deep dive into this nar topic.. please check out spencer smith on youtube and the series is called third adam. he has 3 right now and a 4 th on the way
Please stop with the mouth noises it’s so bad
You won’t find anything worthwhile here. They are science denying fear mongers. So benighted.
Blessed by The Lord, Jan’s ministry is clarifying and bringing confidence in understanding the word. Grateful for the Lord bringing me to hear His word. Worthy ministry.
Insightful, engaging content that shows believers what they can expect during the end times. Highly recommend for all born again believers to stay alert during these dark times!
Keep speaking the truth Jan. Haters gonna hate. John 15:18.
Anyone (jgannabs) who writes off truth as a joke has the right to do so. You have a free will to accept or reject it. If you couple truth with hate speech then it’s with your inner man you need to have an honest discussion. To lead others astray is a discussion you will have with God whether you believe in Him or not. You were written about in the Bible. We are warned that we would see scoffers in the end times. The comment that you left only helps to solidify that the Bible is truth and good for reproof. Thank you for helping build my faith and others who’ll see your comment. What you meant for evil God will use for good.
I’m thankful to hear prophecy expounded on and hope this program reaches many who need to hear. I pray that hearts will change and eyes will be opened to receive our Lord Jesus Christ✝️ Thank you for sharing the word of God. Jean Schrader
Eschatology done right. No wild speculative options but rather biblically based end times teachings. Thank you, Jan, for the plethora of information! God bless!
If you want to understand world events from a biblical perspective do not miss this weekly podcast. There is hope in knowing what God has ordained. Excellent podcast worth your time.
👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🎶🎶🎺🎺 Thank you for this program Jan & Olive Tree Ministry staff !!!!! Year after year always excellent programming.
I so enjoyed your interview on Tipping Point. I’ve watched it twice now. Looking forward to hearing your wisdom here. What a beautiful work you’re doing teaching the word of God when so many churches have fallen into apostasy. Thank you 🙏🏼💜❤️
Just want to thank you Jan, for all you are doing. Your interviews weekly are so informative and helpful to me, a young conservative Christian woman. I am better equipped and informed week after week because of all you are bringing to the table. The song you play at the end of each segment brings tears to my eyes. It’s a beautiful song. I love Jesus Christ, my beautiful Lord and Savior!!! May never get to meet you on this earth but i look forward to meeting you in heaven. Also, because of your ministry, my family and I found pastor Billy Crone’s church and we are now apart of that church after leaving a very charismatic, lost church. Words cannot express my gratitude for finding Sunrise Bible Church in LV, NV. Praise the Lord!!!!!
Jan Markell is a trusted source of Bible prophecy and how this generation can see the signs written within the Word of God. She is down to earth and practical, it is no wonder the reach of Olive Tree Ministries has grown from (1) small AM radio station to now over (900). Hear why for yourself. As a Bible reader for (17) years now, unable to be swayed by false narratives and religious garbage, I can say that Jan is the real deal.
We thank God for you Jan. Excellent job!!
This program has had so many wrong predictions over the past decade it’s hard to keep count of them. Not only did they insist Trump was a “godly man” but they have pushed many conspiracy theories. Every program is rapture, rapture, rapture. It is sad that so many are taken in by a heresy that’s only been around since 1830 and has so foundation in Biblical Christianity. There is a gloating, arrogant, prideful attitude about dispensationalists, ie, “every one else will be left behind but us.” Markell especially despises Catholics and Democrats. I would classify some of what I heard as hate speech.
Excellent interviews! Thank you
I’ve been listening to Jan for many many years and I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything biblically untrue from her platforms. I even decided to support her work since she has a global outreach with 800 radio stations. I hope many will start listening to what Jan and her guests have to say and be encouraged.
I have to admit I am not certain about which end time view is correct. I settle on pre-trib and then move to pre-wrath… over and over… whatever the Truth is? I still enjoy this show! Jan offers a great deal of good information and encouragement. Even if you are not pre-Trib? You will gain a lot by listening.
Solid, Biblical teachings. Explores and explains current events, with Scripture in mind. Prophecy, But no date setting.
Mouth noise has made this previously enjoyable podcast nearly impossible to listen to.
Jan is so monotone though! Keep up the good work💕
This podcast is a blessing. Very Biblical and Truthful and educational as we try to look at the craziness of this this evil world, and try to sort out these unprecedented happenings through the lens of Scipture.
I wouldn’t discount America yet…it’s not over until God says it’s over! I don’t care how dire it looks. I enjoy your program, but I don’t always agree. If we return to “normal”, we’ll be in no better place…we need to return to Christ and a biblical worldview!
I look forward to the new episode every week!
Jan and her guests shed the light on world events through the bible.
I am 25 and I have loved hearing Jan and her guests. I got the chance to meet Jan in Brooklyn Park at a conference a few months ago. Although I feel discouraged with everything going on in the world because I want to get married, start a family one day but these things that have happened in the last 2 years so rapidly give me hope that Jesus is coming soon
I absolutely love that God is using you to mentor my life and so many others. Praise Yahweh for your obedience to Him.
Thanks Jan for all of your years of excellent programming!
Love Jan’s attention to detail, situational awareness (SA), minus the sensationalism. Bless her
I get excited to hear Jan Markell’s podcast, every Friday. I’m grateful to God for her, Amir, Jack and so many others that are fighting to keep God in our country. Learning from her and her colleagues is so interesting and informative. In these darks times, God brings light into the world through these people. Thank you Jan!
I appreciate Jan’s thought filled guest line up. Each episode addresses what I see taking place as confirmation that I’m not completely “crazy” . By listening to this podcast I gain greater clarity and peace to live each day expressing Christ and loving whomever I encounter. The reminder of scripture in each episode brings this encouragement. Even though I’ve been a student of eschatology for a decade I get spiritual amnesia. These fellow believers are an answered prayer, as I know that God uses people to reach people. The churches in the town where I live do not teach eschatology and ignore what’s going on in the world right now. I’ve always considered the rapture and Jesus’ return part of the Gospel of Grace. It’s such good news! Praying more church leaders would speak up. So I appreciate this ministry and am thankful for the internet. There’s always a silver lining with Christ and I’m excited to be alive during this time. Bless you all. Maranatha.
In deference to Dr Hindson, whom I admire greatly, I believe when it speaks of a new Heaven and earth I believe it will be more than just this earth. I believe it will be the whole universe that will be made new. And, the New Jerusalem will be the Ark of safety until God is finished with this construction project. It’s plane to me in the scriptures that this is true
Interview with Twila Brase August 6, 2021 is excellent and informative with helpful resources referenced. A must to listen to for everyone!