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Olive Tree ministries is a reliable and trustworthy source of Bible prophecy and how it relates to world events. They always have fantastic guests. If you have any doubts of the accuracy of information presented here just read your Bible, especially Daniel, Ezekiel, and most importantly, the book of Revelation.
Thank you for your commitment to deliver encouragement in these last days. I listen and repeat your podcasts to keep my mind on the most important thing: Eternity! God bless you and your ministry.
I listen to this for the entertainment value. It trips me to think that people can believe in this. When politics and religion mixes you get a bunch of nut job conspiracy theorists.
Those of you being led by demonic forces or Satan himself with seeds of doubt and hate toward this podcast, go read the Bible. Then come back.
This podcast is a sobering reminder of our current times and it is full of hope...hope in Jesus Christ as our great Savior
This one in particular was a little terrifying to me, I guess because it’s happening in real time. I’ve learned of so many great pastors that I also listen to now because of this programming. I’m praying for all of you daily! Thank you and Praise the Lord!!
I first heard Jan on Today's Issues and always liked what she had to say, was really happy to get her podcast!!!
So informative, really enjoy her knowledge, the way she delivers it and the guests she brings to her show. I wait for her weekly podcast with eagerness every week.
I look forward to it every week


By jwalk73
I always look forward to hearing Jan’s program each week. She has introduced many speakers to bring salt and light into my life. I am grateful for her life and her radio ministry.
I love listening to Jan Markell! I only wish she was on more!
This is absolutely one of the best Podcasts ever. The guests along with the host provide in-depth commentary and biblical views on prophecy and the state of our world .
Thank you so much for your devotion and work, Jan! I now consume all I can from you to Include books and other pastors / scholars you recommend on your site. I found you through Pastor jack hibbs and I’m so thankful to have such sound guidance guided in biblical wisdom! Sending you love, sister!
I’ve listen to Jan for years, and I’m so grateful for her willingness to speak truth, and I have guests on her show that so clearly speak for Jesus in the Bible. You have been a great resource for me.
This is fringe extremism disguised as christianity. Fact check every word, claim and "report" the host and her guests throw out. They don't even use scripture for many of the podcasts. She's amping up christians with fear, making them cling to her interpretation of the bible or else they're doomed to hell. She warns of some absurdist literal interpretation of the apocalypse/revelation. The kind that the Left Behind series brought to popularity IN FICTION. Hardly any modern biblical scholar would consider this worth even discussing prior to "Left Behind". This is fueling christian right wing extremism/terrorism. Do not let you parents/grandparents/family get suckered into this. Demand scripture with biblical lessons/views/opinions. Do your due diligence and keep informed. Talking heads aren't substitution for doing your own research, look up fact-checked peer review studies, watch and read the news- then look at what another news channel has as their headlines. Be wise to political opinions that can't direct you to legitimate information backing up their point. Blogs and facebook are not legitimate sources.
This podcast will cover topics and boldly declare the truth that your “seeker sensitive” won’t touch! To keep it real, Some weeks this podcast is better then others so if you feel bored one week, don’t let it detour you from listening next week. Jan has been teaching Bible prophecy and reaching large audiences with her radio show before the Internet opened the door to these type of topics. Jan was covering them 1st. Thanks Jan for this show!
So thankful for this gathering of people passionate about bible prophecy, the 35% of the Bible that is no longer being taught in the vast majority of American seminaries. Discernment for our times and a better understanding of the heart of God can be found here.
The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible. I’m surprised this podcast doesn’t reference any scripture in some episodes. I think this podcast is under a false pretense which is dangerous.
Love this program tells us what’s coming in the future by the word of God give us information that we may not find elsewhere thank you for your ministry
Truth is harder to find nowadays. Thank you for being saved and being bold. I know I’m not the only one!
Thankful for Jan Markell sharing her God anointed discernment, insights and wisdom with her listeners. I am learning a lot!
In these last days it is a great encouragement to know there are those in the Church sharing the truth. Thank you, Jan. God bless you.


By ohf2017
I love Jan’s voice! And they go through some pretty dense topics on this show and they do an amazing job to break down the points to where they are understandable. Even when they have to go fast through a segment I’m not left feeling lost at all.
If you like to listen to eschatology, learn the truth about what is really happening in the “ real” world this is the program for you ! We never miss a program. We have been listening for about 5 years or so and I have not ever been bored by guest speakers or subject matter for that days program. Jan Markell always has great speakers and topics that you have never given thought to ! She is by far my favorite person to listen to and if you are like me you will wish the one hour program were 2 !!! I would hope that all who hear will listen just once as you will be hooked !!
Solid, Biblical teachings. Explores and explains current events, with Scripture in mind.
It’s ridiculous to speed the talk up so much!!
Olive Tree has got to be one of the most valuable resources for Christians today. I’m so grateful for Jan Markell and the brothers and sisters she hosts! Thank you for standing firm in truth.
Thank you for this program Jan & Olive Tree Ministry staff !!!!!
Jan, your program is the highlight of my Friday nights. I eagerly wait for my podcast to update so I can listen to you on my iPad. I have been interested in end time prophecy since Hal Lindsey’s books first came out in the 80’s. Your program has renewed the thrill of watching and waiting. I can’t wait for the trumpet to sound and the Lord to descend! I live in Seattle, a virtual spiritual desert. You have encouraged me, as a remnant believer, to thank God for this time and place. I just finished listening to your 2-part interview with Michelle Bachman... I love her too! God bless you and your ministry and thank you for all you do. Cheryl
If you want to know about the latest topics on eschatology, Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries is for you. She literally takes the “pulse” of events happening around the world with an emphasis on Israel and Jerusalem. Her no-nonsense and unapologetic wit is reflected with the guests she has on. I promise you’ll be a student of her show immediately. I look forward going to school every Saturday morning at Oneplace.
I’m encouraged and enlightened by this podcast. It’s in my ear during most of my day as I continue to soak up the word and pray for discernment.
Just because someone is strong enough in Christ that they can tell truth of what the Bible says does NOT mean they are intolerant. Jan and most Christians “accept” all people, no matter what is at stake, but it doesn’t mean that we “embrace and promote” sinful things. I’m sorry people get their feelings hurt regarding Gods laws.
I’ve been a sometimes listener to Ms. Markel for years, always end times?... Always ‘someone’ misinterpreting the “book”. Very negative podcast. If you believe the book, what the heck are you constantly complaining about. Just wear nice shoes for the rapture!
This podcast is an excellent resource for Christian learners, and it focuses on prophetic Biblical truths.
So important. Stay informed and listen each week. Discern for yourself. They speak truth in love. I wouldn’t miss a podcast. Jan and speakers/pastors are not fringe, but mainstream Christians and “watchmen on the wall.” So important!
Thanks for reminding us to be reading our Bibles and aware of what's going on in the world concerning end times! Your show has inspired me to be more diligent in sharing with others and also digging deeper into the Word! God bless you and your contributors.
I have no doubt that the End is near. It’s been near since Christ’s resurrection, and is getting nearer. Things do seem to be ramping up with natural disasters and conflicts as the Bible says it will, but has it really increased as dramatically as it seems? I’d like to see more recent disasters compared the spate of wars and disasters of the past. Are they any more numerous yet as in the past? If you do a limitless digging, the wars and disasters of the past would seem just as apocalyptic. Sometimes I feel like this show, and others, like Sandy Rios’, goes too far down the conspiracy rabbit hole. I found the UFO and Deception episodes interesting on points. But I’d ask for some more moderation. The left side of the population do not need more fodder for the opinion that we are hysterical fear-mongers.
Great talk up to issues Thank you
I always look forward to your podcasts. It helps direct my prayers. Your guests are great & Godly! I can see people “can’t handle the TRUTH”. I thank you for speaking TRUTH & I am praying for you.
Excellent podcast. It never ceases to amaze me the blind ignorance of those who criticize this podcast. Jan and the speakers she host present relevant Truth in a sensitive, soft, weak, politically correct culture we live in. All you haters, you are antagonistic because you are in darkness and cannot take the Light of the Truth. Highly recommended podcast for those seeking (politically incorrect) TRUTH on what’s really going on in the world.
Unlike previous review, this is a real review from a believer. This program is brave, strong christian driven information. Jan gives the truth of the world’s events and how they are relevant to the Bible and God’s truth behind all discussed. A true Christ follower’s window to see beyond political, & mostly, media driven bias. This radio program reveals what is happening globally and how we as Christian men and women need to be attuned to what is happening beyond our immediate surroundings I listen always. Great program blessed by God.
Jan has integrity, and allows the Bible to be the roadmap for her show. There’s no candy coating the message, and her guests reflect the Truth as well. My wife and I listen every week, it’s very insightful and very informative about bible prophecy.
Way to go jan
If you call yourself a "christian" but you put more faith in Trump than you do in Christ, this podcast is for you. If you're looking for consistently biblical discernment, don't waste your time here.
This show is spectacular. A truly Christian perspective on today's events. Love it!
I enjoy the content this podcast offers from a biblical perspective. I don't always agree as I am not a premillennialist but I thank God for these folks and what they offer for Christ and His kingdom.
Thank you Jan for such an intelligent, Biblically based, excellently produced, relevant show. You are a light in the darkness. I have enjoyed every broadcast. I'm grateful you are on iTunes. I've enjoyed your wonderful guests and topics. May God continue to bless your ministry.
Insipid, paranoid, and as one would expect a Republican. There is nothing new in these podcasts. Just one more examples of the dank dreary aspects of the right-wing politics and religion elbowing for space and attention in the media.