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Blessed by The Lord, Jan’s ministry is clarifying and bringing confidence in understanding the word. Grateful for the Lord bringing me to hear his word.
I’ve been listening to Jan for many many years and I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything biblically untrue from her platforms. I even decided to support her work since she has a global outreach with 800 radio stations. I hope many will start listening to what Jan and her guests have to say and be encouraged.
I have to admit I am not certain about which end time view is correct. I settle on pre-trib and then move to pre-wrath… over and over… whatever the Truth is? I still enjoy this show! Jan offers a great deal of good information and encouragement. Even if you are not pre-Trib? You will gain a lot by listening.
Solid, Biblical teachings. Explores and explains current events, with Scripture in mind. Prophecy, But no date setting.
Mouth noise has made this previously enjoyable podcast nearly impossible to listen to.
Jan is so monotone though! Keep up the good work💕
This podcast is a blessing. Very Biblical and Truthful and educational as we try to look at the craziness of this this evil world, and try to sort out these unprecedented happenings through the lens of Scipture.
I wouldn’t discount America yet…it’s not over until God says it’s over! I don’t care how dire it looks. I enjoy your program, but I don’t always agree. If we return to “normal”, we’ll be in no better place…we need to return to Christ and a biblical worldview!
I look forward to the new episode every week!
Jan and her guests shed the light on world events through the bible.
I am 25 and I have loved hearing Jan and her guests. I got the chance to meet Jan in Brooklyn Park at a conference a few months ago. Although I feel discouraged with everything going on in the world because I want to get married, start a family one day but these things that have happened in the last 2 years so rapidly give me hope that Jesus is coming soon
Jan Markell is a trusted source of Bible prophecy and how this generation can see the signs written within the Word of God. She is down to earth and practical, it is no wonder she grew the reach of Olive Tree Ministries from (1) small AM radio station to now over (900). Hear why for yourself. As a Bible reader for (17) years now, unable to be swayed by false narratives and religious garbage, I can say that Jan is the real deal.
Thank you for this program Jan & Olive Tree Ministry staff !!!!! Year after year always excellent programming.
I absolutely love that God is using you to mentor my life and so many others. Praise Yahweh for your obedience to Him.
Thanks Jan for all of your years of excellent programming!
Love Jan’s attention to detail, situational awareness (SA), minus the sensationalism. Bless her
I get excited to hear Jan Markell’s podcast, every Friday. I’m grateful to God for her, Amir, Jack and so many others that are fighting to keep God in our country. Learning from her and her colleagues is so interesting and informative. In these darks times, God brings light into the world through these people. Thank you Jan!
I appreciate Jan’s thought filled guest line up. Each episode addresses what I see taking place as confirmation that I’m not completely “crazy” . By listening to this podcast I gain greater clarity and peace to live each day expressing Christ and loving whomever I encounter. The reminder of scripture in each episode brings this encouragement. Even though I’ve been a student of eschatology for a decade I get spiritual amnesia. These fellow believers are an answered prayer, as I know that God uses people to reach people. The churches in the town where I live do not teach eschatology and ignore what’s going on in the world right now. I’ve always considered the rapture and Jesus’ return part of the Gospel of Grace. It’s such good news! Praying more church leaders would speak up. So I appreciate this ministry and am thankful for the internet. There’s always a silver lining with Christ and I’m excited to be alive during this time. Bless you all. Maranatha.
In deference to Dr Hindson, whom I admire greatly, I believe when it speaks of a new Heaven and earth I believe it will be more than just this earth. I believe it will be the whole universe that will be made new. And, the New Jerusalem will be the Ark of safety until God is finished with this construction project. It’s plane to me in the scriptures that this is true
Interview with Twila Brase August 6, 2021 is excellent and informative with helpful resources referenced. A must to listen to for everyone!
What a relief to hear someone who teaches sound doctrine. I look forward to listening every week. Thanks Jan.
I can always depend on this station for solid, biblical truth. Thank you so very much!! I also appreciate how this channel DOES NOT focus on politics or a political leader as our "savior", but rather on how all things work into the biblical, prophetic plan. If you don't believe in the simple inerrant truth of the Word of God, you won't appreciate this podcast.
David Jeremiah’s hyper-dispensationalism is an absolute theological trainwreck. Avoid.
If you call yourself a "christian" but you put more faith in Trump than you do in Christ, this podcast is for you. If you're looking for consistently biblical discernment, don't waste your time here. Jan Markel has had a huge role in turning me into an exvangelical. Thanks, Jan!
Thank you Jan for all you do. I look forward to you and your guests every week.
I’ve learned so much listening to Jan and all of her guests. And they back up their words with scripture.
It’s gooooood.
Any time you hear ‘we don’t have evidence for that, but it’s HAPPENING’ please evaluate the quality of the content you’re listening to. I wish I could review this drivel as zero stars, but alas I cannot. This show is unbiblical and relies on fear tactics and misleading reporting to stoke panic into its listeners. Dogwhistles abide, systemic racism is swept aside and confusingly products are sold to people who are left behind??? It’s odd.
English is my second language. My ex is trying to get a restraining order on me. All based on lies. He is just scared that I will go tell his wife the truth...that they got married over a year before we were divorced. He got married a day before out 15th anniversary. I think he was trying to piss me off, but I didn’t even notice until 7 months after. Narcissistic abuse is real. You don’t lie to someone who you love. Government doesn’t protect marriage, so why would they care about anyone. So if God comes she won’t be saved because their marriage is not valid, since they married while we were still married. Why would God put man in charge of this? They mess us. We don’t need man or a church.
Olive Tree ministries is a reliable and trustworthy source of Bible prophecy and how it relates to world events. They always have fantastic guests. If you have any doubts of the accuracy of information presented here just read your Bible, especially Daniel, Ezekiel, and most importantly, the book of Revelation.
Thank you for your commitment to deliver encouragement in these last days. I listen and repeat your podcasts to keep my mind on the most important thing: Eternity! God bless you and your ministry.
I listen to this for the entertainment value. It trips me to think that people can believe in this. When politics and religion mixes you get a bunch of nut job conspiracy theorists.
This podcast is a sobering reminder of our current times and it is full of hope...hope in Jesus Christ as our great Savior
This one in particular was a little terrifying to me, I guess because it’s happening in real time. I’ve learned of so many great pastors that I also listen to now because of this programming. I’m praying for all of you daily! Thank you and Praise the Lord!!
I first heard Jan on Today's Issues and always liked what she had to say, was really happy to get her podcast!!!
So informative, really enjoy her knowledge, the way she delivers it and the guests she brings to her show. I wait for her weekly podcast with eagerness every week.
I always look forward to hearing Jan’s program each week. She has introduced many speakers to bring salt and light into my life. I am grateful for her life and her radio ministry.
I love listening to Jan Markell! I only wish she was on more!
This is absolutely one of the best Podcasts ever. The guests along with the host provide in-depth commentary and biblical views on prophecy and the state of our world .
Thank you so much for your devotion and work, Jan! I now consume all I can from you to Include books and other pastors / scholars you recommend on your site. I found you through Pastor jack hibbs and I’m so thankful to have such sound guidance guided in biblical wisdom! Sending you love, sister!
I’ve listen to Jan for years, and I’m so grateful for her willingness to speak truth, and I have guests on her show that so clearly speak for Jesus in the Bible. You have been a great resource for me.
This is fringe extremism disguised as christianity. Fact check every word, claim and "report" the host and her guests throw out. They don't even use scripture for many of the podcasts. She's amping up christians with fear, making them cling to her interpretation of the bible or else they're doomed to hell. She warns of some absurdist literal interpretation of the apocalypse/revelation. The kind that the Left Behind series brought to popularity IN FICTION. Hardly any modern biblical scholar would consider this worth even discussing prior to "Left Behind". This is fueling christian right wing extremism/terrorism. Do not let you parents/grandparents/family get suckered into this. Demand scripture with biblical lessons/views/opinions. Do your due diligence and keep informed. Talking heads aren't substitution for doing your own research, look up fact-checked peer review studies, watch and read the news- then look at what another news channel has as their headlines. Be wise to political opinions that can't direct you to legitimate information backing up their point. Blogs and facebook are not legitimate sources.
This podcast will cover topics and boldly declare the truth that your “seeker sensitive” won’t touch! To keep it real, Some weeks this podcast is better then others so if you feel bored one week, don’t let it detour you from listening next week. Jan has been teaching Bible prophecy and reaching large audiences with her radio show before the Internet opened the door to these type of topics. Jan was covering them 1st. Thanks Jan for this show!
So thankful for this gathering of people passionate about bible prophecy, the 35% of the Bible that is no longer being taught in the vast majority of American seminaries. Discernment for our times and a better understanding of the heart of God can be found here.
The best commentary on the Bible is the Bible. I’m surprised this podcast doesn’t reference any scripture in some episodes. I think this podcast is under a false pretense which is dangerous.
Love this program tells us what’s coming in the future by the word of God give us information that we may not find elsewhere thank you for your ministry
Truth is harder to find nowadays. Thank you for being saved and being bold. I know I’m not the only one!
Thankful for Jan Markell sharing her God anointed discernment, insights and wisdom with her listeners. I am learning a lot!
In these last days it is a great encouragement to know there are those in the Church sharing the truth. Thank you, Jan. God bless you.