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The Patrick and Eric in the morning format is absolutely wonderful. Both are interesting, witty and the podcast is happy and soothing. It has the feel of NPR does boardgames. I’ll keep listening and you should too.
EDIT: The show for the most part is still on track. But they are REALLY trying to push the social justice a little too much. If you are like me and are tired of hearing people preach at you to make themselves feel good; it gets to be an eye rolling distraction.
Great board game podcast. Nice conversations and a great way to hear/learn about new games.
This podcast has a wide variety of contributors who all bring a different perspective on gaming. There is great information on a wide variety from Classics to the new hotness and everything in between. They also have interviews with different people in the board game industry. Check it out for some great information and stay for the puns!
I enjoy listening to somethign fun as opposed to news and politics!
I really enjoy the variety of opinions and information the large number of contributors provides.
I love Brandon's take on games. This has quickly become one of my favorite podcast for the tabletop gaming hobby! Love all the different perspectives on display in this podcast. Keep it up!
I would just like to start out this review by saying that before I decided to submit my review, I looked back on my subscriptions and realized that this was THE FIRST! board gaming podcast I ever listened to. (See "P.S. below for more on this...) I have been listening to the What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing for more than 7 months now and feel confident that I can adequately convey my thoughts on it. The WDYPTW Podcast Thing, hosted by Brandon and Karensa Kempf - with special help from the myriad contributors - is the podcast whose new episodes I most look forward to dropping every week (new episodes generally release every Sunday). The show is, at its very core, a fun, familial and all-around fantastic reflection of the many personalities, peculiarities and people that make this hobby great! The WDYPTW body is made up of various contributors each with segments that I feel are unique and exclusive to the WDYPTW podcast thing: segments ranging from Jessica Wade’s “Highlights, Lowlights”; to “Two Minutes with Travis (@travisdhill); to a storytelling segment with the daughter of the show hosts “Annabeth’s Story Cubes”; to the semi-weekly contributions from “the over the hillier gamer”; to the new role playing segments; to Jamie Maltman’s “Learning From and Through Board Games”; to probably my favorite section when he has the time for it: “Evolving Review with Derek Davis” where he gives a game “SEVEN weeks to earn its way into [his] collection”; to various other incredibly enjoyable segments from other contributors. And of course, each segment aptly starts of with a brief discussion of the games they’ve recently played.. What makes this show so great is the down-to-earth nature of the contributors and the consistency with which they portray their own personalities through their segments (many of which, I think, are think are unique to this show), and also the availability and personable-nature of each contributor, each of which are open to online discussions and connecting via social media and even offering for listeners to play with them on online board gaming websites. Jessica Wade’s love for Stefan Feld and seemingly unending stream of recently-played games amuses me every time. The honest concision spoken through Travis’s and Derek’s reviews enjoyably provide a descriptive and thorough portrayal of their thoughts on/excitement for/dislike for the games they talk about, which I really appreciate, sympathizing with and understanding their unique game tastes. Most of all, I’m mostly just blown away by the sheer number of games that these guys get to play - a large amount of a which are solo plays - and it is because of this fact of the many plays of the same games these guys get in that I can respect their thoughts on games so readily. The back-and-forth with Brandon and Karensa during their discussion on the games they’ve recently played always gives me a chuckle, in a good way; in a way I live vicariously through their game plays each week, whether filled with many classics/new games or with a quick few fillers squeezed into their week, silently cheering them on when they get in a good week of gaming. On the weeks when Annabeth joins in, I really enjoy listening to the many stories they come up with using Rory’s Story Cubes, and my wife, who’s a teacher and who is a gamer like me, enjoys listening along, as well. I should also add that, even though I regularly listen to ~10 different board/card/role-playing gaming podcasts, there have been several times where I either a) am hearing about about a game for the first time on WDYPTW, or b) and hearing a new or refreshing opinion on this podcast about a game that I’ve previously heard others talk about. I really could go on and on, but I would just like to suffice it to say that I am a definite fan of the WDYPTW family and cannot recommend this show enough. If you enjoy listening to board game podcasts at all, you should really given this one a listen… you won’t be disappointed. AND!!! if you are interested at all in hearing interviews with industry insiders, publishers, designers, etc., this podcast has a sort of branch that they call the “Conversation Thing” that you can access access on their feed. So much goodness in such a small space! I currently awaiting my WDYPTW t-shirt from Analog Gamer and, once it arrives, will proudly wear it at board gaming meetups and otherwise, in honor of and support of the show. So finally, I would like to say thanks to the WDYPTW hosts and contributors for putting on such an enjoyable and informative show every week. I look forward to hopefully playing a game or two with any of you at a Con somewhere in the future! P.S. (More on my history with the podcast) I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded of the fact from scrolling through my podcast feed, that the What Did You Play This Week podcast thing was actually the first board gaming podcast I ever listened to. In fact, I’ve been listening since Week 71 (aired April 3, 2016). I shortly followed my subscription to WDYPTW with a subscription to the popular “Dice Tower” podcast and others, and sort of binge-listened to many past episodes of other podcasts during my daily commutes, but faithful listenership to the weekly episodes of THIS podcast has led it to slowly become my favorite podcast (board game or otherwise), and every Sunday evening into Monday morning, I feel a twinge of excitement when I refresh my feed and see the new episode flash across my screen.
What started out as a simple recap of Brandon's weekly gaming has turned into a fantastic contributor based podcast. The WDYPTW podcast thing continues to grow and improve. Each week the podcast is full of varying gaming views, gaming tastes, and interesting segments. In addition, the Conversation Things are a great bonus to an already great podcast. If you enjoy listening to gamers enthusiastic about sharing the joy of gaming, then give this podcast a listen.
As a father of three and a middle school special ed teacher, I love the family friendly content and perspective along with a wide variety of other contributors talking about boardgames.
This podcast is great! There are many contributors who all like different types of games, so it has really opened my eyes to new/exciting board games that I otherwise would not have been aware of because they aren't my typical style.
The varied perspectives offered by the wide cast of WDYPTW makes this podcast one of my favorites. Wonderful contributors, interesting content, and professional production... if you're a board game fan, I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast.
A wonderful podcast that improves with repeated listening. Ok, so I could do without the Story Cubes, but then we wouldn't hear Kerensa sing the intro. Speaking of Kerensa, forgive an old man noting that Kerensa has the cutest voice in podcasting, period. The interchange between her, Brandon and her daughters is entertaining. And oh, yes, great gaming information! Thank you so much and keep them coming!
I love this podcast. I enjoy all the different segments and everybody does a great job with their own. My favorite part is with Kerensa and the solo gamer.
Since I got my own Itunes account, I thought I would post another glowing review of the podcast that keeps getting better with each episode. Derek Davis has been a welcome addition to the list of contributors with his 10 week review segment where he plays a game over a period of 10 weeks and tells us about how his perception of the game changes over time. Booth and Hillier are still going strong. The Rory's Story Cubes segment with Anna Beth remains a favorite of mine and now Brandon and Kerensa are pitching in to create some truly harrowing tales. Nice job Brandon. You've created a fine podcast and I enjoy listening each week.
This is a great podcast that touches on the board game hobby. While many shows follow only the hotness, this one excels in presenting board game experiences grounded by people who play then weekly. You get a glimpse of how a family grows and builds something great to cherish. Board gaming is a campfire to gather around.
While this podcast started off with just Brandon talking about what he played with his family, it has grown to include his family talking about games as well as friends. It has become a well rounded show for casual listening, to find out what some people have been playing and what they like and don't like. There are a lot of podcasts about playing games, but I like the perspective this one takes. So if you have a moment, download one of the newest episodes. You won't regret it.
The WDYPTW Podcast thing is a great audio complement to the geeklist on BGG. What’s been great though is Brandon’s desire to do more and push more and add more as he goes. What started out as a fairly small, lowkey podcast has turned into a great, revolving cast of numerous contributors, discussions and more. Focusing not only family games, but delving deeper into heavier fare occasionally as well, Brandon’s scripted take on what’s been hitting the table is professional, refreshing, and more.
Very casual and fun. Unique insofar as you are not listening to two or more men argue/reminisce about games.
Brandon gives us a peek into the games he plays with Kerensa, Gabby and AnnaBeth. The recent addition of story time with Anna Beth is cute. Kerensa and Brandon are now discussing the games together on the podcast, which is a nice variation from Brandon's monologue. The monologue is good but I like the conversation between the two even more. The Cardboard Architects (Joe and Chris), Patrick Hillier and Legendary Gamer, Eric Booth all add interesting perspectives about different aspects of the hobby. Nice job everyone. @BitterCommish
Great relaxing listen while I go about my workday