Reviews For Conversations

I absolutely love this program. Great stories well researched and very often completely surprising. A must podcast
Great program on the shearer from Bollon, Cunamuulla n the west. Such people do make a difference n great giving them a voice and hearing of their achievements. Hearing from the everyday people brings sanity to the stillness that we are exposed to daily. The two interviewers of this podcast make Conversations worth listening to.
The interviewers are intelligent, thoughtful, cheeky, and empathetic. They are curious and engaged in others’ stories without applying their own personal morality like we do in the USA. Thanks for showing a different way to be and for keeping me sane over here in the US!
This is a awesome podcast. Please keep up the good work. Also I am listening to your podcast from the United States, Ohio
Listening to media in the US without suicidal thoughts has become impossible. Thank you for keeping me sane!
Conversation is a fresh breath of air for those of us who live in United States of toxic media and redundant boring topics. My wife and I can’t wait for the next episode of year show. Keep up the good work and thank you. Tony E. Los Angeles
Widen your horizons; interesting stories with interesting hosts. Substance over showbiz.
I’m in the US, but I visited Australia in 2000- 2001. I started listening to this pod because I’m an Australophile and missed it but after the 1st 2 episodes I was hooked! The various interview subjects are fascinating and I learn so many things about people I would have never heard of. The questions and conversation are great and I look forward to each episode! Thank you & keep up the excellent work!
Excellent deep interview with a treasure of an American poet.
Unique stories told with the help or warm engaging hosts in a similar vein to “Australian Story”.
Richard is engaged, and engaging. Sarah K, however, is like toast without butter. She needs to understand that a 45 minute + interview needs spirit . The ABC should warn when Sarah K is at the helm.
Richard doesn’t know it but he is my old friend whom I’ve known for years and who lifts me out of myself and helps me to forget I have MS. He also shares his friends with me and they are all fascinating and delightful!
This is one of the most intelligent and relaxing podcasts that I listen to.
The conversation with Stan Grant, so thoughtful, heartfelt and measured. I really enjoyed it!!
Richard and his team are leaders is Australian journalism, and cleaned a small window into aspects of that hideous war, 100 years ago. Their effort showed great empathy for their topic and left the listener with new found knowledge. It was wonderful, and showed how classy this ABC unit is. Thank you, profoundly.
Great topics covering varied interests. Living in the US I can keep up with whats going on! Thank you!
Love this show- but really enjoyed one of the latest shows featuring the war corespondent! Ideas and viewpoints you don’t always consider. Subscribed!


A fantastic, very interesting podcast.
fantastically interesting and perfectly produced, I love learning from this show!
I really like this podcast. The host asks great questions, like really gets in there with some of the guests. I just listedn to the episode with Andrew Harper, who does long treks across Australia with pack camels and it was just lovely. The conversations are educational, sometimes hilarious, and often deep. I don't know most of the people on here as I'm an American, but I know a great podcast when I hear it. Truly beautiful.
This was the first podcast I ever heard, a few years back, and set a high standard for all others. I love the variety of guests and topics. I've learned so much about the world. Thanks , Richard! My family would love to meet you some day.
We love listening to conversations with Richard Fidler. we are always surprised by the amazing stories different people have to tell. The best stories and the ones you find your self inthralled in seem to always be the ones you weren't going to download because they didn't seem as exciting as some others. Richard does a fantastic job getting people to open up.
And no, this is not Fidler's cousin writing. As a good Jesuit trained skeptic, seeker of wisdom, truth, knowledge and apple pie, I am loathe to admit it, but either this Aussie knows more than I do, or he is the quickest study since Noah was a life guard. His collection of guests is as varied as the English speaking world itself. From Tony Blair to an ex-motorcycle gang thug from Philadelphia, most of whom are flogging books or other media, no matter who it is, Fidler is the consumate pro. He talks their talk and knows their "stuff". His conversational manner, whether serious or humorous, is so easy going that it puts him in your living room with your friends, Good on ya, mate!
This is a fantastic podcast. Richard is an exceptional interviewer and as someone who often must interview people as part of my career as a filmmaker, I find myself taking many lessons from his example. I also appreciate the variety of subjects in this podcast and am learning a tremendous amount of social, historical, and cultural information. It's been a source of inspiration to me as well; An absolute gem!
Great guests, brilliantly interviewed! You can tell the host loves his job, and the show is a delight.
This is one of my favorite podcasts because Richard Fidler is such a great interviewer, and he finds such interesting people to have on the show. He treats them respectfully but not too formally, and asks questions that really challenge them to explain themselves. Non-Aussies will also enjoy this thoroughly, because the stories are so human and accessible.