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This was an excellent episode highlighting the agency of Black people in organizing & establishing intellectual traditions to advance their freedom in a constitutionally governed slave society. Very well done.
The worst kind of pretentious, leftist academic claptrap.
I love the content of this podcast. I listen everyday while on a walk.
The host needs to realize that she doesn’t know more than the guests. Also, the podcast is good when it sticks to major events and other similar aspects of our nation’s founding. It tends to get annoying with all the SJW topics, like slavery and gender issues, which seem to make up a majority of the content.
Some good podcasts here mixed in with slavery, gender, and social justice centric topics. After awhile it gets old and a little preachy with its general negative perspective on our nation’a founding.
The content is rich. The interview format makes it accessible. Liz is fabulously nerdy. Great find.
Host does a wonderful job selecting guests and keeping the conversation on track. I LOVE to listen while washing dishes or making dinner. This podcast and a glass of wine make doing household chores a pleasure.
Liz has stepped up her game a lot since the beginning but it still gets a bit boring and rehearsed. Wish it could combine the more interesting topics from earlier episodes with Liz’s more recent polished style.
I found my fix. Thank you. I wish I had known about this podcast earlier.


By grea55
If you’re a history buff and, like me, particularly interested in Colonial America, this podcast will be right up your alley. The guest historians are fascinating folks who will provide a wonderful overview of their latest work. Listening to them dive into their specific slice of history is a joy that provides wonderful insights regardless of if you decide to get their book. Plus, I’m super excited about Liz’s new format where, based on the brief episode I heard, should be more interactive and engaging. A top notch podcast I look forward to every other week!
I wish the narrator would just be quiet. LOVE the guests and the topics. It truly sounds like the lady doing the interviews goes back and re-records her questions. Every time she asks a question she uses the word “and” (then pauses for effect), then and... (pause for effect), and (pause for effect), and... I want to slit my wrists. Otherwise a really great podcast.
I have enjoyed every episode. The work that went into each episode stunned me. I have learned so much that is important.
Some good content but I wish Liz would take to heart the criticism of her delivery. The stubbornness she displayed in the Hermione episode when she continued to mispronounce the ships name after being corrected by the guest was off putting.
I enjoy learning about early American history through this podcast. I was surprised to hear people complain about Liz’s voice. To me she sounds up beat and scholarly. Though I do mot like the intro music to the Time-warp I think it may be an open source resource. Overall a great podcast presenting interesting topics in a east to listen to format. Kudos Liz
I enjoy this podcast and value the different perspective the host gives the materials I find no fault with the narrator’s vocal style. The content is excellent
Love the content and guests but the weird phony voice and way she talks is so irritating I’m done with this podcast. No one talks like that. So contrived. She can talk normally and does at times. Like fingernails down the chalkboard, that lame phony voice. I’m done. Lady get a clue!
While i love the content i really dislike voice of the interviewer. i hate to even say that but maybe the brassy tone could be worked on with better production and the music they use in the alternative time line intro is jarring.
Very informational but the host’s tone is too broadcast-y, would be more enjoyable if less scripted, more conversational tone
Not bad but host sounds like she is reading from a script with all these non regular pauses / questions
Real history on a period we all “know” but don’t truly understand.
A great podcast on America’s revolutionary history. Great guest, well edited and presented. Enjoy it very much. Give it a listen, you will not regret it.
Love the show but dislike the robot voice. Is there a reason for that ? Love everything else !


I’ve listen to four episodes still haven’t learned anything about Benjamin Franklin
Wow! Caribbean History was an important part of my secondary education. I would have to read a ton to learn. Having a podcast like this to learn is such of a valuable resource. Well done. Love it!
Read about you in the Penn Stater and love the podcast! Also a trumpet player and penn stater! Great content and fun to listen to!
Best part of this series is the fact the host allows her guests the time to tell their stories.
Really enjoy hearing historians discuss the topics they know so well! I'm always learning new things when I listen to BFW
I love this podcast it is so educational and entertaining at the same time . People find me crazy because I am have this fascination with history especially colonial America and the revolutionary war and my idea of a good time is reading a good history book or biography of one of our founding fathers or listening to this podcast ! Thank you Liz for starting this podcast for us history lovers !
I happened start listening to this podcast because I wanted to know more about how the city of Washington was built. And now I can’t stop to listen to it. The content and the guests are great as all of them are precise and clear. The show also benefits from good and assertive questions posed by the host. I’d like the interview to happen in a more natural style, though. Great initiative! Thanks for all your great work!
...the presenter sounds stiff, as though she’s reading from a script. And, was it me or were the same questions are asked repeatedly of the guest in the Highland Scots episode? I’ll stick with it and hope the host relaxes into a more conversational tone.
Hi Liz - Your show is good but could be great if you changed your style a bit. Please please please STOP reading your questions to the people you are interviewing from a piece of paper and try to engage them in conversation. That is what makes a good interview. For inspiration, check out Melvyn Bragg’s style on his history podcast on the BBC. Just constructive criticism.
Love your podcasts Liz. I drive for a living, so all though I’m only on episode 63, give me about a month and I’ll be caught up. I listen to several podcasts and you might be my favorite
I listen to this podcast every day at work and every day I learn something new! If you like history you’ll love this podcast!
A great podcast with different historians on subject about which I am unfamiliar. Love it!!! Learning so much.
I really like this podcast. However I only gave it four stars because every time I listen to it, while in the middle of an episode it will switch to a different episode. It’s very maddening how many times it happens. It doesn’t happen on other podcasts I listen to, so I feel it must be an issue with this particular show.
Interesting topics and guests, but why does the host sound like a robot?
Excellent guests on this show. I always learn something.
This podcast appeared in a Pandora search for history podcasts, and I started listening from the beginning. I love it! It is pretrty much unvarnished academic history delivered by an over the top enthustiastic, smart, well-educated, history-loving nerd except for the goofy and IMO kind of unnecessary sound effects that signal the "Time Warp" segment. I'm still llistening to 2015 programs, and I hope the show does not lose all the qualities I love about it as the host gets more sophisticated.
Please calm down. More facts, less tizzy.
Great history lessons with an enthusiastic host.
I am a history enthusiast and I love hearing about Early American history, the good, bad and the ugly. I am currently listening to Ep10 with Don Hagist and I have enjoyed each of the speakers thus far—my favorites being the director of the Library Company and Sara Georgini in the charge of the Adam Papers, both of whom were VERY engaging and knowledgeable subject-matter experts! ALL THAT SAID...I am truly hoping Liz gets more comfortable in her interviews. Her voice comes off VERY unemotional and she sounds as if she’s reading everything off of a paper—even her jokes. I find Liz to be very knowledgeable herself and she asks good thought-provoking questions of her guests but I’m praying the inflections in her voice improve. I can look passed it b/c I’m genuinely interested in the subject matter but as a new listener it’s VERY hard to sit through at times. I heard a recent podcast (by mistake) and she sounded a little more natural so here’s hoping it gets better as I go through the podcast 🤞🏽 ANYWHO I am really enjoying the quality content and look forward to more.
I’ve been binge listening from the first show, it only got better and better. I love the academic quality and I love Brake Master Cylinder’s music. I’m almost caught up!!
Love the show. Topics are very interesting to a history buff like me. I especially enjoy episodes about issues regarding the daily life of revolutionary people. Liz asks pertinent questions and does her homework. One thing drives me crazy: it’s Liz’ voice. When she starts the podcast and says Hel-looo and then on she uses a strange inflection. The last syllable rises to a sing song that reminds me of a character on a television show from the 50s. It’s often just during the introduction. Her voice during the discussion is more normal and conversational. Please correct your intro Liz! We iiiiiiiiiiiii
I always learn when listening
This focus of this podcast goes beyond Benjamin Franklin, the Founding Fathers, Colonial History and/or the Founding of our country, I would have been content if it was limited in scope to these subjects. I've always been a history geek, I have more fun on a trip to Williamsburg than I do on a trip to Disney World (and I'm a member of the Disney Vacation Club...just to provide the appropriate perspective.) I'd hope to get a degree in History when I went to College but some difficult life circumstances and then health issues made anything more than a class here and there beyond my reach. This podcast, with the variety of topics it covers while revealing that the the study of history, while a unique disipline, is also an art and sciene. I find myself yearning to focus on an event, person or place, pour over every any detail I can find, possibly uncovering a new means of learning more and then turn it all into story to provides a new understaning of the subject. But, I don't have to stop my day to day life and camp out at the library to get my fix. Liz Covart provides a weekly interview with an historian who's done just that thing and presents listerners with information old and new and forms a narrative that broadens the mind and deepens one's understanding of the subject At this point in my life my family has relocated to housing development located in he area of the Civil War's Battle of the Wilderness......I just might find myself involved in the communy's Hstory Club. Before this podcast I thougt such study was beyond my abilities, with this podcast for inspiration that dream may become a reality.
Hello Liz, I have been listening for six months and REALLY enjoy the Podcast. I had to say, Episode 219 with Adrian and speaking about the Taverns of the Revolution was extermely enjoyable.
I love the content but why is she digitally sped up? It is weird. She sounds like a robot. Stop it.