Jacked After 40

Reviews For Jacked After 40

I always enjoy listening!
I have listened to every episode and have found them all entertaining and educational, especially for the over 40 lifter. I enjoy the "bro-cast" banter and I mean that in a good way...it's like hanging out with some friends. There are many other fitness and lifting podcasts but most lack the wisdom you get from Scott and Bryan from their many years of experience. I'm almost 50, only been lifting for the last 5 years, like hearing from these guys about whatever is on their minds as it always seems very applicable to me. I always pick up at least some nugget of information that I can put into practice.
Ever have a friend who turned every conversation into a story about how great they were? That's this podcast. It's basically 2 guys talking about themselves, about how they have everything fitness-related figured out, and about how everyone else is either a "bro" or juicing - but they provide very little useful information. I'm over 50, been lifting for 30+ years, and thought I'd get some good info from these guys because they're "older". 5-6 podcasts in & it's not happening. The last episode one guy was talking about how great ("beautiful", "artistic", "I looked so much better than I thought I would") he looked for his "photo shoot", but he never talked about the specifics of his "prep" either in terms of diet or workouts. Guys, I'd suggest you stop using the airways for an ego trip and start delving out some useful information. And if you have a guest, don't turn everything back to yourselves.
Stumbled onto Bryan’s work through a twitter podcast link over the summer and instantly wanted more of it. Now I’m 20 episodes deep and loving the different guests and topics that Bryan and Scott discuss each episode. Best part is- they talk a lot about the ‘older bros’ but as a 26 year-old subscriber, there’s more than enough solid information to digest here. Boys- keep it up and know that there are younger bros in the ranks flying the musclehead flag out there!
Scott and Bryan are two down to earth guys who have great information for those looking to get in shape. Don't hesitate to listen to this one! Jay