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Such a fun podcast!
SIR! Not only am I impressed with this podcast, I simply adore it. Edwards has the timber of a young Peter O Toole with talent and bravado to BOOT! His guests are not only educated, they are carrots. Human-sized, sentient carrots who want nothing more than a bath and a beer at the end of a long day. The films he critiques are varied and wonderful. I know as a filmmaker myself that I’ve learned a great deal from my favorite films and I’m glad a podcast has come along that allows me to listen to wonderful artists talk about how their favorite films have influenced their work. It’s wonderful, it’s charming, it’s two whales fighting over an old sandwich. If this podcast doesn’t fix your broken air-conditioner, I don’t what will. I simply don’t know. All in all. So great. My one complaint? Please get Brian Dennehy on the show. That’s about it. I loved him in Cat City. Other than that, rock on sir and don’t leave your windows open at night because bats WILL fly in. Sincerely, Sprinkly Dave
Would enjoy thoughts on the great Sam Peckinpah's films. Especially "The Wild Bunch" and "Straw Dogs".
I want to like this podcast better than I actually do, because it's truly a compelling concept. How to make it better? It needs more interesting and notable guests. And tell us who these people are and what films they've worked on. (I've had to look up info on the guests.) Also, Edwards needs to do better homework, and ask questions that are relevant to BOTH the film being analyzed and the guest being interviewed. As an aside, I have to question Edwards' judgment and taste when he says that the TV version of MASH is similar/comparable to the movie. Altman himself detested the TV show for its jokey, sitcom blandness, and I can't see disagreeing with him. That said, I intend to keep listening, with the hope that the show will attract even better guests and that Edwards will provide more penetrating interviews.
When I see a movie I want to talk about it afterwards. I tend to watch mostly foreign films because I'm bored with modern filmmakers. If you listen to the podcasts you're likely to build an appreciation for movies and movie we can techniques
Matt seems like the type of guy to be celibate for 6 months just so he could watch Jurassic Park on laser disc every night.
Looking forward to future episodes.
Like the different perspectives on these classic movies. Host is easy to listen to and it's just the right length for my commute. Wish there were more than one a week. I hope someone talks about The Big Chill soon!
This is an awesome show! Love the host. Love the concept behind it. It's great to hear about these classic films and how they connect us to the present. Good stuff!
Great movie talk. I highly recommend checking it out. I look forward to new episodes.