Reviews For The Bookhouse Podcast (A show about TWIN PEAKS)

I enjoy the Podcast and the hosts! I was looking for a Podcast of Season 3 without it getting bogged down in endless analytics and all the minutia. This is fun and they have fun doing it. I do like the Ponders segments, since we ALL do it. Highly recommended if you are a fan of the show.
I like these guys. Twin Peaks deep knowledge but friendly to the casual listener. Highly recommended!!
Truly the only Twin Peaks Podcast you could ever want or need.
I enjoy listening to this podcast. The critics on a lot of Twin Peaks podcasts fail to appreciate the genius of David Lynch. These guys however, do a nice job going through the show scene by scene while teasing out the hidden meanings. As the tv Twin Peaks has the narrative structure of a dream, a podcast like this helps a viewer follow the more subtle plot twists.
I've been listening to the show since its origin, and I still look forward to each new episode. Between the podcast and the Facebook page discussions I feel like I get a deep dive into every detail of a show that I'm obsessed with. I love hearing the rundown, the behind the scenes news, and the predictions for future episodes. All true Twin Peaks fans should be listening to The Bookhouse Podcast. 👍🏼
The Bookhouse Podcast is a culmination of what you get when two powerhouses in the world of film talk podcasting get together for a passion project. If Agent Dale Copper was a real person, there is little doubt that he would never miss an episode of The Bookhouse Podcast.