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I started following Tottenham Hotspur in the 17/18 season. I didn’t want to follow a club known for plastic fans but I did want to support a top 6 club. I was drawn to players like Alli, Eriksen, Son and of course Kane. Before that season was complete, I was hooked and can’t get enough THFC. I love this podcast please don’t stop producing it. COYS!
I started following this podcast just a month or two ago. I enjoy the panel, they keep me interested for the entire hour and I usually learn things. I highly recommend you subscribe.
Usually the first Spurs pod out each week. Good discussion and banter. Keep up the good work Jav & team.
Love listening to the Pod every week, its always entertaining. Of all the Spurs podcasts that are unnerving serious and depressing negative, it’s a refreshing break to listen to a light hearted, utterly nonsensical group of people laugh and joke about our mighty spurs. From analysis of the most recent matches, debates about players good, bad, and in between, statistical analysis for the future with the Forward Line, and questions ranging from the relevant to the ridiculous, the Tottenham Hotspur Family Podcast is a great way to relax and rejoice in the glory of being a Spurs fan. Win or lose, the Pod is always there to bring a light hearted pick-me-up for the listeners. Javad and the revolving door of great guests show what being a Spurs fan is all about: being fun, weird, and loving the game, Come on your Spurs!
First of all, I have to thank Javad Movahedi for producing the podcasts. I always look forward to them every week. Javad always has a great group of guests who are members of the Tottenham Hotspur Family Facebook page. I love to actually hear the voices of the people whose posts I read. I really enjoy the discussions about the matches and other team related issues. Finally, the banter of the participants is absolutely hilarious.
Spurs podcasts come and go almost as frequently as their managers and this podcast definitely deserves to get the sack. The Tottenham Hotspur Family is a Facebook group of former members of the far more successful and entertaining Spurs Show with Phil Cornwell, who are seemingly unable to cope with criticism or differing opinions about the club. The group consists of like-minded individuals who rarely, if ever, attend matches at White Hart Lane and possess a limited knowledge of football or history of the club. Besides having poor production quality, the podcast suffers from a positivity which is uncharacteristic of any true Spurs fan and most every other Spurs podcast. One might think this would be a welcome change amongst Spurs fans but instead the podcast feels out of touch. Lifelong supporters of the club are renowned for being unaccepting of anything less than fast paced, glorious, attractive football. Due to the fact that there has been very little of this brand of football seen over the past decade, Spurs culture and identity has become synonymous with the demanding (and often moaning) football fan. It's the lack of understanding of this fundamental nature of the club and its supporters which makes this podcast fail. When Spurs supporters get together, it's usually to have a laugh and a cry. It's impossible to have a proper conversation about the club without these two essential elements. That's precisely why the Tottenham Hotspur Family podcast is so dire to listen to. Quite simply, it's neither authentic nor entertaining and leaves one wishing they had spent an hour listening to something else.
Solid tactical analysis, funny and engaging. I wish that the production was a little more polished - lots of audible breathing, coughing and background sounds - but worth a listen!
Javad and the rotating cast from the Tottenham Hotspur Family provide a very enjoyable recap of each week’s matches, breaking down player performances and answering the questions you want to know like: What are you willing to eat if Bobby Soldado scores? Will Chiriches’ name ever be pronounced correctly? and is Lamela just a haircut with fancy football boots?