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I have been listening to these guys from the beginning and can never get enough of their witty banter! No only are they entertaining, they are informative and prove there is another side to reviewing movies. Never a dull moment of the interesting reviews of personal perspective. Listening to this podcast makes you want to see the movie again even if you've seen it before! Great Job!!
Really enjoy the pod and enjoy most the movies you cover. I really recommend this to anyone looking for a movie review podcast. My favorite review podcast.
Just love to listen to these friends talk about movies. Also a 24:The Bauer Hour podcast.

By Jdirk
I’ve listened through the back catalog and wait for new ones to come. Great chemistry and banter
Quality podcast with excellent banter, hypotheticals and fun facts. Great pokes at synopsis, tag lines and viewer reviews. Favorite episode was the nostalgia. Took me right back to the era. For the 30ish crowd this is your wheelhouse! I look forward to more themed podcasts. By the end of the podcast they have exhausted every nook and cranny of the movie. Thanks for the entertainment! "You two characters...are going to Top Gun"!
Great podcast! (Can confirm I'm a chick). Had to add more to my review - you guys are hilarious. You had me laughing out loud and kept me so entertained during a run on humid day. Can't wait for the next one. My new go-to podcast!
These guys are awesome to listen to! They do a great job of breaking down some of the "classics" (aka- 80s/90s guilty pleasure/nostalgics) as well as some of the new releases that come out. Their banter is spot on, they've found some really solid Easter eggs in some of these movies that I never would have found, and they got some hilarious on-the-spot games inspired by each movie. Totally worth subscribing to.
I started listening to this podcast about two weeks ago, and have already gone through every episode. These guys love "stupid" action and sports movies just as much as I do. Hope they're around for a long time to come!
I am not a robot but am brother to pinner01001. Love your podcast; bringing bros together across world. Funniest podcast out there period. My dog, Riggins (yes, named after the one and only), loves your podcast. He says that fire does help breakdown structural integrity of brinks: canine scienced. He is now sleeping after attentively listening to your podcast. Or maybe he is just passed out, he is a Riggins after all. Well, it's lunchtime. Utah, get me two. Not robot. Out.
The best podcast out there!!!! The Road House episode is so funny. All episodes are great!!! Good luck not pulling a groin trying the splints: OUCH!!! Safety Warning: Do not get your jeans wet before trying. Can't wait to hear that audio. Not the top rated Podcast but who cares. "We are all about fun!!!!" They do not make Podcasts like this anymore.


By Mr7183
Funny guys and easy to listen to.
I am not exaggerating when I say that listening to this podcast makes me enjoy watching movies more. Drew and Badway give excellent commentary and insightful reviews and analysis of countless amazing films, all while maintaining excellent chemistry and sound perspective. Highly recommend subscribing.
When the FM tuner in my car died I was lost. The conservative talk radio on AM got old fast. Drew and Badway have been a breath of fresh air and great company during my commute. Clearly these guys watch too many movies. Keep up the good work!
I can't Believe it's taken me this long to write a review. Been a fan since the 1st pod. The guys always have fun while doing the pod, and you definitely learn a few things about the movies they discuss too. Altogether, it's a must-listen if you like poking fun at so many of the movies you love.
I am happy to see I am not the only one excited by the JCVD 3-packs in the Walmart bin. The foundation of this show is built on the chemistry between the hosts, which has clearly been honed through many years of having the same exact conversations off-air. I don't think I can watch Karate Kid III the same ever again knowing Ralph Macchio is older than Terry Silver in the movie.
If you're wondering whether or not this podcast is any good, stop - Download The Mighty Ducks / 50 Shades / Home Alone episodes, and see for yourself how hilarious this podcast is. Drew and Badway are incredibly likable and down-to-Earth, so it feels like you're listening to your friends discuss excellently awful movies...and we haven't even mentioned the games yet. Altogether, my favorite podcast surprise of 2016 thus far - but what do I have to do to get Rookie of the Year and Ready to Rumble reviews?! Thanks fellas.
I love reliving my childhood of the 90's by listening to Drew and Badway's takes on movies. From old to new movies they got what you need in between new releases and movie news. Love playing along with plot fiction.
These guys are amazing. Their chemistry and banter is second to none. I listen to a lot of podcasts but I'm always excited to see a new episode from Drew and Badway in my feed. I hope they read this review on a future episode. That would make me the happiest man alive. Hugs and kisses. - DC Fanatic!
Very entertaining.
I’d invite these guys to my own wedding, they are so much fun.
The Little Giants episode brought me back to one of my favorite movies growing up. It made me want to go back and rematch the movie again. Not to mention how hilarious the “Replacements” episode is. The banter between the cohosts is great and the games they play very fun. Can’t wait to hear more!
Awesome podcast for movie buffs or newbies to getting into movies (especially action movies). These guys do a great job and keep it fun. Great for car rides or if you had a bad day.
We all love making fun of “bad movies”, but given the amount of care that went into making them, why not celebrate the good things about them? That is where this podcast comes in. They have a look at some of the films that didn’t exactly perform as well as they wanted (though Wild Wild West & Pluto Nash haven’t been covered as of yet guys!) and find the things they did right. Keep at it guys!
These guys have great insight and really do love and enjoy what they are doing. Worth a listen!
possibly too much of a good thing. these gentlemen dont play- cinematic facts and insight are on point and lets be honest they know waaaay too much about Freddie Prince jr ;) cheers LRP
I listen to these guys even if I haven't seen the movie, that's how much I enjoy them. Keep it up, guys!
The two hosts are pretty funny and seem like nice guys. Covering all the crappy movies but appreciating them in a genuine and intelligent way without being ironic/ hipster. Check it out.
What’s not to love about Drew and Badway’s hilarious twists and scenarios they’ve come up with for the movies they review? The idea that The Mighty Ducks’ Gordon Bombay’s mentor / friend Hans could have actually been a figment of his imagination oddly made sense and brought the movie to a strangely dark place, BLEW ME AWAY EVEN! Was Gordon actually schizophrenic or suffer from multiple personality disorder? This podcast explores these types of crazy ideas you talk about when sitting around with friends on a late night. It just feels right. So give it a listen, you won’t regret it!
I love listening to Badway and Drew as they dissect a lot of great movies. I love dialogue exchanges and how it seems like I’m sitting at the table with them as they dive into the movies and characters. Keep up the great work! HIGHLY recommended!
These two dudes do a great job analyzing all the great movies you thought nobody else liked. Lots of clever takes with a good amount of one-liners that made me laugh out loud. Can't wait for more.
I love the premise and i love the movie choices so far. Keep this podcast going forever with many more episodes!!!
These guys have a great chemistry and are fun to listen to. The Jingle all the Way episode was very funny, looking forward to more.
I listened to the Jingle All The Way episode on my way to work and was cracking up in the car by myself the entire drive. Great concept. Looking forward to more!
Two shows in so far and loving it. Can't wait for more.
The idea is fantastic and after the first few episodes, they have a nice formula put together. They explain the plot, the main characters and throw in a few bonuses such as recasting the actors and some interesting theories. They talk about the movies like regular people rather than stuffy critics that can’t find the pure fun in these films. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen.
A great show that breaks down movies the way normal people break down movies. What a novel concept! Pumped to see that their first two episodes are about two of my favorites: The Mighty Ducks and Gone in 60 Seconds.
Very funny and original This isn't just another boring review pod, nor do they simply make fun of the movie. They create hilarious twists on the movie's world and the hosts' chemistry is strong. A++ effort!
I'll listen to anything these guys put out, and you should too!