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Love design details 😊. Contents are helpful and great companions for young professions who are new to this industry. Highly recommend 🥳 ! Currently, I am focused on finding an Internship/Junior product/UX designer opportunities while learning continuously. I believe in "learning by doing". Two main questions: My interest is products for education/architecture. Considering my background, it seems hard for me to even get a practice opportunity. Considering gain experience asap is vital for now, should I look at any possible practice opportunity instead of focusing on my interest? I have applied to many firms including large corporations/design agencies. (mostly internships) I find it is hard to get HR's attention to my website. (I checked my website stats constantly) I assumed they ignored me instantly after browsing my resume (background as an architectural designer/without HCI related degrees) Is there any advice you could think of to solve this issue? BTW, do we have design details community?
As a UX team of one, the design space can feel isolating at times - Marshall and Brian make that go away. Their insightful commentary on various design challenges, engagement with the design community, and support of the industry make this a can’t miss for me. They also make it super easy to interact with the pod and bring cool things to try out every episode (thanks for Tonic!) Can’t recommend enough. 💯
Being a fan of Brian Lovin’s Design Details blog posts, I had high hopes for this - and it’s exceeded my expectations. I’m a designer, but most dev-related podcasts don’t touch on the design side of things, so this is something I’ve been looking for. Keep up the great work, guys! Update 08/27/2018: STILL LOVIN IT Update 02/07/2020: A podcast I keep coming bock to time and time again
This podcast is incredible! Almost as good as my favorite dating show Naked Attraction. If you like this show, you will like Naked Attraction. I've heard Brian is a big fan.
Brian and Marshall break down everything from basic concepts to more complex ideas in an easy to understand format. This not only increases your design knowledge but also helps you better communicate your own ideas, which is always half the battle when you’re designing products and services. This is a must listen for anyone creating products.
The first 230 episodes or so are full of interesting interviews from a diverse source of guests from many different careers, backgrounds, and industries. I’ve especially enjoyed the following episodes which feature a new format and co-host. I’m a beginner when it comes to design and tech but am still able to extract tons of enjoyment and wisdom from their discussions. Brian and Marshall’s chemistry, humor, honesty, and overall vibe sets them apart from any other design podcast I’ve listened to. I appreciate that they put so much effort into listening to their listeners and providing thoughtful feedback. I’ve dm’d them a couple times and they were quick to address my questions on the very next episode. There’s certainly something for everyone in this podcast.
I teach UX and design at a university and this podcast helps me stay up to date with what is going on in the “real” world. I often add something I learned from the show into my lessons. I always listen to the podcast at 1.5 speed and it’s the only podcast I speed up. This is not a criticism or a suggestion, just a friendly user insight.
Brian, Marshall, and their incredibly knowledgeable guests pack nothing but value and great times into each and every episode! Comprised of all the traditional things that make a tech show fabulous (innovation, problem-solving, etc.) coupled with authenticity and insight you won’t find anywhere else. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful show guys - keep up the great work!
The hosts are easy to follow along and incredibly intelligent in their field. The duo provides different perspectives about the design world, staying up to date about the latest news and shares it through their podcast. I enjoy the one cool thing segment at the end and hearing the goofiness of the hosts. They take their work seriously, but not too seriously where it feels like you're sitting in on an British tea party.
I’m a grad student studying UX. I’ve tried out ~5 UX podcasts so far and this is the best I’ve found. They talk about real products (pros/cons), and useful design tools. The show name is accurate - they give actual details that are useful. As opposed to other UX podcasts that interview industry leaders who don’t really want to disclose their “secrets” and end up making a bunch of not-helpful generic/obvious comments like “it’s important to know your user!” You think? Maybe tells us some tips on HOW to know our users. Unsubscribe those and listen to this instead.
I don't write reviews often as I'm not much for writing. I also don't listen to many podcasts because they dont often hold my attention. This podcast, however, very well deserves a review and certainly has my attention. I'm new to design and at the very early stages of learning this career field. I'm a comercial advertising photographer so the design world is a brand new language to learn. These guys make it entertaining and make sense of the topics they discuss to someone like myself. Thanks for all the great content and for keepin' it real!
Design Details is the best podcast for Bay Area UI/UX design industry talk. The tone shifts between serious and goofy, and discussion can be both insightful and awkward in a fun way. Brian is my favorite.
I’ve been listening to a lot more design podcasts lately and I think that Design Details is the best by far. I am about to graduate college with a degree in Interaction design and Marshall and Brian have inspired me and showed me that there is actually a community of people out there doing what I want to be doing. Keep up the good work.
Love this podcast and definitely on my short list of “must listen” shows. You can tell the hosts are having fun and it's great to have a design podcast that isn't so stodgy and not afraid to dive into engineering topics.
I actually prefer and really enjoy the new format of the show with the exception of the side project critique in the latest episode. While it was insightful, it was hard to follow along without being able to see the site, an obvious limitation of a podcast. I think the side project critique can still work, maybe just for a shorter amount of time as this past one seemed to have gone on for too long. Other than that keep up the great work, I love the show!


By Joadal_
The hosts bring guests from all over the industry to discuss how they code to design the world we sign on to
Great interviews, funny, relevant, thought provoking. I work on a design team of 1 so listening to this podcast is like sitting with the design colleagues I've always wanted lol.
Design Details offers a great window into working in the tech industry, including the adventure of going between freelance and employment, working at big old firms vs start-ups, being self-taught vs getting formal training. The program also gives the impression that the design component of the tech industry welcomes women as much as men. Great show!
I love what these guys are doing. It helps me.
I had a few recommendations from design peers to check out this podcast. The insights are buried. They encourage stigmas around software and occasionally locality. Much of the show involves name-dropping people the hosts know. Lots of gossip around product design in the host's locality. There are nuggets of knowledge from guests from time to time, but the hosts easily lose focus. If you are looking to actually enrich yourself as a designer, I would look elsewhere.
I vote kale pizza.
With over 2 years of experience, these two rapscallions have amassed a following that spans a slew of countries and topics and guests with a wide range of experiences and biases. Focused around helping designers level up within their own roles and inspiring a younger audience of aspiring designers to attain consumable bites of industry nuggets.
I've genuinely learned so much about the product design industry by listening to this podcast. Bryn and Brian offer a perfect blend between entertainment and learning, they have interesting topics of conversation and terrific guests. Keep it up guys 👌
Been listening to DD since the beginning. The production quality is second to none. It's actually made me stop listening to other podcasts because the audio just isn't up to par. The content is hit or miss, but mostly hit. Sinc eit's interview style your subject matter can range pretty heavily, but Brian & Bryn do a great job of digging in to people's experience in design and tech. It's become a weekly must-listen for me.
This is definitely the best design podcast around at the moment. I love hearing about how other designers got into the field and I'm amazed at how much I can relate to most of them. The hosts are great and have a good sense of humor, which makes each episode quite entertaining. However, it is quite obvious that all the guests are within the hosts' network, so its always people from Facebook, Airbnb or Apple. This can get a little boring after a while. My suggestion would be to find designers from other companies/industries who would share a broader perspective on design. Other than that, this is a great podcast.
So I've been listening to Nice Boy™ and Pun Man for a while now - something like 2 years - and they have put together quite the little powwow. Each podcast features a lovely guest full of insight and wonder, letting you glean into the world of product design (spoiler: it's full of soft gradients). On a rare occasion even Nice Boy™ will whisper a pun worth a repeat listen. You too can become a well-2px-rounded designer 👩‍🎨 and join their slack team ( for a nice way to check your pixel fitting and its a nice extension of babble that you'd find on the show. I highly recommend this podcast as the jibber-jabber is of the finest quality. I also can't say that any other shindigs have gotten me my pixel mining gig so hats off to them 🎩. My only wish is that Nice Boy™ would whisper more puns… Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the lady that edits the shows is amazing at making the sweet talk between the boys a true gem. Big props to her!
I am junior designer and listening to design details during my morning bus ride helps me gain some confidence to try different things. As a young designer listening to experience designers journey gives a boost of encouragement to dream bigger :) Thank you!
The hosts & guests are awesome! I've been listening for two years.
I've been listening to this podcast for the past two years and have really enjoyed the different guests that have been on the show but the last few months I've been getting uninterested in the show. First, they always feature a designer from Silicon Valley (which can bring a lot of arrogance/narcissistic comments) where I wish they had more variety in the different types of designers. They live in a very big bubble and the content shows it. Secondly, I really enjoy listening to Brian but Bryn comes off as extremely egotistical. The constant banter on what he knows or has done feels like he's trying really hard to get your attention, which takes away from the content of the show. I also wish there more women guests or hosts, they occasionally appear. I really appreciate that these two guys put a lot of effort in the show but feel like they're in a giant bubble that has become very crowded.
A lot of their talks about about working and committing to your craft - not *just* designing. Good perspective and insights for all kinds of creatives and knowledge workers.
Excellent interviews with designers. I enjoy listening to this podcast because I always learn new things and hear different perspectives on design topics
This podcast is great if you want to keep up with the design community. It's not edited perfectly down to easily digestible chunks, but instead is like a radio show where there are weekly interviews with interesting folks, and that's why it's great.
I listen to this podcast religiously. It's an easy-to-listen podcast with great guests. My fav part is when the designers are sharing their origin stories. I find them inspiring for folks who want to transition into this field or into tech. Definitely worth listening to.
On of my top podcasts. The conversations are fun, loose, and often informative. The hosts can get a little annoying with there constant fawning over San Francisco and its tech community, but the majority of the episodes focus on the life of the guest and are overall pretty enjoyable.
Awesome podcast with awesome people
Every episode features a designer who has a) worked at Apple or Facebook b) is under the age of 40. The problem with this is you get a very limited view of the design world. As a designer myself it is important to get inspiration from a wide range of backgrounds. Just once I wish this podcast would interview an old fat guy who designs enterprise software. It would blow their mind to talk to someone who is older than Steve jobs.
Great show with talented guests that discuss little design and inspire more!
Great hosts, engaging conversations and guests
I'm the only designer at my company and that can be pretty isolating. This podcast has been great in helping me get exposed to more design-related conversations and thinking. Thanks!
I’m currently on episode #109 and I’ve listened to every single one up until that point. Not to mention it’s been a bit of a binge since I started listening (it’s been that good). I do enjoy the structure of the conversation, where with every guest we usually hear the back story of how they became a designer, then we hear more about their current projects and their design process. I especially enjoy it when they throw in group podcasts because the interviews became more of a discussion of great design challenges. So keep throwing those in to provide variety! If I can add a suggestion it would be to interview people from more design fields because there are definitely a lot of product designers on there, maybe even designers that may not even deal with digital design, just an idea. I am a women and I run my own small agency, freelance, and make products with an interest in many things so I’d love to hear outside of the box things. Either way, keep up the good work, the show is dope!
I can’t rate this podcast highly enough. There’s immeasurable value in a podcast like this. You don’t even have to necessarily be a designer or even work in the creative industry to enjoy listening to these guys talk. The hosts and their guests provide valuable insight on everything from design to general problem solving to how to boost your career – advice that isn’t limited to just tech. It’s immediately clear that everyone involved with the show loves what they do and have a great time discussing it. The hosts are great. Due to similarities in both their names and voices it can be a little difficult to differentiate the them from each other (and sometimes their guests, too) but you get used to it. They’re both so engaging that you feel like you’re actually there, a part of the conversation, having a good time, and they’re so relatable in their discussions that you’ll start to feel like you’ve known them for years. 7/5 stars, keep up the great work.
As a designer it’s nice to have informal + relatively informative discussion going on in the background while I’m working. It's basically just two designers having a conversation with their guests and pulling out little nuggets here and there.
I dig the casual nature of the interview style, and they get some great guests with some really insightful thoughts. Only minor nit, and it only happens with this podcast of all the ones I am subscribed to, is that it jumps backwards and forwards podcast tracks seemingly at random, mid-playback. Evidently a long standing iTunes issue that only affects certain podcasts, but man o man is it annoying.
Great background info from guests. Heavy on geeking out on ui. I enjoy the level of banter. Most guests are top developers in the industry (from child prodigy to CEO stories) As a suggestion, more illustrators, art directors, animators, people in brand would be awesome. Peace ✌🏼️
Love listening to these podcasts while designing. Great subjects, interesting guests and it really inspires to do more with all aspects of design. A listening must!
Being a young designer and team of one, I listen to Design Details almost every morning on my way to work to get inspiration and motivation. Bryn and Brian are the perfect hosts, always steering the guests to interesting topics and knowing when to let them get sidetracked. I love it, keep them coming.
Puns. An ad. More puns. Some interviewing. Then a bit of punning. And also fantastic insights from people in the design industry who tell their invaluable life stories. I definitely recommend this podcast if you're a designer of a front-end developer.
Designers talking about design... sounds like terrible dialogue but it's quite the opposite.
I enjoy the vast array of design individuals they bring every week. Personally, I would like to see more people of color get featured on the show. Overall, I enjoyed the layout of the show and the casual ness to it. The show notes are also a great reference point if you wanted more interest in the topic. That being said, every week, I learn something new from this podcast.