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If it wasn’t for this podcast, I wouldn’t gain sound business savvy from Chaz Marriott, be awake and alert to the seductive influence of Luke Wampus, or be so cultured in the glory and art of the 90’s. In short, this podcast saved my life. On a serious note, I’m thankful for this podcast. I have learned from Ted and Zach’s perspective to not take myself seriously as a young college student. And that a person can be passionate about Jesus and the Gospel, while also being snarky, fun-loving, and dare I say it, normal (or as normal as two world renowned business moguls can be). This is a podcast well worth listening to again, and again, and again.
The point is your boys have another 5 banger to add to the collection! Gut check > €
Every time you listen to this podcast, you punch Luke Wampus in the face! Show the enemy you mean business. Gird yourself with the armor provided through the Gut Check before you are unknowingly attacked by Luke Wampus! Zachary and Ted will teach you all you need to know to defeat the most cunning of enemies: L-Dubs. You will also receive the added benefit of Zach’s hysterical laughter and Ted’s jubilant enthusiasm!


This podcast is full of fun and hilarity! I feel like Ted and Zach are my friends, even though I couldn’t pick them out of a lineup. I can’t wait to hear the their takes on the Downton film later this year! Side Note: Ted’s and Zach’s wives should be featured on air more often. They’re hilarious and have made me laugh out loud at least several times.
Woolley = Lou Kwampis Slippery slope Stay vigilant
This is great and exactly what you are looking for in a Podcast. Two friends talking about stuff and making you laugh.
This podcast between two partners, the business kind not the gay kind (can you still say that?), hits all topics with absolute hilarity. The two make each other laugh in a way that Troggesy wishes he could. You can see, I mean hear because Hans Bubbe this is radio, the genuine affection (again not gay) between these two. I'll stop saying fawning things (insert clip of Ted saying "No baby don't talk like that") before this goes too long. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PODCAST, I guess...
Aren’t we all prone to the danger of giving in to Luke Wampus? I know that I am. Listen to the Gut Check Podcast for much needed refreshment, resources, and encouragement; fight the good fight and stick it to Luke W.
Luke loves this podcast. I would have never found it if he didn’t sing it’s praises every time he speaks. He’s borderline obsessed, but, I say, for good reason.
“Let no man think he makes any progress in holiness who walks not over the belly of Luke Wampus.” - John Owen
Hans bubby these podcast moguls are leading the fight against that most despicable character Luke Wampus. Their humor always puts me in a good mood. So grab a nice cigar, a fine energy drink, and enjoy.
For years I allowed Luke Wampus into my house. I couldn’t see the evil he was doing. He was so sly in the way he made things feel not too hot yet not too cold. Then I listened to The Gut Check podcast. My eyes were opened to the evil ways of Luke Wampus. Thank you Gut Check for saving my marriage. For saving my life.
This podcast is the only thing that has made me laugh since Luke Wampus stole my wife and ruined my marriage.
This duo uses lots of words. If their words were marshmallows, they'd be playing Chubby Bunny each episode. Mmm, marshmallows. I like marshmallows! #LukeWampus
All I can say is, “WOW!” The entire world of platform building and business know-how has been opened to me because of gut check. Even more, I’ve learned so much about Edith and Lord Grantham that has deeply impacted my life. These men of leisure and means even take the time to give back through their literacy drives and programs. A true inspiration to us all that reminds that we are never too big to forget where we came from. To all of the Edith’s of the world, this podcast is for you.
Gutcheck should get a podcast category of their own because, well, they’re in a world of their own. Taco reviews? Check. Live readings of the great American novels Re-Raptured AND Re-Raptured:Again? Check. Endless references to Die Hard? Check. Lashing? Check. Become an expert in all the things in life that truly matter as you embark upon this “weekly” show with podcast/business/writing/coffee/Nineties Studies/T-Shirt moguls Ted Kluck and Zachary Bartels. They are handsome men who use their words. You won’t be disappointed. Join the GutCheck Army TODAY and change your life forever. PSA: Don’t listen to this podcast in public. You will laugh hysterically and attract some unwanted attention.
If your favorite part of the Happy Rant is Ted Kluck, then you need to listen to this podcast. As connoisseurs of the world, Ted and Zach open our eyes to many facets of culture: food (tacos, once), drink (energy drinks, but not so much lately), and cinema (Die Hard, every episode) just to name a few. And who could forget Gut Check Literacy Month? Your life will improve considerably after joining the Gut Check Army. A vastly under appreciated component of this podcast is how, when Zach really gets laughing hard, his last “haHAAAAA” sounds as if it is being forcibly squeezed out of him. And since Gut Check Literacy “Month” has lasted several years, it is totally fair to say that this podcast drops a new episode every “week”.
Fawning and deserving to be mentioned on the pod
As a woman I’m embarrassed to say that I love this podcast, and besides this review and my husband, I hope no one else finds out I listen. It’s dorky and dumb. 10/10, baby.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, but there’s nothing better than listening to these two guys sit down and speak into the microphone like a couple of gentlemen. Don’t hold back your already recorded episodes forever!
UPDATE, 20 August 2018: I have a more mature outlook on this podcast now that I have listened to every episode; been a minor contributor; and helped get these guys their first sponsor. Still a solid performer in its category, despite slipping back to more irregular episode releases (and by irregular, I mean 'normal'). I currently rate GCP as 'HOLD'. ORIGINAL REVIEW, 27 February 2015: Not only is this the best Gut Check Podcast that has been done, it is the most. Nothing surpasses it in quality and quantity. Ted and Zach thoughtfully and humorously enrich the podcast series with all of the things that so many people crave: objective energy drink analysis, period drama expose, and reviews of reviews (which is ironic, because I’m in the middle of writing one right now). Seriously, even if the podcast is like 18 minutes long, it feels like 45 because the content is so rich. If the Gut Check Podcast were a stock, it would be a ‘buy’—its value can only go up. Disclosure: I have recently purchased two titles from Gut Check Press and have read nearly all of the bonus content available on their website. Now, I know something about cigar smoking, thanks to Gut Check. More importantly, since it pertains to this disclosure, I also feel a close connection with one Chaz Marriot, a very gifted and talented writer and whom, I am certain, we will hear about more and more in the days and years ahead. I was misdiagnosed as gifted and talented when I was in the 4th grade. I am only on page 16, but from the artwork and what I’ve already read, I believe that Chaz is going to help me make a very healthy comeback from my 5th grade ‘year on the ropes’ (as I call it). So, in conclusion, I just felt compelled to inform potential and actual Gut Check Podcast listeners that, although I haven’t been paid for an endorsement in cash, I sort of feel like they have paid me with dense content and I sense that I might eventually be influenced toward major support of Gut Check Press. So, maybe I am developing a bias.
After binging the first 90 eps while building a table like a gentleman, I offer the top 5 moments: 5) Gut Check Literacy Month 4) Reminiscing over Frank Turk 3) Die Hard References 2) Israel trip 1) Tacos
Zach & Ted have a great raport, and consistently deliver the humor.
i always listen to this when i just cant take one more sermon lol
Love these guys! Always funny and great chemistry between Ted and Zach. I also bought several of the Gut Press books and found them very entertaining and well written. Keep up the good work boys!
TOTALLY cool and totally NOT lame. and i am totally NOT copy-pasting this across many podcasts.
There are many podcasts in the world, especially in Reformdom, but there is only one that keeps you guessing and entertained as well as Gut Check. Bring back the energy drinks!
Where is the word "baby" used more - in the movie "Baby Driver", a lamaze class, or an episode of the Gut Check Podcast? Take a listen to Ted and Zach, then decide. Two friends and business partners who don't take themselves too seriously, but do take their energy drinks, cigars, and retro tech (Palm Pilots, anyone?) very seriously.
Seinfeld was a great show about nothing. This podcast is like that except it is about energy drink reviews, eating a box of tacos, smoking cigars, running commentary on B movies, writing whatever book they want, 90s nostalgia, the enduring palm pilot, and endless die hard, rocky, and karate kid references that will get you through the day like a champ. Zach and Ted are hilarious and engaging in whatever random crap they are doing. If you don’t like this show, you likely are the problem. Keep it up fellas!
Although these two guys clearly peaked in the 90's, their witty banter and incessant need to harken back to the "whatever" decade. If Kato Kailen were a podcast, this would be him. Keep up the efforts guys, I guess. Since I shamefully fit right in with your snark, witticism, and world view.
These guys, or should I say business moguls, are creating podcast gold: hilarious, interesting, witty, and full of creativity. I love their fun-loving rapport with one another. This is one of my favorite podcasts and it always keeps me laughing. Love it, keep it up!!
Shofar the show has been amazing (bad joke, but I feel it fits with the spirit of this podcast 😂). They always have me laughing, especially when they review energy drinks and do live commentary on movies. One of my favorite podcasts!
This podcast is better than Die Hard. Wait, maybe not. But it’s very good. #kindafawning #muchlove #neverstopneverstopping
Here at gut check I believe ye shall find- Many humors which are worth your time. From Die Hard references, To energy drink reviews, Jesting at bad movies, Or just stupid things that us reformed people do. It's a niche humor, and a tad hard to describe. But you will love it, if really it fits your jive. So if you love Timmy Keller, And hate the concept of Left Behind. If you dig Christian satire, And writing that's better than mine. Then enlist in the Gut Check Army - This dang podcast is worth your dang time.
Fact: Only half of this podcast is going to be live on Louisville. Wrong! In fact there is now sometimes three people on this podcast and that an’t half bad.
This is still my all time favorite podcast and I'm still not just saying that so I can get a free hardcover book. However, I do not believe I was given enough credit for leaving a second (now third) review. I will now be listening under protest.
Your faith is serious but not too serious. You're real. I like it.
When they don't have an ep, it makes me feel SAD. When they do have one, it makes me feel HAPPY.
In a world where all the reformed guys want to have podcasts beating the same theological dead horses come two reformed guys who don't do that. They rate energy drinks, cigars, and tacos. They promote their own work unashamedly--which is both funny and cool, bc they are not trying to sneakily coerce you into buying it, they're just like "Hey, here's our stuff, buy it". Just two funny, sarcastic, chill guys. They have episodes confessing their "glumness", which is nice bc it's not fake. We glum folk can relate that. It's real. It's raw. They also write great books, which you should definitely check out. Nothing but fawning praise from me guys, keep up the good work.
I'm currently hacking my wife's iTunes account in order to leave this podcast ANOTHER 5-star review. -Rutty
My brother-in-law introduced me to the Happy Rant at the end of this summer. I was taking a few road trips, so I subscribed and listened to it. Hilarious. Relevant. I loved it. But I've gotta say, the best part of the Happy Rant was this guy named Ted Kluck. Who is this guy? I'd never heard of him, but he was insanely funny. Thanks to Trogges' segment "Gut Check with Ted", I decided to look up the Gut Check Podcast. After binging the ENTIRE Happy Rant, I started this one. I have never looked back. What I love most about this podcast is that it's really just two best friends talking about stuff and then talking about nothing and then educating all of us in Gut Check Literacy Month. Guys, thank you so much for really just letting us listen in on your personal phone calls. That's really all this is. It doesn't sound amazing, but believe me, it has been awesome. This is kind of random, but I'm actually a program director at a Christian camp in Wyoming, and my program name that I made up for myself is Colonel Scott. I'm going to give myself that rank in the Gut Check Army. Looking forward to hearing you guys review falafels. Colonel Scott
I give this podcast five stars: one for every Die Hard movie.
I never knew that listening in to a weekly phone call between long-time friends would be so enjoyable. The two hosts have very different ways of communicating, but they capitalize on those differences to make each other laugh. There are still a few inside jokes that I don't get, but I've never felt so privileged to be part of something that I don't completely understand. Keep up the good work, gentlemen!
PS [Pre-script]: Since I can't yet review on Google Play, I'll hop onto iTunes just this once. What can I say, baby? I've met both Ted and Zach in person and they are such gregarious people. These two busyness mowglis are so money--and they know it. I feel cheated every time they use a jump cut to edit something out. ~The Freshman


dont miss out on this lashingly beautiful podcast. This podcast is true art like Monet for my ears. yes, I've already written a review but whatever...
These guys are basically the least funniest podcasters . I accidently listened and Like I tried listening and my ears said no not today. U know a podcasting show is bad when your body rejects it. I normaly don't take time to review but these podcasters are like bad as heck, I was not like even looking for this I tried to find a boxing podcast. What even is this garbage and who listens I'm sorry but just does anyone care about raptures and embro or whatever you people r talking about? Ones always saying baby, so weird and creepy. What even. I wish there r negative stars
Apparently being a writer gives one the credence to abhor prodigiousness such as LOTR yet somehow laud 80's mediocrity, aka Die Hard. Mr. Cluck sounds like a prepubescent Greg Dutcher and if I hear him call another man "baby" one more time it will be a real check to the gut. Every podcast is like listening to two junior high kids giggle at their own humor and if that wasn't enough...we have to wait a whole week to hear it again. Shamelessly Calvinistic so in light of that I used my Christian Liberty to write this review. Great job guys, keep up the good work!
If you, like me, came to this podcast via The Happy Rant but gave up after the Soda Stream ep, take courage, take up and listen. You should listen to this podcast if, a) you believe you are the only cynical reformed Christian b) you think you might enjoy hearing Ted Kluck talk about things he is actually interested in c) you love mockery of dispensational, end times fiction. Like only shaving to the knee; these guys are enticing to all, but with the proper boundaries lashed in place to stay true to themselves.
Have you ever thought Trogges may be the most interesting man in the world? Well you would be wrong. These guys are. Imagine a unique use of words, an energy drink aficionado, a downton fan, a media platform genius, a compulsive lasher, and a curmudgeon, combine them together and you have Gut Check. Like the title says if you don’t like, I don’t care. I have shown this podcast to a few of my friends who don’t get it, but I know they simply do not possess the same levels of wit, sarcasm, and self awareness of me and my fellow Gut Check Army members.