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I discovered this podcast well after the last episode and even though it’s over, I enjoyed this a lot. The hosts are funny, snarky and entertaining, you can tell that they’re having a lot of fun together, even in the last podcast. I also like that they provide a information about the animation process or experiences they’ve had. And, it’s nice to get an opinion or criticism from people in the animation industry. If you liked the Animated Anarchy podcast, and were looking for something to fill that hole in your heart, then you’ll love this. Sadly you’ll soon be looking for something to fill THIS hole too.
I love the podcast because it is funny and every one I know thinks it is funny to
I could listen to these guys all day, every day! I love the fact that they are animators and know what they’re talking about. I still can’t get over the episode on Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. I was laughing out loud during the entire episode. They are spot on and hugely funny! I love it and I want more!
This has become my favorite podcast. Besides highlighting movies I either never knew existed or only vaguely remember from childhood, they also share a lot of information about animation as both an art & an industry that's amazing. If you're interested in learning more about animation while listening to a very funny & clever show, you'll love this.
This is the only podcast I have listened to that makes me laugh out loud in my car when there’s no one else there. You don’t have to watch the movies they’re reviewing, and by the end of the commentary, you’ll be glad you hadn’t.
This podcast really grew on me and continues to impress. Very reminiscent of The Flop House in terms of snarky-yet-positive tone and silly tangents, but they still have their own distinct flavor. Very informative too- as an animation fan I love hearing their take on movies from an animation industry perspective, and it makes me appreciate the art form all the more. These three guys brighten my dad when I listen at work, and I can not recommend this podcast enough to other fans of animation and bad movies! They have a joyous energy that always delights.
Educating, entertaining, animating, it's all good.
I have heard Seth’s voice This review is a haiku Cartoon Lampoon rocks
Not even worth spelling mediocre right in the title.
Keep making podcasts
This podcast is great and all the hosts are really funny and add something to each episode and 10/10 I recommend (beauty and the beast belles enchanted Christmas is one of the best episodes)
Beat me to this idea. Was going to make this podcast and a majority of the movies I wanted to do is on here lol. Anyway I love this podcast because of the animators view point. Its refreshing and they do a lot of movies not many people haven't talked about yet. Keep it up gentlemen. And ladies.
Hey guys, I just finished Season 1. I love the show! I love you guys. Only complaint: I'd like to hear the occational good movie review. Ideas: Spirited Away, Corraline, TinTin, WallE, Who Framed Jessica Rabbit's Husband, A Monster in Paris & A Cat in Paris. Also do you guys know of (or like) Gkids animation? I think they are French/Canadian & my kids love their movies.
Okay so I was trying out a couple different movie review podcasts trying to find some entertaining talk about films (mostly animated ones) but nothing really stuck out for me except for this one which I'm glad I was able to stumble on! The conversation in this podcast is lighthearted and fun while also bringing a lot of critique onto the table. It's entertaining and also makes you feel a part of a good conversation between friends after watching movies together. Which it basically is but it's good and it's from a perspective of people that work in the industry. And to be honest, I don't have all the same opinions on everything in the podcasts, but that's perfectly fine and gives me a different perspective as well. So I'd say give it a try and happy listening!
Listening to these guys is both entertaining and insightful. The hosts are hilarious and, being animators themselves, bring a lot of insight to what could be just another podcast about terrible movies. They have a genuine passion behind all of the irony and humor which really sets them apart. Their chemistry is impeccable and I wish them the best in the wake of their huge spike in listeners (at least that's what they say). I highly recommend the "Snow White (Not Disney)" episode. [I bet the username I made for reviews on this platform is going to be embarrassing. Oh my.]
Fantastic podcast from 3 animators that dive deep on terrible nostalgiac, obscure as well as new animated movies. If you're into things like: Red Letter Media, I Hate Everything, and YourMovieSucksDOTorg and even have a passing interest in animation you'll be into this. This is a must listen to for animation fans. I really appreciate that they don't just crap all over the movies they watch and they actually try to find the good in them. Lots of fun, make a million more episodes!
A great listen for anyone who loves to hate! ...especially if the things that you hate are Garbage Movies, and if you express love by sipping a beer and suffering through what comes your way. Excellent content, always in need of more.
a little backstory on me: I went to school for animation, never graduated. For years after that watching cartoons depressed me. Then I found these guys and I found a whole new love for animation, good and bad. These guys are working in the animation industry and theyre also very funny, so their take on awful animated movies is pretty awesome to listen to. Theyre also pretty friendly. I've interacted with them through facebook and email and they respond more often than not. Give these guys a shot, you won't be disappointed. ~Jay
These guys usually know what they're talking about, keep it from being super-insider-y, and clearly have fun making this podcast. Love listening to the classics broken down and reviewed by people who work in the trade. Animation is something that I thoroughly enjoy, and really enjoy listening and learning about, and these guys are funny enough and knowleadable enough to make it a solid 90-120 minutes worth your time, if that's your thing. Well done. Keep it up!
Good podcast reviewing your favorite bad animated films. Five stars.
More than just snarky make-fun-of and tear-down of animated features of dubious quality, these guys display obvious care and respect for the craft. Not only of animation but everything that goes into the development: scripting, narrative arc, character etc. They are honest and earnest about things that are good in addition to being unabashed about calling out the worst of the worst. A good balance of personalities and interesting an compelling attention to detail makes this great to listen to.
I hate to say but as a kid I saw Princess and a Goblin, I have no proof but I grew up on crappy cheap cartoons. I also hate to say I've seen most of the movies your podcast features ( which I am glad there is a podcast about bad animation by animators). I didn't see Alice and thanks to your podcast it's off my Netflix list.
Fantastic podcast! These three have great chemistry with each other, clearly have a wide knowledge and appreciation for animation, and can go both high and low brow. I always find it equal parts entertaining and compelling. Sidenote: they are far too good at impressions… it's a bit scary sometimes.
I’ve listened to most of the podcast at this point, so I feel like I can give a well-rounded opinion at this point. I’d like to say I work with the three hosts, so I know them personally, but I’m leaving an unbiased review. As someone who also works in animation, it’s nice to get opinions that are relatable from an artistic standpoint. As much as I loved a lot of these movies in my childhood, to see them again now as an adult? A lot of sad disappointment when you really take a good look at some of these uhhh “movies.” Anyway, the commentary is funny, they know what they’re talking about with backgrounds in animation and cartoons, and I also learned some crazy facts that I never knew I wanted to know about animated movies.
These three are delightful to listen to! They do a great job of making you feel like you are part of the conversation with them. So funny and so on point with their commentary. Give it a listen! You won’t be disappointed.
This is by far the best podcast on cartoons out right now. Hosted by 3 guys, who I believe work on the show ARCHER on FX. Really funny and informative. I've listened to the Space Jam episode at least 3 times, so good.
Have been searching in vain for a good animation podcast, was very happy to find Cartoon Lampoon. It's everywhere I wanna be. Keep up the terrific work.