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I don't always agree with you, but you guys are honest in how you feel and can come at it from a semi-sensible place.


By Scout C
I was offered inspiration for a good review. That tells you all you need to know about this podcast and how awesome it is.
They know a lot about their topics but bring you along to understanding their opinions. It’s funny, in depth and informative. Tune in.
I found this show just the other day and am really enjoying it! The hosts have great banter and they're a lot of fun to listen to. Can't wait to catch up on past episodes!
This podcast is hiarious and is a great way to get a fun dose of entertainment news and reviews! Great for anyone who wants to be entertained.
Can’t understate how much I’ve enjoyed following this podcast over the past year. From discussing the ever evolving MCU, to giving the most in-depth analysis into the psyche of our favorite heroes, Josh and Alex bring you the conversations you love to have. Through listening, you feel like you are part of the group, and their laughs become super contagious. What more could you want during your morning commute than that?
Enjoy listening to this podcast! Josh and Alex dish on movies, comics, graphic novels, TV and most things associated in the nerd community. They are afraid to express their feels for the pods subjects and when listening it feels like a couple of friends giving their thoughts that does not sound scripted.
Best podcast for comics I tell ya! Keep up the good work.
My friend Marlon recommended this podcast. I deleted all others when I heard this one. Amazing duo and greet content.
I used to listen to the Nick Hall Comedy podcast. Then that ended, so I listen to Booze Buddies. Now I’m here lol. Honestly just love hearing Griffey rant about anything. Him and Dandino put on an awesome show. Everyone who likes comic culture and sifi show listen.
I am the furthest thing from a comic book guy but needed to get into the world for some research. I stumbled upon this jackhammer of a podcast and now Iabsolutely love it. These guys' brand of comedy and knowledge was the perfect way for someone like me to learn. I really think you'll like it!
Griffey and Dandino get down to the nitty gritty in a way I really like while still being approachable for casual fans. They draw on their knowledge to cover all the loose ends, and they don’t pull punches. The geek in me can’t get enough of their in-depth analysis.
This show is so awesome! Alex and Josh have incredible knowledge of comic books and, as a bonus, are very funny! Glad I found this show.
It's the show that I find myself repeatedly refreshing my podcast App in the middle of the week just to see if the next episode has dropped. These guys serve as a key resource for me as I've adjusted to have a comic book classroom. Interesting content to go along with their insights, which will challenge you to want more from your chosen stories. Plus, they liked BvS, so you know they're really dialed in.
What I love about The Long Box Sessions: - Giving solid critiques from a writing pointing of view - Considering the full journey of storytelling within movies, TV shows and comic books - Sharing background knowledge/experience of TV/movie production - Acknowledging the perspective of a married man/men, with kids, with these interests - Communicating with an "everyday guy's" vocabulary - Being 100% nerds What I would ask to be adjusted: - Try to book more special guests, some with opposing views. Completely understand that this is not an easy task to do. - There are occasions when the same point has been driven and made a multitude of times. We got it. Now let the other guy speak. - I understand that recording this podcast is an added responsibility on top of day jobs but the random yawning during recording is a distraction and sounds more like you don’t care about the point. It’s not happening a ton of times but when it occurs… it’s not helpful. Honestly, those issues are completely minor compared to what you are accomplishing (which is why I'm giving 5 stars while stating a few negatives about the show). Your broadcast has fun and interesting content with real opinions that make me care a bit more about the various entertainment I enjoy. Thank you for doing what you do. Party on, guys!
Alex and Josh give a unique perspective to on the state of comics and related media. Their conversations are well researched and opinions well informed.


By Dajaiz
These guys are awesome! Nothing like two gravelly voiced dudes talking about comics and movies and everything in between!
If you like hearing two fats hash it out over who wore it better, Hawkeye or Black Widow, sure. Give it a listen.
My God this pod is so good. That Griffey fellow had the voice of an angel with the wit comparable to the Bard himself. Then there is Dandino!


By Hmsla
Nerds rule, jocks drool. Give this one a listen if you're into comic books, podcasts, comedy or NERDS!
These guys are so wonderful to listen to and so freaking hilarious! Their chemistry is amazing and I love hearing their unique takes on all things comics and movies. Definitely a must listen for anyone who calls themselves a nerd. Love it!!!!
Caught up on the back catalogue. Love the comic talk, the definitives are the best! Completely wrong on StarTrek and The Prequels, but I love you anyway. 😜
Between the proper use of fancy words (can I get a "juxaposed" up in here?), apt use of curse words, and a groundbreaking revelation of how to defeat ISIS, this show is great. A lot of ranting, but not in the grit-your-teeth-can-these-dummies-please-shut-up-way, but in a hilarious, concise and smart way. Both hosts are super well informed and their rapport is second to none. I would recommend this podcast to any comic book/movie/superhero fan out there. Plus, they both sound like they have great hair.
Every time I listen to you guys it reminds me of me and my cousin and all the geeky conversations we have. You guys hit all the right topics and I love the way your honest In your reviews. Rogue One was right on par with how I felt about the shouldn't get a free pass cause it's Star Wars. The films characters were all badly developed and no one cared when they died. Anyway keep up the good work and I'm spreading the word on your podcast.


Love listening to the sound of their gravely voices on my long commutes. Super knowledgeable when it comes to all manners of nerdism. 🐲
Great mix of comic book related news, television and etc. funny and insightful, highly recommend for casual and die hard comic book fans out there. Long live the thunderdome! 🤘🏻
Awesome show guys. Haven't disliked a single show, comic or movie recommended so far. Keep it up can't wait for the next episode. P.S. Ewoks are just like jar jar and the gungans.
i could seriously listen to this ALL day long ...seriously deep and hilarious musings from some very enthusiastic guys that know their comics. Equally as amusing is the variety of tangents they go off on. my face hurts listening to them from smiling so much
I've been listening to these guys for over a year and loved every second of it. Great place to get all of the comic book news I desire along with firm opinions and healthy debates. Definitely worth a download.
Who would win in a fight?? Superman vs Squirrel Girl, Machine Man vs Spider Jerusalem, so on and so forth. When the comic book shop isn't cutting it for getting your comic news and great discussions, check out the Long Box Sessions. Critical, intellectual approach to the modern mythos that is comic books.
There's nothing more infectious than true passion, and Alex and Griff have that in spades when it comes to comics. I've not been comics reader real long, but this show is one of the few reasons why I've become one. It's the kind of podcast that will encourage to drag out meaningless tasks like washing the dishes just a little longer. Plenty of fun with insightful perspectives on all things comics.
Just clued into this show and I love it! The guys are funny, even when they are pissy. You can tell these guys love Comics and want to share that with us. Love having my “talks” with these two!
A+. Griffey & Dandino know their stuff and then some. If you wanna go deep (DEEP) into it, if you care about comicbooks and the movies & television shows that come from them -- you'll not find anything better than this bad boy right here. Congratulations, you've just stumbled across gold.
Griffey and Dandino do such a well-balanced show. They are knowledgeable and have a great interaction. Would recommend to any fan of comic books and everything related!
I love the Rants first and formost. I especially love the chemistry between these two. Makes the show incredibly interesting, and their wit is definitely incredible! I would recommend this to any Kevin Smith fan, or anybody who loves good comedy talks and interesting comic book discussions in general.