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Loved these guys almost as much as I love Columbo - just wish I had found this podcast when it was performed live. Because of these two gentle Scott’s I rediscovered my love for Columbo and that has been a great comfort for me during these difficult times. Thank you very much for all your work!
I’m going through genres, trying to find something new and stumble across this podcast. I haven’t listened yet, newly subscribed, but can’t wait! I used to watch Columbo with my grandma and now DVR the shows on the “old timey” networks. I’m floored! Just WOW!
I really enjoy this podcast so much! I am a longtime Columbo fan, and after discovering this podcast I have ordered the complete collection of Columbo DVD’s on Amazon! There are a few episodes on YouTube, so I like to watch a bit, then pause it to listen to the podcast of the same episode - it’s the best! I find myself laughing out loud at least once an episode, usually in agreement over something to do with 70’s culture, or something that the priceless, lovable Columbo has done or said. I love the hosts’ accents, they sound so warm and friendly. I feel like they are now friends of mine, watching Columbo and drinking coffee with me, maybe even on a rainy day. (If it would ever rain in Southern California!)
This podcast is a joy! I enjoy the rapport of our hosts. It is like being in a living room with them after watching the latest episode. Thank you!


By Pjlite
I discovered this just looking for someone who liked Columbo as much as I did. It’s a great way to relive all the episodes. Threw the eyes of a new comer and a longtime fan. All there other podcast are fun to listen to as well. Faulty Towers and Black Adder being my personal favorites.
The two gents are very engaging and have many thoughtful and humorous things to say about their subject. I was inspired by this podcast to go back and watch all the episodes from the beginning, and my enjoyment was much enhanced by playing the podcast immediately after.
Very sharp : intelligent and interesting analysis of Columbo! Great fun.
Just discovered this podcast. Fun and interesting, great trivia, and always enjoyable to listen to. Thank you both!
As a longtime Columbo fan, I searched for a podcast on my favorite 70s show, and was more than delighted to find this one straight outta Scotland. Having just finished the full run I can truly say the lads never disappoint, and I had a great time reliving the series with them (through all of its highs and lows. Great fun, and a winning podcast experience.
I love these guys. I laugh out loud at least twice per podcast; like when they call out the BS things that Columbo or the characters do.
Gerry & Ian's imformative and thoroughly entertaining examination of the entire Columbo series from pilots to it's orignal series run and the revival series that followed it 10 years later is the standard by which I now evaluate all other series or show based podcasts by. Their friendly back and forth and genuine nature is probably my favorite thing about listening to their shows. I really love listening to an episode while i'm driving home from work and then popping in the actual episode to watch and compare all the great observations they've made and the trivia they've revealed. If you're even remotely a Columbo fan....this is the podcast you've been hoping for. It's so good, I just wish they would tackle ALL of my favorite shows from back in the day! Their premise for the Columbo podcast was one of them grew up watching the show and knew it inside out, the other had never seen an episode and had only the most general perception of the what the show was about. This is a really fun dynamic that plays out nicely from the first podcast all the way to the series finale. I still wish they'd give the original Star Trek series a go at some point because the dynamic would be completely reversed.......the Columbo fan from childhood never having watched Trek and the one who never watched an episode of Columbo is a full fledged Trekkie......... fingers crossed, some day!!!
You guys are wonderful! I enjoy watching the episode and then listening to the pod cast. Gerry and Ian offer a unique perspective that is so intriguing. Love you guys!
So much fun to watch the old episodes and listen to these guys debate the nitty gritty details of my favorite gumshoe. If you love Columbo, extend the experience with this podcast
These guys are funny, thoughtful, very enjoyable to spend time with. Since Netflix dropped the series (as of January 1, 2017), we have been compelled to take up other means of watching the episodes. (Desperate times call for desperate measures: The box set from Amazon, in this case.) Watching them more or less in order, catching up with Gerry and Ian, reading the discussions on the forums, I only regret the party is two years old at this point.
Enjoyed these two and their take on the show. They have great voices for podcasting.
Have always been big fan of Columbo. Just discovered podcast. Excellent! Thanks so much.
I missed this while the shows were being produced. That is a shame. This podcast is really great. The hosts are very professional and full of information. I have seen all the episodes of Columbo anough where i can replay most of them in my mind while they discuss them. Its always nice when there is a part from the show coming up and I am thinking "I really hope they discuss that part, it was awesome" and they do. So if you are a fan of Columbo this podcast is an absolute MUST! Thanks for this guys. You do an excellnt job. Peter would have enjoyed this. Just one more thing,........ do you guys have any other podcasts?
I just finished the run and I just wanted to thank you for makng the podcast and let you know how much I enjoyed it. Again, thank you very much!!!
Detailed episode summaries, insightful trivia, well-reasoned analysis . . . all delivered by a couple of affable Scottish fellows. This wasn't what I expected when I first downloaded an episode, but now I look forward to listening after every episode I watch.
I have found my Columbo people. This podcast has been fabulous to listen to. As I do with Columbo, I will be replaying episodes. I love the interaction between Iain and Gerry. It is great fun. Thank you. I did not find this until May 2016, wish I had known about it while this was live, but I love that I can binge listen. Keep up the great work guys!
I've just discovered this podcast. I'm new to Columbo like Iain and I'm working my way through the episodes in order. Now I listen to this podcast after each viewing and it provides me enjoyable critical conversation about the plot, plot mechanics, performances; all of which inform and enhance my Columbo experience. These gentlemen are a delight! Thank you for making this podcast.
This podcast is great fun. I really enjoy watching an episode on Netflix and then tuning in to hear what the boys have to say. Their affection for the show is a delight and I especially enjoy their season wrap-ups when they try to determine which cases would actually result in a conviction. Great stuff!
This is a fantastic companion to a watch through the canon of Columbo. It may be hard to find friends at home who want to watch Columbo and discuss, but Iain and Gerry are fantastic friends to listen to. Thorough discussions, thoughtful about plot, they do their research, and they have a great perspective of a long-time fan and a newer watcher of the show. A fantastic listen.
The format of combining a Columbo newbie with a long time fan makes for interesting conversation and insights. I enjoy listening to these episodes almost to the same level as watching the show.
Just discovered this podcast and am really enjoying catching up with the back catalogue. You guys are doing a fantastic job, keep it up.
I'm late to the game in discovering Gerry and Iain's podcast, which is embarrassing given that Columbo is probably in my Top 10 of favorite pop culture. With only Season 1 behind me, it's clear that the podcast is getting stronger with each ep, and there's plenty of fun yet to come. Thanks for a great show!
These two Scottish guys review Columbo episodes in sequence. They are fun and knowledgeable.
Highly entertaining episode recaps from two likable guys, one a Columbophile and the other a Columbo-newbie. Working my way through the podcast episodes while I watch/rewatch old episodes, they very often point out plot points that I may have missed. Top notch.
This is the Columbo podcast to listen to. The hosts are fun and bring in extra information about the actors and situations. Great job. I look forward to each podcast.
I discovered this podcast right before I went home to visit my family. I stayed with my father, who produced a jigsaw puzzle and suggested we work on it, reviving a very old and nostalgic tradition we hadn't indulged in for many years. While he was absent or taking a break, I would pour over the puzzle while listening to The Columbo Podcast gents analyze and dissect the puzzling plots of Columbo, and plumb the depths of why Columbo is so popular and compelling, another layer of puzzling. I managed to complete two jigsaw puzzles and listen to about sixteen hours of this podcast. They reinforced the pleasure that each activity gave me, and produced a terrific synergy. I need to add that the podcast hosts' Scottish origin added yet another puzzling element, listening to them try to figure out and extrapolate cultural differences that spanned not only the globe but time and decades as well in order to truly understand some of the show's context. Overall an extremely enjoyable podcast. I truly hope that once they have gone through all the episodes, they will continue the podcast with episodes taking up various topics that take on themes that could tease out why Columbo is such a satisfying, innovative and monumental television achievement. From an Anglophile in Boston, Cheers, mates!
I love hearing their opinions and interpretations of this amazing series. The hosts are fantastic, and I find myself feeling relief that I'm not the only one to notice the series' quirks. Great companion to a great series.
This podcast is hosted by Gerry and Iain, they located in Scotland. I love this podcast because it is informative, detailed and well done. The episodes are reviewed in order by season and by scene. This is RARELY done, and I can't wait for a new episode because I know it will be humorous and organized. I listen to a few more podcasts and none of them can follow any type of structure or even tell a person what actually happened in an episode without going off on an hour tangent or not following the order of the episode. I love it that this podcast is structured, organized and actually give facts about each episode. The reviews are accurate, insightful and enjoyable to listen to. I like it that they mention an actor/s name/s, mentioned the character they are playing in the episode because obviously the listener may not know the actors name but will know the character they played in Columbo or other shows. I can't thank them enough for actually staying with a great format and going scene by scene of each episode. Not enough radio shows, podcasts or blogs come close to how well done this podcast is. I enjoy hearing the convicted or not convicted conclusions that are mentioned after every season. I like both Gerry and Iain. I think I relate more to Iain's opinions though (I believe he is the younger host) He seems more open minded and a bit aware about women and minority struggles. I am both of these, so I like it that he sometimes points out certain politically incorrect actions. He is also a Star Trek and Star Wars fan, so that is a major plus! =) Gerry and Iain work very well together. I can't stop raving about this podcast and I hope even after the "Columbo: series podcast they continue with another series! I totally give this Podcast 5 stars!
Enjoy the in depth reviews of the exploits of Lieutenant Columbo.
Excellent listen. Good discussions about tangential topics.
Great podcast! Entertaining and informative. Good for a few laughs and nostalgia!
Every episode of this podcast is an absolute joy; it is a great supplement for someone like myself who has seen every Columbo episode multiple times. I’m really enjoying rewatching the episodes in time to listen to the podcast every Thursday. Fantastic work!
This is a great podcast, using a great premise—that of pairing a long time fan with a Columbo newbie—taking a look at the show episode by episode, in order of original air date. Well done, with enjoyable banter between the two hosts, who often have entertaining differences in points of view. First rate!
This is easily the finest Columbo related podcast to emerge in the last six months. Gerry and Iain are well-informed and entertaining, possess an irreverent and infectious fondness for their subject, and their affected Scottish accents are nearly convincing.
Iain, a newcomer to Columbo, kicks off each week with a great summary of a Columbo episode that he and Gerry then discuss in detail. Gerry provides a lot of interesting background on the cast and/or episode that is great for longtime fans. Together, Gerry and Iain walk through an episode in a way that makes you want to queue it up on Netflix right after listening to the podcast.
Because I can listen to two entertaining dudes and their take on one of my all time favorite TV shows. Keep up the good work!
Great job guys, been re-watching the show along with you and its nice to have another perspective. Lots of fun.
I greatly enjoy the podcast. The hosts are two gentleman who go through each episode in detail and briefly review the careers of each star and give their opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of each episode. Very nostalgic as well.
Very good and detailed podcast.
Entertaining and insightful, these blokes are solid.
Could it be, I found a great podcast about Columbo ? Yes, and a great one at that. Perfect combination of summary, commentary and trivia, without ever becoming too silly or vulgar. Like that they go in order. Look forward to each week. Maybe this duo would be willing to do the same for the original Mission Impossible series ??? Keep it coming !!!
I just discovered this the other day and have devoured about 7 or 8 episodes. The podcasters provide a chronological, detailed, and quite interesting take on Columbo. I find this to be a really good complement to "Just One More Thing," which has a different methodology to it. Highly recommended!
We'll forget for a moment that these guys have my favorite dialect AND it's about Columbo so the whole thing makes me want to faint.... It's just an amazing podcast. I'm so glad I found them and look forward to each one. Many thanks to Gerry and Iain for such fun.