Reviews For #AlternativeFacts

#AlternativeFacts is a great balance of news on the big alt bands as well as the new names on the scene. It's chart insight you can really only get from the peeps at Billboard, plus coverage on new music that is honestly all *SO* good.
The best alternative podcast was Alt In Our Stars. Now the best alternative podcast is Alternative Facts. I love C Payne's good humor and knowledge. Happy to be a subscriber!


I have to say that yes it's true that not many of the kids from this new generation are into the old kind of punk rock but there are still some of us, I would have to say that I honestly liked the older blink-182 with Tom and Mark. There still a good band but I have to say I was very disappointed when I had found out that Tom was no longer in the band.
I love this podcast and all the artist that are on it.
Chris Payne's "Alt In Our Stars" digs in with musicians about their crafts and careers. 5 stars if you keep up with music news and want a deeper dive.
The interviewer gives cool vibes to people he interviews, like Zac Farro, Lights, CHVRCHES, Panic at the Disco. Cool chat with music artists. :)
Finally decided to check this podcast out after seeing it on Twitter numerous times.... I'm done. The host is horrible. Stapp answers a question, the host transitions with "yeahh, so uh..." Voice is terribly annoying as well
Host of the podcast sounds like a stoned millennial with the vocabulary of a 10 year old. So yah, it like sucked.
Go Pats!