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I want to enter the giveaway but, this pod cast is actually really entertaining
It was super funny, the light skinned guy is cute!!
So I was going to start off this review with a lame joke saying thank you for COD. Never said I was funny. Tbh, I am not much of a COD fan. *GASP*I know. Hopefully that didn’t steer you away from reading. Ive really enjoyed playing zombie but other than that, I have my reason lol for another time. Anyways So I am a girl who definitely has an interest in games. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a gamer or hell, even a noob/nube. However you spell that. Lol but listening to the podcast actually made me want to play and try all these games out. So 5 stars for sponsoring!!!! So to start off, this podcast is real. when you’re listening you can really tell that there is a good friendship under all this gamer passion. And everyone plays a different part really. Brandon being more of the leader, guides the podcast in the right direction. Ray and Damon further those topics into deeper discussion by asking questions. they all bring up opposing opinions and sometimes get off subject a lot lol which I honestly enjoy, normally ending in an interesting story and adding a lot of comic relief.(I did really love the Austin powers reference *I love gold* I actually lol’d) You guys are doing a great job!! I wouldn’t worry so much about messing up or stuttering. the podcast is a good podcast because its relatable. Keep up the current events and the good work. Since I’ve started listening, I’ve been considering having a game night too with the people I love so thanx
Loved it
Overt sent me :p
One of the best podcasts out. I really enjoy the show!
Hey honestly I really thought this podcast is good, it has a little bit of everything. I enjoyed it and actually I would of never heard this podcast If it weren't for overtflow. Keep it up guys.
I want to win advanced warfare from overflow
I actually watched it goooood podcast btw
The audio is kinda off ,but i listened to it cause my brother told me too. Super funny guys and definitely helped me decide whether or not to buy zombiecide 😁
You guys are really funny! Overtflow sent me and I love it!
Hey! I listened to the podcast. cool.
But you guys are too
i believe damon was talking about carol,noob.great show guys
I love this podcast so much that I want to finger nail polish paint it!! Keep up the great work guys!!!
You guys are really funny.
You guys are really funny. I enjoyed listening to you guys while driving to work. Can't wait to hear your next one. Keep up the great work! P.s - I agree, that Christmas is way too hyped up. The Christmas musc needs to start in December not November!!