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Keep up the great work John, I fully support the BFT and what you do in Portland. Helping us get through some difficult times and I appreciate you showing up every day with the truth.
Talk about an overgrown ego. You’re a hack sports writer in Portland, act like it. Be thankful you have that job, stop making everything about you.

By 5_0_3
Thanks for keeping the show going despite all the craziness lately. I work swing shift at a grocery distribution center and start every day with this pod. Definitely helps me get through the day especially with the crazy hours I’ve been working this last week . Once again thank you for keeping the content coming love the show!
I enjoy the podcast, but miss the break out segments
Recently it appears the shorter pods from the show with just a segment or a guest have gone away - was really liking to be able to listen to interviews I’m interested in without navigating through the whole show. Would love to see these return, thanks!
I miss the individual interviews broken out. I don’t have time to listen to the whole show but still want to listen to important smaller pieces.
I was first drawn to this podcast by the individual guest mini podcasts & wouldve rated this a 5 star. Lately though, it’s just been a single/full podcast w all guests, with at most one individual mini podcast. Don’t have time/interest to listen to all guests so I’ve stopped listening. Please go back to posting the per-guest mini podcasts. Or, at least post info on when each guest comes on so I can go directly to those time spots
I really enjoying listening to the show via the Podcast platform. Have been listening for the past 5 years. Love John’s interviews. Would enjoy more Blazer talk. Keep up the great work.
Love the interviews. Love the unpredictable questions. Tracy


Self promoting braggart that re-hashes what everyone else has already talked about....if that’s your thing you’ll love the show!
Different kind of sports show. Not filled with grandstanding and BS hot takes. Just the truth. Also every time you subscribe a college student from Alabama gets a free ride on an e-scooter.
John does a good job being entertaining and talking about life on the show. Somehow he talks about northwest sports without making me depressed and I don’t even agree with him much of the time. He helps me think about my teams and life. AA does a far better job than John and she is a student. Good show.
John, I am a Washington Husky fan living in the Seattle area, but have to say that I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts over these past 2 years since I first found you prior to the 2016 Washington - Oregon game. Your style is refreshingly through provoking, and I very much enjoy the wide range of topics and guests (especially enjoy Alliotti) that you regularly feature. Thank you for the high quality of your podcasts that have made being stuck in Seattle traffic so much more enjoyable. Keep up the great work you've been doing. Gary


Alabama Adrianna you rock
John Canzano is the best radio show host in Portland. I like the way he shares his personal life and human interest stories. John Truly cares about people and that comes through on the air. The Insight from Alabama Adriana on different topics is a nice layer to the show. Thank you John and Adriana!
I never miss. Especially enjoy the interviews... my favorite part. Podcaster does a particularly great job. Thanks to all who listen.
Great show and with the Podcasts there’s no commercials which makes it so nice... also no crying kids in the car
Listen almost daily live and podcasts when I miss a program. JC excellent interviewer. Interesting stories and interviews about sports and life. Always worth the listen.
He's got opinions, and for that, I love the show! Blunt, authentic, and whether you agree or not, I always learn something new listening to Canzano. Alamaba Adrianna adds a great touch as well! Highly recommented!
Local dude talks about family and sports. Give him a listen.


Love this show. Listen every day, wall-to-wall. Highly recommend 10/10


John is awesome and ally’s amazing!!!! I love 💕 the show
I enjoy this show far more than other sport shows. It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to listen through a hose that gives honest/professional opinions on local sports teams and isn’t just a homer that claims each local team is the greatest in their respective league. He also remains very relatable to the audience and seems to be receptive when he hears opinions that may differ from his when the other person politely makes their case. Couldn’t be happier from noon to 3pm. -JOHN from Wilsonville
Not the same old sport interview, with the same standard answer work hard win 1 game at a time don't win the turnover battle you get the idea 6its refreshing!!
So many pointless questions just taking up time... how can Oregon sports have such a mediocre production? Oh, and it will download the same segment several times (probably helps ratings, that's how douchy this podcast come off as being).
I enjoy listening to John Canzano. His opinions, guests and pace of the show is entertaining and innovative. He helps me trudge through my day while driving to work.