Crack the Customer Code

Reviews For Crack the Customer Code

Adam & Jeannie, hosts of the Crack the Customer Code podcast, highlights all aspects of customer service and more in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful information and advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Adam, Jeannie and their guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content on how to effectively grow your business by championing your customer. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to Crack the Customer Code if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to build a brand customers flock to (and reach your overall business goals as a result)!
I've found this podcast SO valuable that I had to stop listening during my commute to work. I have a 2 hour round trip drive and found myself wanting to take notes and write down ideas. I would either forget my thought by the time I arrived and couldn't figure out a good handsfree way to capture them. So many good thought starters!
I tuned in for the first time this evening. With the inauguration of our new US President just days away, I decided to tune into your 11/17 podcast "Election Day". You hit the nail on the head in so many ways. I love Jeannie's comment that if you think neutral = good, that's a recipe for disaster. Don't miss that neutral group the lies between the loyal customer and the complainers. This most recent election is a perfect example of why that group is so important! Great stuff, Adam & Jeannie. Keep up the good work!
So thrilled that Adam and Jeannie highlight such valid topics such as change! I appreciated being reminded of the 4 stages of change. The inteviews are perfect length and get right to the actionable steps on how to keep the loyaly of customers. Cara Faith-Interview Valet
And Adam and Jeannie take a serious subject and inject humor into it. Their conversations are filled with nononsense tips and stories about customer service that can help every business improve. I highly recommend you listen and subscribe.
Well done and enjoyable podcast
Insightful and entertaining. Give it a go and you are sure to pick up something useful. Jeannie and Adam are excellent. They keep it moving while providing great advice about today's consumers.
These two are great hosts. They provide great information in each episode and choose really interesting guests. Great show!
Adam and Jeannie are amazing hosts offering practical insight for anyone looking to create great customer experiences. Their podcast is informative and entertaining. Definitely worth listening to!
Adam and Jeannie crack up as they crack the code about customers, and the rapport is entertaining and educational. Love the energy and all the wonderful guests on this show. Subsribe! Definitely. #RockHot! ~Jayme (of course)
Jeannie and Adam are more than just customer experience experts, they’re insightful and empathetic people. This podcast is a testament to just how much they “get it.” If you have customers or provide any type of service, you should be listening to this religiously.
I enjoy listening to Adam and Jeannie. They have interesting guests and share such great perspectives and best practices on customer experience.
Great Podcast offering excellent insight for business leaders and/or anyone else interested in doing a better job for their customers!
Thanks Jeannie and Adam for putting out a podcast we can all learn from. Topics span industries and give us something we can all take with us to our next customer interaction.
This is a very insightful podcast focusing on how to best serve your customers. There hasn't been one broadcast that I haven't said "a ha! I need to implement this!" Good stuff!
This podcast is a MUST LISTEN if you have or deal with customers in your business. Adam and Jeannie deliver relevant, important, and even funny information all related to customer experience. I cannot wait to hear more!
Adam & Jeannie, Thanks for doing what you do. One of my favorite sayings is, "Thank you for showing us what not do!". Which is exactly the situation in the scenario you shared about the CEO that doesn't involve him/herslf in the customer experience. The next chapter of that scene is when the CEO just doesn't understand why the buisness is failing. Whether you are a salesperson, inventory person, accountant, IT or even the CEO if what you do on the daily basis doesn't impact the customer and the customer experience you are quietly cracking the foundation of your business. You can have a fantastic product, great benefits for the employees, pretty "adjectives" that make your business fun but if you don't rap that into focusing on the customer your competitors will and you will be asking what happend as you are closing the doors. Thanks again & keep it up!
A well rounded podcast, bringing a new speaker for each show, led by skilled customer experience experts in Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek. Great lessons shared, take a listen!
Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek (friends and colleagues) have put together a fresh program on customer experience. It’s fun. It’s focused. And it will help you make the experience at your business better. They tell stories and balance smart guests with a light vibe. Two thumbs up!
Great topics and conversation on issues that can translate to any industry.
Finally a podcast that deals specifically best practices in Customer Experience. Two sharp hosts and some great discussion. I found this podcast to be a great practical guide to the front lines of recruiting and retaining customers.
If you have customers you should be listening to this podcast. Two smart guests, with lots of great advice and info — these two are pros!