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Burningman seems to change people, it just does. When we return to the default world of reality, a lot of us long for the days dancing in the dust! Burner podcast is a valuable resource for those who want to know more, or simply re-live magical desert moments! Thank You! to the whole team @burnerpodcast but especially Arash. I eagerly await every episode. ❤️+🔥= )’(
Mr. Arash hosts a thought provoking experience that peers into, if not kicks the door down on all things Burning Man. As a 10 time burner, I’ve been so thoroughly impressed but not at all surprised at the amount of insight the podcast provides. From delving into the 10 principles, to chats with theme camp leaders, non-burners will leave with a better understanding of what goes down on playa. Playa veterans will undoubtedly appreciate listening to Arash’s witty take on the process of discovering the burn that you need. Love the post-podcast music set too. Great show buddy! -hotrod
I can for music and instead got nothing but talk radio. Not for me; maybe you would like it, who knows?
Awesome podcast!
Arash has an easy going manner and he let's the interview go where it will. Get on the ride and see where it takes you. Oh the places you'll go.
This podcast is important to the culture of burning man. Listen and learn a thing or two about what the hell is going on out there in the dust. Props to the host and crew for providing this to the world.
What a great podcast! So much info!
What a wonderful representation of our diverse community! I really appreciate the breadth of topics and never-ending enthusiasm for “Burner culture”. I always learn something knew and remember something old, which brings a smile to my face.
This is an excellent way to dive deeper into Burning Man in a candid, honest, open, and fun way! It helps keep Burning Man going long after you leave the playa
I’ve learned about so many different things both on and off playa from Arash and his guests. I love the variety of topics and how the passion I hear. Thanks for keeping me connected to home!
Honestly this is the one podcast that I sometimes wake up on the first week of the month excited because I know another episode is coming this week. I may be bias, but as a San diegan native stuck in the Bay, and a burner who loves to get dirty and build things, this makes me homesick for both places. Many of the stories and people are around my old youth and young adult stomping grounds. This podcast does a fantastic job of capturing that “burner” feel I find myself craving more and more after my first burn. This podcast inspired me to bring my first fairly large art project to the playa this year, as well as Get involved in what other people are building. The DJ set at the end is always awesome and the podcast seems to even run on burner time (uploading on Thursday instead of weds, but it actually adds to it in a way) I also credit it with letting me know about youtopia, I want to attend this year and will plan visiting my parents around those dates 😂😂😂😂. Keep it up
From the intro, to the horse with no name song, to all the beautiful guests, I can't love this podcast anymore. I LOVE every. single. episode. My favorite podcast by farrrr.