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Thoughtful, smart, wicked clever, excellent fart jokes!!
This is a hilarious show filled with in-depth knowledge of a tumultuous period of history known ONLY as the Age of Heroes. The modern dialogue translated into these historical circumstances is awesome and I for one am so happy I get to listen to this. Right on!
Would be a good show, but they fun of Jesus. So no thank you.
Totally worth the $5 a month for this podcast. These guys are both absolutely hilarious and run the show in true Aussie fashion, horrifying PC Americans while making everyone else’s day. Ray and Cam are two jokers, but despite that they are still extremely in depth and informative. Haven’t liked a podcast this much since the history of Rome. 5 stars.
So much of history has been encapsulated into tiny digestible taglines ("Napoleon was a tyrant", "Caesar was too ambitious", "The North won the Civil War, then Carbetbaggers usurped Reconstruction until the First World War let the US become a world power", "Castro was an evil socialist", etc.) that it is utterly refreshing to hear the DETAILS of something for a change -- the actual sequence of events, unencumbered by the instinct to assess or summarize or "cut to the chase", but instead letting the stories unfold in whatever direction they actually go, and to be okay with them going there. And to have the stories entertainingly told -- with engaging asides, drill-downs, and modern parallels thrown in for good measure, not to mention eighties music and lovingly juvenile humor -- that makes it all the more sweet! I frankly credit Cam for this. Ray has a pleasant demeanor, it's true, and a real interest in history, yes, but, like so many, his brain rushes to summarize. Cam, on the other hand, likes to savor the details, for it is in the details that we break out of the straitjacket of the taglines. Neitzsche once lamented that the Old Testament, while full of passages as grand as the greatest of the Greek epics, was ruined for him (among many other reasons!) because the chroniclers had turned the great history of the Jewish kings into a tediously reductionist tale of who was merely "good" or "bad" in the sight of the Lord (i.e., basically, in the partisan opinion of the priestly editors). Most thankfully, this podcast avoids such problems, but instead takes on the whole legacy of the Alexandrian era, knowing enough to tell the backstory (Philip II, etc.) in some detail, then telling Alexander's story in great detail and without judgment, then tracing the legacy of the successors into the decades and centuries following. This podcast is not everyone's cup of tea, but for me it is a highly refreshing swim in a great historical sea.
I have been listening to Ray and Cam starting from the Life of Caesar podcast. The guys, especially Cam put a tremendous amount of research on every episode, and it's just joy to listen to them. I'm listening to "Life of Alexander The Great" podcast along with Arrian's "Alexander the Great" and Philip Freeman's book with the same title. Of all three, I enjoy listening to this podcast as you can't just get bored listening to those guys. The language, the jokes, especially "Thank you Christians," the music - everything is pure class. There have been days I listened 3-4 hours, but that's nothing considering Ray and Cam do the talking 3-4 hours on top of their preparation time. Arrian says that Alexander was upset and thought that Achilles was lucky to have Homer to proclaim and celebrate his life. If he only knew that Cam and Ray are coming after 2300 years...
CANNOT RECOMMEND MORE HIGHLY. Remember what it was like the first time you fell in love? Dreambound in class, mumbling to yourself on the tram. Arriving home out of sorts and grinning. So wild with imagination that you found yourself stripping down naked -- lying on top of your sheets sweating all night. This has been my life since starting the show. Grades are slipping, bedspread needs washing. But nothing compares. Thank you, both. PS: I've started using the phrase I WANT TO DRILL DOWN ON THIS constantly. Its a real hit at parties.
Best Podcast that has anything to do with HIstory!!!! Follow the other podcasts!
I'd like to improve on Ray's lame attempt at a Macedonian marching song. Here's a ditty I'm sure Alexander's phalanxes would sing. Grasp your sarissa with the right hand and your crotch with the left and sing along... This is my sarissa This is my sword I use this when I fight And this when I'm bored
Great show, alot like the Ceasar show but with more music!
Best podcast ever fellas! Thanks for bringing ancient history and some of its major players to life in such a detailed, hilarious and wicked smart way. Ray and Cam are the podcast duo equivalent to peanut butter and jelly!
This is a very entertaining and informative podcast. If you’re expecting straightforward history then this is not for you. Ray and Cameron have great chemistry, and it shows as the show plays like 2 friends discussing a shared passion of history. They can get off topic on occasion, but that’s part of the charm of this podcast. 10/10
Cam and Ray bring their entertaining style from their Life of Caesar and Augustus to the life of Alexander the Great. What makes this podcast extra special is that they spend a lot of time discussing Alexander’s father Philip of Macedon who usually gets overlooked. Yet, Alexander’s exploits are made much more understandable after knowing how his father Philip subdued Greece. There is a lot racy humor and bad pop songs which you will enjoy if you lighten up. Some of Cam’s humor and viewpoints are not for uptight Puritan ideologues but even these types will learn a lot of great history here if they loosen up a bit. You want to learn some history and have a few good laughs then pay for this podcast since you pay a lot more for the vast wasteland of Satellite Radio.
To paraphrase: "I'm not afraid of a Podcast that rumbles,rambles and meanders for the sake of a good story and recounting of history; I'm afraid of a podcast that relies on a formulaic recitation of staid, boring and dreary historical facts. The one, two punch of Ray and Cam are anything but staid, boring and dreary...
I gotta say I really like the intro music. Great soundtrack. Now if we could get more of that and less of Cam's favorite hits that would be nice. I really like this show. However, the same problems that plagued the Life of Caesar show plague this one. The political rants and random music get annoying and the humor gets to be 5th grade level sometimes. Don't get me wrong I still love it, there's just some minor annoyances.
If hilarious historical commentary and labored puns- followed by music right out of a Richard Simmons workout video- are your cup of tea, which they should be, then this is very much the podcast for you! Journey once more with Ray and Cam to the mystical East, saving quite a bit on travel expenses to Persepolis, as they track the campaigns of one of history's most fascinating figures. It has been said that historians often overestimate the importance of "great men" in history, ignoring the more vital sociopolitical forces that set the stage for their rises and falls; yet, in the case of Alexander, the very image of greatness that he codified became a sociopolitical force in itself. Who better to tackle such a man and such a legend than two legends of crass historical podcasting, Cam Reilly and Ray Harris Jr. By no means a cliff-notes account, our masters of ceremonies actually go to the trouble of citing their sources, a practice which is helpful for those who wish to do further reading. My only complaint is that, on entering Egypt, our hosts did not play the song "Africa," by Toto. Still, it's not too late; worst case scenario, they can play it for the Augustus show!
Not nearly the quality of the Ceaser Podcast. For example not a mention of the indo-european origins of the Spartans or Athenians when they spend 50 minutes on their origins. Pathetic. Overall a decent podcast. Worth 5 dollars? Depends. I love these guys but man they need to nut up or shut up. All I will say....
Oh boy, don't know if I can match up to some of the witty and ... blunt reviews left and read during the show before, but here we go: The Life of Alexander the great came and went. Years passed, and dull history teachers came into the classroom and made school children wish they were anywhere but in the class. Anywhere else at all, no matter where that may be! After being snapped out of the la-la land of day dreaming, children found themselves hitting their heads against the desks in boredeom. "PLEASE! Oh, lord END THE DAY! Let me go HOOOOOOME!" Alexander the Great went from a world-changing and inspiring young general who accomplished more by the age of his death than many could ever wish to accomplish in 32 life times (get it?), who inspired masses of men to take on THE PERSIAN EMPIRE, to a bunch of dull and opressive text that filled up 10 pages in a history book. Children would go on to hate the man for taking away a beautiful sunny day that could be spent outside... perhaps the history book could make a good cover for sneaking in a comic book in class? AND THEN! RAY HARRIS AND CAMERON REILLY were summoned from the Netherworlds by Alexander's greeeeeeeeeeeeat descendents. What for? To make the long-deceased ancestor as exciting, alive, and FUN to follow as when he has breathed on this Earth. The journey with Alexander starts with his Father, and when learn about Philip lied, used great military strategies, lied, used great diplomatic skills, lied, and then brought all of Greece (well, Sparta...) into the first United Nations of the world! Well... the city-states/civilization that mattered. Who cared about the outer world? A bunch of brutes who spoke "baa baa" anyway! These two part-time historians and part-time comedians (it seems that Cameron may also be a full-time DJ) manage to make Alexander interesting! So LISTEN UP! To all of you drained students who have had your souls sucked out by boring history classes, replenish your youth and happiness through learning history the right way! You will also learn many things about out-dated 70's and 80's pop culture, hear LONG but insightful rants about America, and learn about Ray's battles with snakes, basement floods, and perhaps one hore sized duck (as opposed to 100 duck sized horses, both species are native to Australia) At the end, it's like a long acid trip, as well as a fun college course into the Great General! You will come out of this program dazed and confused, but also a smarter citizen of the world. It looks like Alexander's reputation has been redeemed, the summoning was a success, and we all win!
Ray and Cam, the hosts of the Life of Caesar podcast, have struck gold here. Though their Midas Touch precludes their self-pleasure, they provide a lot of funny bone stroking for their listeners. But this podcast is so much more than just a combination of history and humor. The hosts provide modern context for the events discussed, and spirited discussion of current politics (some of which is a bit nutty, but entertaining nonetheless). They also provide great life advice, including tips on how to seduce a woman. Whether you take the Cam approach (Blackbird her then go downtown) or take the Ray approach (take her to a Rod Stewart concert and let Rod provide audible foreplay) your loins and brains will benefit from their rich insights. Thanks for a great podcast guys. My Labienus will ache with longing once the Life of Caesar podcast is done, but the Alexander podcast will march on. Manlius Glandius Maximus
I listen to the free episode. To say it's not worth the money the want is being kind. Guts if your going to charge for a podcast the give us some content. The hour plus first show had maybe 10 to 15 minute of historical data the rest was humorous but not worth $5 a month. You want to charge for that then give us content.
A suprisingly informative and well researched history podcast. This is especially true since one of the two hosts is a drunk who apparently does no research, and the other is some kind of 9/11 truther from New Zealand or something. Seriously though, the Napolean podcast was the podcast that got me into history podcasts. In fact after history of rome I wasn't seeing anything particularly interesting and went back to re-listen to Napolean. It was there that I saw the announcement of Life of Ceasar. Life of Ceasar started a bit dry, but after a few episodes it transformed into the foul mouthed, free form, juggernaut that makes it required listening. Ceasar and Alexander are well researched history shows, where the hosts riff on a topic by drawing out modern parallels. The best bits are the re-enactments, where we see the world through the eyes of what is very often just an average joe, trying to cope with the abdurdity of the situation unfolding around him. We caught whiffs of this sardonic take on the ancient world in History of Rome, but Ray and Cam have taken it to whole new level. They haven't created another history podcast, they have redefined the genre. It is worth both your time, and your money. Looking forward to Augustus.
Can't say enough about this and the Life of Caesar podcasts! Every waking moment that I'm not at work or sleeping is filled with the voices of these two fellas. I'm not sure what I would do if the Christians found out where Cam lived & helped him meet his maker or if Ray ever lost a battle to one of his mighty yard snakes. Just today, I was on my way to "drop the kids off at the pool" but suddenly realized I had left my iPhone & iPad in the car. Without a second thought, I deemed it necessary that I run outside to retrieve them before doing the deed. Plus, Ray & Cam are the only men I've ever allowed to join me in the shower...and I'm paying them to do it. Keep up the great work! If it wasn't paid for, I'd donate anyway.
More than money can buy! Great history is about great stories, not just numbers and dates. Cam and Ray have unlocked a treasure chest of the world's greatest stories that have helped shaped our civilization. If you are not plugged into this podcast, you are turning your back to a big part of who you are and where you maybe going! Fresh, fun and fascinating and sometimes a throw back to American Bandstand. Learn, laugh and layback.
Left wing idiot who can't stick to history or reality
This is a great podcast about Philip of Macedon, and his precosious son, Alexander. Ray and Cameron have thoroughly researched their subject, which is why we are 13 episodes in, and just now starting to talk about Alexander. Do you have to pay a few bucks to listen? Yes, but as they remind us on PBS, or NPR, it is no more than the cost of a cup of coffee. Quit being cheap! Pay up some of your coffee money, and subscribe. You won't regret it. While being regaled about Phillip and Alexander, you'll learn about the Greek Gods, politics, and motivations of all the key players while Cameron goes off on tangents, and includes a musical playlist for historical events. It's better than any history class I ever took in college. Give it a listen! You won't regret it.
If you enjoy a history podcast that just regurgitates a textbook... Look elsewhere and keep your opinions(and your review) to yourself! You've been warned! Now if you enjoy a fun lighthearted discussion that will bring you to tears occasionally look now further!!! Hours and hours of historical and hysterical fun. I love these guys and you should listen to all their podcasts!
Give The Life of Caesar podcast a listen and if Cam's informative yet left-leaning tangents combined with Ray's tales of snake-slaying are too much of a distraction, this isn't the history podcast for you. If you enjoy your history with a healthy dose of humor and the occasional anecdote to relating to modern times, you won't be disappointed.
Dear Ray and Cam, After listening to neither a single episode of the WW2 nor the Napoleon podcasts, I have concluded that this is your best work yet. Informative, funny, and well-researched, what we have here is an instant classic. Cameron, as a mixed-race, socially liberal millenial, I find your rants on the hypocracy of modern Christianity and on the years of blatant killing all over the world by the American Empire accurate and hysterical. However, I myself am also subject to the occasional stereotype, and I wrongly assumed that due to your stupid-sounding Australian accent you had been killing all of your brain cells at the bar every night and had a limited capacity for brain power! I assumed that because you know so much about Caesar, Alexander and current events, there could not possibly have been enough room left over for the ability to play chess. So when I challenged you to a game, I was caught quite off guard by your swift victory, and by the victory following the first game as well. I admit that you are the better player! Ray, your voice sounds the way warm honey tastes, and this show would be nothing without you. Your American and thus far superior brain is filled with interesting (and very detailed) accounts of every step of the journey. Great show!
Ray and Cam have done it again!! They've hit podcast gold with their Caesar Podcast. Now it appears that they have done much of the same for Alexander The Great. These are two of my favorites from Ancient History. I love the Caesar Podcast and now I can't wait to dig into the Alexander Podcast. Ray and Cam play off of each other well, making the podcasts easy to listen too. I like how they make fun of the history, historical figures and themselves. I also like the connections they make between the ancient world and our current modern world. Keep up the great work!! I'd give them 10 stars if I could.
Prior to listening to this podcast, my life was incomplete. I cannot fully articulate my completness after hearing these two gentlemen educating and entertaining me with their witty banter and informative storytelling. Nothing satisfies my excitement (and dissatisfies my cardiologist) than the release of another episode.
I been entertained by Cam's non-traditional yet extremely entertaining story telling since his Napoleonic days. I am a huge fan of history and enjoy listening to a "normal human" discussing a complex historical figures in a non-traditional academic manner. Ray is a welcome addition, adding much needed gravitas to Cam's charm. I have been loving their collaboration on Caesar's podcast and have listened to episode 1 of Alexander Magnus and I expect nothing less for this new endeavor.
Cam and Ray have a future as stand up comedians if this whole podcast thing does not work out. I hope they stick around though. History gets a bad rep as a subject to study because of bad teachers. I was fortunate enough to have good ones. But most people don't get good teachers. If most people took Western Civilization through these two it would be everyone's favorite subject!
Cameron and Ray have done it again, with a great History Podcast in the same format as the Life of Caesar Podcast. Their research, insight, commentary format and hilarious injections make them the true Benchmark in Podcasting. The "Life of Caesar Podcast" is without a doubt the most entertaining and informative Podcast thier is and I am sure this will be a repeat with Alexander. These guys put a lot of effort into these Episodes, and Alexander is worth every peeny. They are punctual with thier Podcast Episodes and I check evrey day for the next one, as I cant wait to listen. Life of Caesar is FREE..and I encourage everyone that listens to support these guys with some $$, so we can all enjoy future shows and help them make this thier full time jobs. The Life of Caesar Podcast has changed my life for the better, which most people dont understand when I tell them this, but it is TRUE. You will Learn and Retain so much that you will be quoting facts, events, new words, phrases and knowlege, that your friends will either think you went back to school or are just plain LOCO. Do yourself a favor and listen, learn and be greatly entertained all at the same time for a very very reasonable price.


Question: What's better than an in-depth history podcast? Answer: An in-depth history podcast that tosses around charming vulgarity. Their Caesar podcast is already awesome. Alexander seems, even in the early stages, to surpass expectations. Kudos!!
These gentlemen are witty and pretty and very gay friendly. If they follow the pace of their other shows; this podcast is bound to be a wonderfully twisted commentary on the history of Alexander.
...podcast to know I'm gonna love it. I already listen to Caesar and WWII podcast so I know what I'm in for. Can't wait to get started on Alexander The Great. Awesome! Mark L.
Cameron and Ray got together first with Life of Caesar and it was love at first sight. They work great together as a couple of guys who make learning about their topic fun, but informative. Now they are taking on Alexander and all I am looking forward to more and more. The rest of the series requires a subscription, but if you enjoy laughing and learning, then this is the podcast for you.
The first of many stories on the subjet matter of Mr. Alexander, the title Great as you will learn does not show up in wrighting untill after the Greeks burthed the clitorius(we will find out more of this mysterious man/woman/thing or alien in the future). This podcast is liberaly lubed up by Cameron and Ray mixed with spell binding jokes and or freudian slips. Truth be told you in the end be asking why am i giveing theses guys 5 bucks a month and or wondering if you need to drug test yourself. But threw it all Ray and Cam spell out what there is to know given the sourses just fine for me.(wake up call will sound but not need so brace your chaps) If you are looking for a wild ride on the Greek side, this podcast is for you. I find more than enough value in my 5 bucks a month and will up my amount as soon as I can. On behalf of Ray and Cam who have devoted so much to entertaining us all over the years I ask you this, "what is the best nation in the world?",,,,,,Not America dummy the correct answer is donation! So please help out Ray and Cam!, and if you do they will blow you kisses(greek ones so i learned means on almost any body part they picked it up from the Persans) on air if you do:)