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This podcast helped coach me into my first job in UX and I’m SO excited you guys are back! This is by far the best design podcast out there!
Just a couple of wise guys chatting about design, except that they also know stuff! Sadly the series is no longer in production. Wherever you are, GSD guys!
Found your podcast as I’m going into interviews trying to better articulate my design process. I love your guyses conversational style and the way you share informed and humble takes on key design principles. Keep em coming!
I love this show since I started learning UXUI not so long ago. But recently the show seems stop for a while....I'm guessing because life got too busy for the hosts. Anyway, still looking forward to hearing the podcast continue. Great job!
Love this podcast! So much great design knowledge, thoughts and laughs.
This is by far my favorite design podcast where I learn so much. I love how they bring examples of apps, and I can easily visualize what they're talking about.
I get so much great info from every episode. Super interesting and practical information for product designers. Listening to this podcast has made me better at my job. Thanks for all the great content!
I love that they get pretty much right to business and don’t have hardly any extraneous chit-chat or go down rabbit holes. Their podcasts are always so organized and honest. Thanks for all the solid tips, stories, and advice guys.
Chris and Jonathan's knowledge about the industry is vast! They know everything there is to know about the UX design industry. Oftentimes they give insights on the show based on their past years working at various companies, from startups to bigger companies. An entertaining show!
I really like how you guys talk about design principles and then discuss it further by bringing up real life examples and how designers could apply them. I learn a lot from you guys! Keep it up.
Love these guys. I learn a lot from them and at the same time they have a very warm personality :)
Design Review is one of my favorite podcasts regarding design and UX! I'm quite new to the field, but I find the information really useful and entertaining. I've listened to quite a few design podcasts, but Design Review is one of the few I keep coming back to. Please keep making content and maybe even bring in more guest speakers for interviews or analyze different design products! Keep up the awesome work guys!
This podcast has been very helpful to listen to. The hosts do a good job of not taking themselves too seriously while at the same time providing very helpful and concrete insight into the sometimes amorphous world of design.
I'm a backend/security developer with a burgeoning interest in design and UX. Chris and Jonathan make complex topics digestible. Friendly and inuitive software is kind of missing from the field of security, and I hope to make use of their advice in my work going forward. Great show guys!
Love the content! You can really sink your teeth in it. There's meat, it's not all high level and generalizations. I also really love how they get right into the topic and don't spend a lot of time chit chatting about randomness.
As a designer, I enjoy listening to these guys. Less bs and more relevant ux discussions. Keep it up!
Searching for design podcast I found this ones, and is pretty cool, nice job guys. Very good topics and talks for designers that are working in the field or even the ones who want to learn more about it
Entertaining and in depth discussions on product design and user experience. Hosts, Chris and Jonathon, are a dynamic duo that cover many UI topics such as A/B Tests, Forms, No UI, and more. Recommended for anyone wanting to smile while learning interactive design.
Been looking for a podcast just like this. Chris and Jonathan tackle real world UX issues. Great back and fourth conversation, it’s like having a UX team of your own. I would give the podcast 10 stars if I could!


Good but I may be biased.
I am recently enaging into this field. I have been a web designer and a wordpress dev for a long time and i was loooking for materails and resrouces on the web to listen during my drive to work. The articles and things that you discussed on this podcast has been very helful to me and I am greatly blessed and keep up the good work guys.
I've been listening to all kinds of design related podcasts during my 1-hour commute every morning. So far this is the most helpful, yet most entertaining one! I have to say, NOT BORING AT ALL. Very conversational and inspiring. A lot of the topics covered are problems I deal with frequently at work. Lots of great insights and practical suggestions. Awesome job guys!
Anyone who loves good UX or is interested in UX will love this podcast. Jonathan and Chris are super down-to-earth, they are easy to listen to, easy to relate to, and easy to learn from. I’ve learned a lot and found a lot of great resources from this podcast. Beginners and pros alike will appreciate the reliability and humor this, and find it helpful to improving their work day-to-day.
One of my go-to-podcasts! Chris & Jonathan give great advice, from specifics in technique to general career advice. I'd definitely recommend for any UX/UI designers, or designers in general! Plus, these guys are super engaged and approachable with their audience via twitter, etc. Love that!
When I discovered Design Review on Podcast, I can't help listening to it everytime when I drive to work. I like the way they discussing different design topics. It's very casual but to the point. I also recommended it to my designer friends. Try it, you won't regret!
Great series that discusses real-world design topics balanced by relatable industry humor. Keep up the awesome work!
Jon and Chris bring fun and lighthearted banter about design. I look forward to each episode and highly recommend the show!
I've listened to two episodes so far and really enjoyed them both. If you enjoy the company of two unpretentious designers, this is the podcast for you.
Insightful, professional and entertaining. I highly recommend!
I consider myself a podcast snob and listen to many design podcasts. Design Review is done very well and keeps my interest throughout. If you are interested in design definitely give it a listen.
There are other design podcasts out there, but I find that they focus too much on ‘what it’s like to be a designer’ rather than topics that are actually important to designers. This podcast is friendly and approachable, but gets right to the point. These two clearly know what they’re talking about, and their insight is often thought provoking, even for professionals in the field.
An important part of UX is the conversations and back-and-forth designers have with each other and themselves. These guys do an excellent job of just that. Each episode is a bit different from principles to app-UX breakdowns. It’s also useful because, as I’m usually a team of one, I don’t get these conversations in the office. Thoughtful. Funny. Pertinent.
Have been binge listening to these since I found them. Really enjoy the overall design comments, if you are a UX/UI person I recommend you try it!
Loving this so far. Good length, nice combination of variety and structure, well-organized, solid design insights.
Jonathan and Chris' insights on design and UX are on point and they carry an entertaining dynamic throughout each episode. Their discussions get you thinking about how to design friendly and intuitive software products.
Solid show! Chris and Jonathan do a good job of picking apart apps and giving an honest critique.