Reviews For The Trash Twins

Katie and Sarah do a great job of covering a wide variety of subjects including Giallo films, Frank Miller, and Milo Manara among others. So what're you doing still reading this? Go ahead and hit that subscribe button, grab a glass of wine, and prepare to be entertained and enlightened.
Similar to the other podcasts in the Factual Opinion Family (Comic Books are Burning in Hell, Travis Bickle on The Riveria), Trash Twins is an excellent podcast built on the passion and knowledge of its hosts. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Horrocks (two talented artists in their own rights) monthly examine the fringes of film and comics. Episodes have covered a variety of subjects from Giallo to Abel Ferrara to Eurocomix and manga to a comprehensive critival overview of the Resident Evil film franchise. With great insight and wit, the host provide a valuable and entertaing podcast.