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I laugh SO much listening to the adventure zone that I get weird looks from my family. And with that the story captivates me and I enjoy trying to figure out the puzzles before the brothers do. Thanks McElroy’s!! There are some bad reviews out there, those are WRONG. I suggest this to everyone! Even if they don’t like D&D
(Spoiler alert) The hero villain stuff I loved how at first it seemed normal but then you made it have meaning with grey it was awesome but one critique that mind control stuff never went anywhere so try not to that
Graduation is such a sloppy, hollow mess that I can’t even go back and listen to Balance because Travis’s voice now grates me. Railroading, convoluted plot, meandering pacing, the smug condescending tone he speaks in, and uncomfortable sequences like college kids showing backwards savage centaurs that their beliefs are wrong, forcing the Firbolg to lie, and forcing a romance onto Fitzroy when he’s clearly not interested. This is just overwhelmingly bad. If this was a podcast by a bunch of nobodies it would be completely ignored and it only has listeners because of the Adventure Zone brand. I hope they do some deep consideration of the many, many criticisms they’ve gotten about Grad before the next season or just call it quits because this is actively hurting their brand.
Love. Love. Love. LOVE this podcast. And I cannot get enough of graduation. Wonderful Dm-ing. Don’t listen to Reddit comments. They’re bitter and flat out wrong. This is worth every listen and re-listen.
“This is sick”-sun tzu
Graduation, their newest campaign, is something that doesn't really seem to know what it wants to be. The pacing is horrible, they aren't really even playing dnd, and the story and NPCs aren't anything to brag about. The world has potential and there are some cool ideas but they all fall flat in their presentation. For me though the biggest thing is its identity. As I refered to earlier, a campaign that doesn't really know what it wants to be. They are playing 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons, yet they play it in such a way that scenes jump from place to place and the players themselves have little authority over the direction of the plot. In times where players try to dictate where the plot heads, they are often shut down. It seems as though the dungeon master is afraid to improv and expand beyond whatever he has scripted beforehand. That is the worst way to play dungeons and dragons and it follows as a listening experience as well. Because of this scripting and resistance to improv, it feels more like it is trying to be something more akin to their last campaign, Amnesty. In which it plays out much more like a TV drama rather than a typical tabletop game. However, even with that, it was still a much better story and the players especially as it went on ended up having a great deal of plot authority. So to put it simply: Graduation is an actual play dungeons and dragons podcast that fails to play like an actual dungeons and dragons campaign and instead tries to be a TV drama. And even in that, it fails.
This is a podcast where some very funny people did some very funny role playing games together. The first few games they did (labelled “Balance” and “Amnesty” were great! And the live shows and other small games are some of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Their most recent project, “Graduation” is a starting to drag and become a pale imitation of what the show used to be. I stay subbed for the live shows, and will update my review if Graduation picks up or if they move on to another big project I can enjoy.
I love you guys so much, I look forward all month to the next episode
The Brothers McElroy and Daddy Clint weave a fun, heartfelt tale of magic and deception complete with battle wagon races, hug bears, spirits inhabiting robots, life sucking liches, jellyfish that can erase memories and the world’s greatest kid detective. And that’s just Arch One! In all seriousness, Arch One, The Balance Arch, may be the greatest fictional podcast achievement to date. Currently on my fourth listen through and still has me in stitches one minute and crying uncontrollably the next. The McElroys use D&D group storytelling to speak out against racism, gender discrimination and many other societal flaws all while creating a world and story that will leave you waiting for Good Thursday (every other week when the pod drops). And luckily, this arch is finished and you can just binge away. They continue on with some experimental mini-series and one-shots before launching more story arch’s with more great characters. Humor and love abound from start to finish. If you like fantasy and/or D&D you’re doing yourself a disservice not listening to this podcast. If D&D rules make no sense to you and you don’t really care, start with episode 1.5 and buckle up for the ride of your life. Also, give Justin grace for the first few episodes while he nails down Taako’s voice, it’s totally worth it in the end!
Both Travis and griffin are such good storytellers I can’t even put it into words
Great story telling and goofy as heck. Clint rules, wish I could get my daddy into dnd.
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts. Like, A LOT of podcasts, but I’ve never written a review. However, this show is simply in a league of its own. It has beautiful storytelling, and acting better than a lot of Hollywood movies. Hats of to the McElroys
I may not have ever played DnD, but if you are a gamer, you’ll get it and you’ll VERY much enjoy this podcast and laugh sooo very much!!! I have already spent over 3 days of my life (in hours listening 74) on this awesome family playing a game and I’ve loved every minute! If you love games and laughing, you can’t lose!!!
ggggg taz is highkey my favorite piece of media? like. its actually been really helpful to my life and it helped me do things like: Bond With My Family? And It Just Brings Me A Lot Of Joy :3
These brothers and their dad are too good not to listen to! The creativity in which they create their worlds is phenomenal. I’m currently relistening to every episode(halfway through Amnesty) and I still can’t get over how funny yet intricate every piece is. Every campaign is great and worth a listen!!
Balance was purely brilliant! Loved the characters, plot, twists, all of it. I’ve re-listened to it so many times! Although I didn’t love the other seasons as much they were still very entertaining. Glad to see that they went back to DnD for Graduation, I think that’s where they do their best work.
The only thing that has helped me in my transition to college is this very podcast, (specifically TAZ Balance). If I’m ever feeling sad, all I have to do is turn to the McEl-boys and I feel so much better. I’m not caught up with Graduation, but I know that Griffin is such a good storyteller (and so is Travis, stop hating, he is a good boi) and the both of them DM so so well. If you want a funny but meaningful podcast, this is it.
If you have some time, any time listen, to this podcast. Even though this is labeled a comedy, it is SO much more than that. Laugh with the brothers, cry with the brothers, and subscribe to boy cloaks weekly. Ok thanks bye
I actually play D&D and this is a great representation of the fun way to play but I do wish the ad breaks were shorter
Rally love listening to you guys play. I love that you can tell none of it is scripted and y’all just naturally give this game life. Absolutely love it. Keep me coming boys!
Sorry the votes are in grad is the best arc. Lots of people are bummed on it and part of me gets that, it’s different from what we’re used to. However, the strength of imagery, use of sound, interesting characters (with a smaller more personable cast in my opinion), and amount of relatability cements this as my personal favorite and I hope Justin continues to Dm because honestly he is a great story teller — the plot structure is just different from what we’ve seen before, personally I think that’s what is throwing a lot of people off. Don’t let it spook ya stories come in all shapes and sizes!
An adventure podcast (duh) that actually managed to make me interested in Dungeons
graduation is. ending soon hopefully?
They McElroys are hilarious! And I do enjoy that they play by the rule of cool and make an entertaining show. Excellent work! Please consider watching! You will not regret!
I love this podcast it’s my favorite I hope they can keep on makeing this show for a lot longer
Seriously, start at the top and just go through it all.
This podcast is really smart and really, REALLY funny! Even if you never plan on rolling a 20 sided die in your life or reading the AD
You want to know how much I love this podcast? Here I sit, listening to the TAZ soundtrack (other music? What other music?) donating my allowance (oh yeah... I’m really too young to listen to this...) to MaxFun (yes, this is the only podcast on that network I listen to) have rules set up for listening to Amnesty and especially the Balance Finales, (Close the door. Leave all other electronics besides listening device outside. Don’t plan on doing anything else for the rest of the day.) and I’ve listened to all of balance... well... I kinda lost track, but it’s probably in the lower double digits how many times I’ve listened to it. I’ve only been listening for a little over a year, and I didn’t realize podcasts could be religions. Ugh, I really do wish every single person in the planerverse had heard these stories. Can I just say- I really wish the void fish carried through all three stories. It’d be super poetic if all three stories were supposedly conveyed through these awesome fish. I guess it doesn’t really match genre. But... like, who doesn’t love the void fish?! On Graduation: yes, it’s not as funny as early Balance. But these boys are getting older and (somewhat) more mature, you can’t blame them for changing! (Even though we all wish they wouldn’t...) besides, if my campaign were 1/4 as good as Graduation I’d cry with pride. Also. CALLED IT. I KNEW HE WAS THE DOG. I KNEW IT. These boys can do no wrong :) I’ll cry deep, truly mournful tears if they ever stop making this podcast.


Pay your artists.
Thank you you great boys I got recommended this by my friends and it has pretty much completely absorbed my life Griffin is an amazing storyteller and the others are great character actors. The humor is right up my alley, the goods are great, and I love the sweet boys and girls created by these cool brothers and dad. Thank you guys, really.
My brother introduced me to this podcast about a year and a half ago and I'm absolutely in love with it. Keep up the great work guys!!!!!
The McElroys are so endearing when it comes to storytelling and rep!! I’m half way through amnesty and it’s so good so far !! I didn’t think Balance would make me cry, but it did. Dust was so short and it STILL made me cry. The twist ripped my heart out please- The only con is that I don’t have any adventure zone friends to ramble to :((
A whirlwind of emotions no matter what campaign you start with. Truly something for everyone and legitimately the best storytelling from any medium I’ve ever seen. The Russo brothers wish they had what the McElroy’s have
Come for the goofs and stay for the beloved characters and epic adventures!
You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, this show saved my life. It gives me something to look forward to. It gives me a reason to smile. The Adventure Zone helps me laugh through my tears, and it’s truly a work of art. So, thank you. Thank you for giving me purpose, showing me how baller podcasting, voice acting, and d&d is. Thank you for characters that taught me how to love and accept myself. I am forever grateful.
This review is purely for the current season, Graduation (the first 2 seasons, Balance and Amnesty, were fun). As a concept, Graduation has a ton of potential but Travis is a terrible DM. The horrible storytelling, insane railroading, and Travis’ unwillingness to improve and take constructive criticism have led to me unsubscribing and stopping my Max Fun donations.
Easily one of my favorite shows. The family dynamic is wholesome and fun, the characters are awesome, the stories Griffin weaves are captivating (haven’t listened yet to the campaigns the others run), and every episode so far is full of McElroy humor. Fantastically bingeable.
Best podcast that has been and ever will be
This is a great podcast! McElroys and listeners, please come listen to my podcast as well (do not give up on this show) D&D peeps (Craig of Craig’s list is in my most recent campaign too 👍)
I started listening to this as a way to prepare myself for my first D&D campaign. It was a great way to enter such a complicated realm of nerditude. It is also a very effective method to escape all the stress of the covid/political turmoil madness. Worth the listen!
This shows got everything. It’s so good. You’re laughing, you’re crying, you’re laugh crying. I’m so glad I took that leap and started listening.
Just words cannot describe the love I have for these boys 10/10
I listen to this every night to go to bed it brings me a lot of comfort and joy :)
A friend of mine recommended this to me. I hadn't really listened to podcasts much in the past, but I decided to give it a try. Now I listen at work all the time. The only issue is that it sometimes gets difficult to not make a fool of myself laughing.
I am in severe pain I love this podcast so much