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The new Tool album is amazing, and they both thought it was crap. We’re talking about an album that has 5 absolutely incredibly written songs that are each over ten minutes long, but manage to make you think they are too short. The lyrics take on topics such as aging, the domino effect of nations falling to far right governments, and environmentalism. I’m not the type of person to like music because it’s complex, but the playing is absolutely virtuosic. It may not be 10,000 Days, but it’s a logical step forward in their sound, and is an amazingly cohesive album. I normally love this podcast, but this is a definite oversight of pure artwork. Tool will never be called commercial, and that is a good thing. Noah, age 13, Anchorage AK
Standard old whity guy opinions. areviews based on their own expectations for artists instesd of the work itself. Thought this sort of thing became obsolete in the late 90's
Someone called this podcast that recently. I totally disagree with it. Just saw my review from last year and had to say ya are still Slayerrific no matter what haters say.
The Robert Johnson episode was sorely lacking, almost insulting in substance.Rare miss.
Sleeplessness led me to your podcast. Loved it, learned more about the history of R&B, Motown, Marvin Gaye’s artistry, Stevie, and the evolution of the Wah Wah Pedal, had no idea of the name, but recognized the sound. I look forward to finding you again.
The best music podcast out there. They have turned me on to some great bands I never would heard of. Even if an episode features a band I don’t care for, they make it interesting. Jim & Greg are infinitely knowledgeable and informative. I love this show!
There is no better popular music podcast than Sound Opinions. My life is richer with this podcast in my life.
I have always been a full album guy so this is right up my alley. Very thoughtful analysis as always. Great work!
Also this is a great podcast.
Lots of great guests. Good stuff here.
This is no longer a music review podcast. Neo-marxist propoganda under the guise of being a music podcast.
Better than most music review podcasts, but Jim Derogatis might be the most insufferable conceited music critic around.
Knowledgeable, likable hosts and inspired topics make this a podcast not to be missed for music fans.
Jim and Greg do their research and always offer new perspectives on music. This is one of those podcasts that I listen to regularly.
Best music podcast there is
13 years and still going.
They spend way too much time lauding over artists from yesteryear. Artists well past their prime are given positive current reviews based solely on past glory. Musically, I've moved on from high school and college. They should too.
I only listen to this podcast when I run. Thus when the weather is bad, and I am not feeling it, the thought of listening to Jim and Greg gets me out of the door and on the road. They never disappoint.
I’ve lived in Chicago for 4 years and feel weird that I just came across this show a few months ago. I love it :-)
Always listen. It's always good- even when they (mostly Jim) infuriate you. These guys have the passion and the experience. The show is fun and informative.
For a artist to be good according to them they need to be singing about political topics or LGTB rights or female, or racial issue or all the stuff people actually don’t care about. Not every one listen to music to be reminded about how crappy things are. There are better music out there that don’t talk about such issues
Ryan Adams is absolutely awful.
Been listening to this show for years, ever since I lived in Chicago! Jim and Greg are living the dream, thanks for keeping us in the loop.
Mi gusta !
Jim doesn’t understand the genius of Ryan Adams. For me, that means he’s simply too much of a moron about music for me. This would be fine, but he’s a jerk about it.
Jim & Greg know a lot about music. Like most humans they have great taste in music and they have terrible taste in music. Listening to them talk about music can be incredibly gratifying and/or ridiculously annoying. Highly recommended.
Experts on rock, and knowledgeable fans of contemporary rap and pop. I don't think there's a rivalry with the other bit NPR music show, All Songs Considered, but if there is, these guys should win. Also they're good about bringing in diverse perspectives and guests.
This is one of my favorite podcasts
For my money this is the best music podcast. Greg and Jim really know their stuff and their album dissections are always super informative and educational.
It seems that as time goes on they feel the need to make the show political and I've had enough. If I wanted politics I would download a political podcast. I've been listening to Sound Opinions for well over 10 years but now it’s time to say goodbye.
Other than Jim's bizarre hatred of Bowie, most of the hosts' quirks are forgivable. I enjoy the efforts to deal with timely and/or topical issues in the music world.
This is one of the few podcasts that I've listened to religiously for the past five years at least. I don't always agree with Jim and Greg, but I learn about new music and about "old" music that I had never heard before. They have great musical guests and they actually conduct intelligent interviews with interesting questions.
A number of my friends and family are big music fans and I feel like I can never keep up with all the new music they talk about, or at least that's how I felt before I subscribed to Sound Opinions! I'm always impressed with the variety of music they discuss and their insight into lyrics, themes etc. If you're a NPR fan you'll get this- they are like "Click and Clark the Tappet Brothers" reviewing music instead of cars! :)
This is the best podcast about music that I have found. I have been a dedicated listener for years.
Must every episode include some coverage of another new terrible rap "artist?" This would be a great podcast if they would stop covering awful "music" to be p.c.
Keep up the good work!
Viva Sound Opinions!
These guys are seasoned in their music knowledge and have an ability to share it with interesting and compelling storylines and topics. All of sudden the most murky or foreign of topics becomes accessible...for music lovers like me I totally appreciate it! Where else can you have those conversations about music that no one in your regular life understands or cares about? Nowhere....I love that I can download these guys at anytime and they never disappoint.
This is the place I go to find new music. You will hear a bit of everything in depth. Love this show.


Beautifully biased, intelligently discussed and still fun and informative. A key source for music that matters.
My son is a musician / artist and while I loved music before, his choice of occupation caused me to be more curious about the men and women who make the music. From this podcast, I've come to care about music I had never heard of before, have new artists that I purchase music, have an appreciation of the sounds behind the singers (Wrecking Crew, Swampers) as well as the history of the artists and how they came to be who they are. Further, latest music news is always interesting. Best Podcast for Music.
Greg and Jim are great critics. If you're a music fan, casually or obsessively, you'll enjoy this podcast.
My favorite podcast, if you love music you'll love this show.
I love music, I love high-quality podcasts, but I'm skeptical that the two can easily mix well. When I listen to Sound Opinions, they prove that music journalism can be an artistic experience through the earphones. Thank you.
I realize that Sound Opinions is a radio show that needs to follow the rules of the FCC, thus bleeping out profanity. But they should provide an Explicit version of the podcast so adult music fans who aren't easily offended, can listen to the included songs the way the artists intended!
Greg and Jim are experts! I have been listening to this podcast for almost 10 years. Greg and Jim offer excellent, substantiated opinions about a wide variety of music. I love their perspective and the historical context they provide. I also appreciate that they neither always agree with one another nor do they take themselves too seriously, even though they take listening to music very seriously. I love this podcast and can’t tell you how many times I’ve forwarded episodes to my friends. They offer a really great show that is very fresh every week. I love it!
Jim and Greg are an uneven pair to say the least. Some may charitably call them “complementary,” but in fact it’s a one-man show. Jim is a genuine music critic: insightful, informed, and opinionated. Greg, on the other hand, is more of a music historian: delicate, confused, and quiveringly sensitive to diversity, which ultimately compromises his credibility as a rock critic. Ultimately, it’s worth listening to some weeks; worth turning off others.