Reviews For A Conversation with Scott Galloway

Anyone working in marketing or in house brand should watch this series, religiously. I consume a ton of tech news, and this is by far my favorite. I’m totally psyched when it hits my inbox every week. It's short (so important), and he often covers stuff no one else is, or at least looks at it differently. I believe the analysis is so intelligent because he references research they’re doing in house. So it’s not watered down and canned. The fact that it’s also funny is gravy! I have this tradition with my boyfriend that I send him the video every week via text and we discuss later. He’s a ‘little older’ than me (LOL), and a proud analogue, but now loves W+L. He works way up the food chain in retail and often says the insights are ‘brilliant’. So glad to see it on iTunes, which means it’s gonna keep going. TANKS!
Must watch for anyone who works in digital.