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I'm not sure how she does it, but host Irene has a knack for persuading impressive guests (Noam Chomsky, Jimmy Wales, etc.) to come onto her podcast, then gets them to reveal some surprisingly candid stories in the service of whatever theme she's exploring for that episode (e.g., Steve Bowman's discussing his firing from Counting Crows and his recent rejection by a country western band - wow). I got turned onto the show just recently and it's now in my regular rotation.
Great guests, funny and quirky commentary. Looking forward to more new episodes.
Irene has a unique ability of establishing rapport with her guests and getting them to open up -- she's like a younger, sexier Terry Gross in the way she's able to craft unique interviews. She's the most charismatic and cutest host you'll find. The N1L team also manages to find interesting and intelligent guests to combine with Irene's magic. In addition to the celebrities, they bring in unique voices of expertise you otherwise wouldn't hear. There are amazing interviews with underground tech celebrities, filtered through a wonderful host rather than drowned in shop talk.
Informative and uplifing Irene McGee is the voice of the downtrodden and misunderstood. Compassionate and with her finger of the pulse of a generation, No One's Listening is the NPR for Gen X and Gen NEXT.
Irene is the bomb dot com. She's insightful, funny, witty and doesn't always just play the cute one in the conversation. I love listening and I'll be a fan until the day I die. And hopefully I die listening to this podcast.
I have no idea why THIS is a featured podcast. It's just pointless chatter with annoying voices. Absolutely nothing beneficial here.
No one is LISTENING because of the following: 1. That girls "I just came from Laguna Beach tanning for 16 hours" voice drives everyone up the wall... 2. There are no profound topics being discussed 3. (Typically) No one wants to just download someone's smacking voice unless it is accompanied by awesome music with legitimate lyrics 4. Video podcasts are cooler Let's be serious, record this on video and I PROMISE you WILL get TEN TIMES more "listeners" than you do now.


That voice! Could not stand it on The Real World, can't stand it now. I had no clue the podcast was hosted by Irene - I never would have downloaded it. Could not get through the opening.
I love listening to Irene…pure entertainment!
This is a rip off of nobody's listing podcast check it out
There's just too much self absorbed chatter and not enough content in this podcast. I've learned some things but just can't make myself continue to wade through the chatter to get to the little interesting nuggets.
Ok content, but I could not stand the horrible production quality for any more than about a minute. Even the most basic editing software has crossfade tools. UGGGGHHH!!! This is a prime example of why podcasting may never become critical mass among the general public. I'll stick to NPR, This American Life and other real radio podcasts.
Gaahh Shes anoying to listen to.. A young girl who thinks she's punk when she talks like she is a silver spooned britney spears wanna be.
This podcast is informative. She totaly makes me think differently about the world. (in a good way)
This show was the inspiration for my own podcast. This is definatly for a younger crowd, but I think there are a lot of important topics not being talked about in schools. I really love this show and I hope the start making more shows soon.
I have been trying to find a good news podcast, and I ran into this one. I read the reviews and they were all great and had so many nice things to say. So, me being me....I figured why not. Well, I was wrong. This show is stupid, it's like listening to conversations by my sister and her friends on things they see on CNN or FOXNEWS. It's almost childish, I couldn't even make it through one episode. Not one. It should be clearly marketed towards females, and don't use the hook of Irene from MTV's Real World to grab viewers.
N1L tackles a lot of important subjects concerning the media and how it related to young people. Hopefully, it will get some people to think about how we're being manipulated. Listening to this show makes me feel like some kind of hippie or rebel, but I kinda like the way that feels
I grew up on early MTV, the music video era not the "Real World" era. I dont "get" the reality part of these shows, but I like this PODcast. I think Irene McGee has a legitimate beef with news and entertainment media and is doing a credible job reporting on it. As time continues I believe they will all become more technically superior. I just wish they produced more shows at longer lengths like M-F for 1hr apiece.
This is really aimed at an MTV, college-aged crowd. If you are still impressed that Irene McGee wa on the Real World, you probably need to hear this show. Give it a miss if you're older. The production is stricly late night, low rent radio and the perspectives are obvious and a little bit silly. This is stricly a starting point, and is useful as that for certain. But there are demographic limitations, too.
...but I can't bear to give Irene McGee all the credit she clearly thinks she deserves for this podcast. After many many podcasts we are still reminded of her stint on the Real World---8 years ago! Somehow, between that and her grad student status that makes her an expert on media ethics. Thankfully, I didn't know who she was or I would have avoided this podcast. Due to my ignorance I am an avid listener as Irene and her production staff (and Dad) discuss topics with guests that are altogether brilliant and inspirational. I only wish Irene could learn to take advantage of her guests and, instead of adding her tangential comments about "poo" she would just stop and, well, Listen.
Great inerviews and a great host what can I say..... Ladybug I love you too....
When critical thinking seems to be relagated to the odd, quirky and generally way old crowd, you are all a breath of fresh air to our need for free and critical thought. I certainy wish more of my friends were as thoughtful and wise as you have all demonstrated yourselves to be. Cheers Dan
Good conversations, amazing guests, and professional production washed down with a shot of silly. One of the podcasts in my constant rotation.
Irene and Co: Please keep up the fantastic work! Your show topics and interviewees are top notch. Irene, you are funny as all bloody hell. Every mac owner should listen to the little discussion you had with your old imac -- he was so bitter, that computer.
I am so glad that itunes featured this podcast. I have learned so much! At the same time that Irene, the host, is hysterical, she and her team are intelligent and insightful. Although the show does expose some of the negativity that goes on in the media, the real success is the show’s focus on educating the “people.” Irene’s charmingly naïve persona serves to benefit her mission of media education. It is a pleasure for us (or we), the “people,” to have a voice in the media ON the media that speaks so effectively to today's issues without sounding angry or cynical. REFRESHING!
Many Props!!!
I really enjoy your point of view. Noam's listening was great!!! I was turned by my brother to your program and have listened ever since. I am also friends with one of your old Marist college pals Eric Hawkins. He is now a listener. Keep up the good work:)