Zeroes on Heroes

Reviews For Zeroes on Heroes

Instead of it being a deathmatch of comedy, it's more of a co-op adventure. Comedians cycle through and tackle the theme of the ep! Discovered recently and highly recommend!
Unsung heroes is the best!! I Love how rowdy the room gets. Mike and Will are hilarious, and I’ve learned about so many other great comedians and podcasts from all these heroes!!!
Unsung Heroes is my favorite podcast to crash in on & get real like an acoustic Warner Warner Unplugged I appreciate the hosts Will Watkins & Mike Mercadal Thank You!
I do not know how this isn't the number 1 podcast yet! It's so good!
I love listening to Will and Mike on long car rides. They make the time just fly by with some great guests! Kudos, gentlemen! Ps, you should do an episode on Supernatural.
Love both of these comics! Love the Chris Pratt episode. You should have Matt Anderson back on real soon! God he's so funny 😕
If you are looking for a podcast where you can hear the historical importance of the Carol Burnett show with a steady mix of dumb action and a dash of poop jokes, this is for you.
Love these guys! Heard about them from the WuBro podcast. Glad I listened. They are funny, informative and a flat out good time. HERO NEWWWWWWS!!