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There is nothing I love more than a great conversation. These podcast are so entertaining, the time just flies when I am listening. I am left wanting more. Excellent Vicky Lowell
Corey is a great host and is really easy to listen to. I love how he interview such a wide range of guests and topics. Every episode I've tuned into has actionable takeways!
Corey has alot of great guests on this show that you can really learn from. Its a very motivating podcast - makes you want to get out of your car go do something to grow your business and your influence. Highly recommend this podcast!!
This is great as each one is filled with energy and condensed with great shares that don't put us asleep... love the enthusiasm of Corey and his guests... great wisdom and practical information you can actually use!!
Corey has such a pleasant interviewing style. It's clear he's enjoying the conversation as much as we are. His questions are spot on, and he gives his interviewees enough talk time to say what they need to say but not so much that they ramble. Perfect! I highly recommend Corey not only for this podcast but also for his wealth of speaking knowledge. He's the go-to guy!
I really enjoyed the conversational style and insightful questions posed to bring out the most thought provoking ideas of Corey's podcast. Can't wait to listen to more.
I enjoyed the podcast where Corey asks stimulating and probing questions and the man or woman of the hour gets to shine, show their wisdom and make a contribution to my life.
Love this show. The first episode I listened to gave me so much motivation to push pass the limiting beliefs I was setting for myself. Now I'm hooked.
Corey Poirier and his amazing lineup of guests have insightful conversations about a wide variety or relevant topics. This show is a great resource for finding motivation to live your passion!
Corey brings such value to the podcasting space with his "Conversatins with Passion" show. His guests are terrific and the conversation just seems to flow . . . Keep it going, Corey!
Great interviews, filled with helpful tips and advice around living with PASSION. The show is engaging and fun to listen to. Recommended! - Kamila Gornia
The content is great, the speaker is great. The host needs to go in and fix the audio you could barely hear the speaker, Mike Vardy, and then the host would come in and blow my speakers. Otherwise I would give it a five.
The show is perfectly titled...there's tons of passion in these conversations! There are some excellent, dynamic guests who have a great deal to offer listeners. Keep having conversations, Corey...we are listening!
I love Corey's work! He's a natural born speaker and motivator! And I always start my day with a great dose of optimism, passion, and motivation by listening to his episodes. You have to start listening to Corey's wisdom right this very minute. It's awesome!
Wow! An amazing lineup of podcast guests. Loved listening to James Redfield who was one of the first people who got me interested in self-help and spirituality! The Celestine Prophecy changed my life even though I was still a pre-teen when I read it. And I am looking forward to listening to the interview with Marianne Williamson. Thanks for a great show, Corey!
This show is entertaining and helpful! Love the concept and interviews! The sound quality could be improved at the front of the show, other than that it was great!
Corey Poirier's podcast is one of the best success podcasts out there! He books high quality guests and knows how to tune into them to bring out the gems. This is one you will definitely want to subscribe to.
Great content and awesome guests. It's nice to find some many mentors in one place. Thank you
Nothing shows passion more than true life experiences! Corey captures them on this podcast! Inspiring and great advice! From the only woman in the world who is passionate about Medicare, I realize that passion = success. Listen to these powerful episodes from people in all aspects of life who ooze the passion!
I'm so grateful to find this podcast! The first episode I was listened to was the Monk Dude and that was the perfect message that I needed to hear right now. Thank you so much for the show! And yes, I subscribed
Great podcast with awesome content! Very informative. Looking forward to listening to more episodes.
Really great content and very high energy coming from the host!
I mean, come on! Corey is crushing it with excellent guests and he has a fantastic style and excitement.


By ItsMeRD
Love the PASSION!
This podcast is awesome. The conversations are really inspiring and helps you stay inspired and take action towards your dreams. Great job Corey.
Great podcast with awesome interviews that help other entrepreneurs achieve goals and work in the areas of their passions.
Whether you're an aspiring or an existing entrepreneur, this show will totally rock your success world. Lots of great tips here on how to keep one's fire of passion burning to carry out his/her purpose and calling in life. Keep inspiring more and more people!
Love what your doing here. Keep up the good work!!!
Corey brings to his podcast very interesting and known people. His interviews always reveal something new and interesting about his guests. Love it :)
Truly inspirational and motivating show. Listening to many of the stories and interviews make me want to get up and take action!
It’s nice to see that show all about passion actually delivers! Keep up the great work Corey!
This is an awesome show with great information, resources and insights.
Everyone needs a dose of passion inspiration, and this show is the place to get it! Corey’s energy is fantastic and his interviews will leave you ready to hustle!
The way Corey shares the information with his audience is outstanding. You get lots of information in little bites that are easy to digest without having to listen to 1 thing for too long. I was able to stop and start the podcast as I went about my day listening to the different segments. The content was top-notch as well sharing interviews, funny jokes and great information. Highly recommend this podcast!
These are great conversations. Highly recommended.
Corey has a knack for bringing on interesting guests who have something valuable to share. Can’t wait to check out the Jack Canfield interview! Thanks Corey, keep it up!
Corey really knows how to pool talent! What a collection of names to listen to! I have subscribed and will be listening for more great additions! Andre from Side Seat Driver Podcast
I had to leave a review for these podcasts on super achievement. Humerous, relevant and very informative. Thank you Corey for going the extra mile and getting to what matters most!
If you lack passion, clearly you aren’t listening to the show Corey is putting on! Dude is straight killing it! The passion oozes from my speakers in to my ears…..i choose not to miss an episode…….and you should too!
Love this new show. Corey brings it every episode. Love listening when doing the dishes.
Corey is able to tackle some great topics with some of the biggest name guests. Definitely worth checking out this show!
Corey I am really glad you have this broadcast that talks about the entrepreneur passion. You are really good doing this. Wow!
Corey is delightful, passionate and so relatable! Plus, as a Minnesotan I love his Canadian accent. So fun!
Corey, what an AMAZING PODCAST you put together here! Thank you so much for putting the time into each episode. The interviews are AMAZING! It’s extremely high quality and I enjoy every one of them!! - Chris
Corey really brings some great conversations and motivation on this show!! Love it!!
Audio quality could be a little better but the show is great. Corey really has some great guest interviews here that are not being duplicated anywhere else!
Corey does a great job digging deep with his guest. So much to learn listening to this show.
Great people interviewed on each show. Interviews multiple people including at least one know personality. Gets you a range of views and info.
Great show with awesome host! Corey is living and breathing conversations with passion and it shows in both quality as well as impact. Love it.