First vs Last

Reviews For First vs Last

Great podcast on a variety of topics. The gang know their stuff when it comes to everything but early 90's NBA rosters (no love for Stacey Augmon?!). It's a fun listen!
Gave it an episode or two and I keep coming back to it. It's the most fun, laid-back, easy-to-listen-to thing in my queue in any given week.
Never has comedic banter between friends been more fun...or derailed off topic more often. What does a random soundtrack from the 90s have to do with this weeks topic? Who knows...but it's probably Vince. Seemingly useless knowledge expertly woven together with equal parts heckling and reminiscing. Personal favorites include any challenge/draft including music.
At first blush the premise seems to be similar to other podcasts (some dudes talk about pop culture), but all the guys in All My Friends Are Right Here benefit from thoughtful curation of their topics and positive and insightful observations. The best episodes are the ones involving subjects that one or more member is passionate about (James Bond, Fast & Furious, 90s pop music compilations once advertised on regular rotation on cable television, etc.). Rather than a meandering “what’s in the news” or “what movie is coming out this week” premise, they trawl the seabed of 70s-90s nostalgia, and give each discussion enough structure to make the talk productive. The topics shift at an organic but swift clip. This is definitely on my regular podcast rotation and I plan to keep it there.