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Love this podcast! So funny and welcoming!!!
I love this podcast. These guys are funny and have a great dynamic.
It's a great podcast that doesn't hold the punches when it comes to movies. Thr comedy is hilarious and can not be contained. Do yourself a favor and listen to all of the episodes....all of them.
Cult45 are one of the premier podcasts out there
Awesome show covering some of the more underappreciated movies out there. The hosts are fantastic and hilarious.
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This one puts a spin, including cult classics among terrible films. Their enthusiasm and love of their craft shines through in every episode. They recap and comment thoroughly on some classics mixed in with randomness. They like what they do, and I like listening to them because of that.
This podcast covers the movies that I hold dearest. I love the variety in movies as well (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Boondock Saints, Teeth). I was sure I was the only person who even knew some of these films existed, then here come Brandon & crew to talk about the best parts, and also teach me a thing or two. These guys have a true appreciation for the movies missed by the casual movie goer. Awesome job!
I like podcasts that talk about movies that are not always mainstream! Great job, cannot wait for the next episode.
Found this show through Twitter and its a whole lot of fun. They sway more toward lesser known movies, which is right up my alley. I listened to the episode on the movie "Audition" and more than once burst out laughing at work. There was a certain hip hop reference that made me lose it for a sec. I highly reccomend you check this show out, follow it on Twitter and get your laugh on.
Great podcast show! Nothing else like it! Awesome! Amazing! Hilarious! Illustrious!
I first listened to this some time last year, but the last few months I got back into it noticing how many movies they covered that I've already seen. Originally I found them through The Room, eating up any podcast that covered that masterpiece. Then came Miami Connection. No Retreat No Surrender, Samurai Cop, Street Fighter, even some legitimately good movies like Boogie Nights. So I dig their selection of movies and I really enjoy the commentary, and the tangents they go off on (death rollercoasters, Nic Cage's cross kick skills). The whole kneepads and slippers things trickled into my own rating of movies, which is funny. Lately I've just been listening to certain episodes multiple times, always the mark of a great podcast, one that I'll keep on listening to.
It's like a dose of quality B-Grade cinema, straight to your brain box
I love this podcast & the amazing chemistry and viewpoints of the hosts!!! The "Possession" (1981) episode was among my favorites, but I have yet to be disappointed with the dozen or so that I've caught up on already! Enjoy!!!
This show is fantastic, and the host are hilarious! My chest is now so hairy after listening to this show that my wife demanded I quit listening and I get laser removal. I am now outside for refusal to stop listening! The powered by always makes me laugh, and they give great takes on some terrible films. So get ready to pour up a tall glass of hilarious takes, turn that sh** up, and hit that subscribe button-Jay lost the day (NowInTechnicolor)
As a fellow podcaster/drinker/drinks while podcasting person, Cult 45 is top notch on my list. Hilarious, witty, fun, fun fun. Subscribe quick! Andre (Large Marge Sent Us)
A+! Love this podcast! They're funny as hell & they talk about movies I usually already love. So it's a win win in my book. A must listen. Cheers, guys!
I seriously haven't laughed this hard in a while. This show is great. Especially since these guys aren't comedians, they're cinephiles reviewing films. Great banter and chemistry, great research and trivia. I recommend subscribing, it'll ramp up your pre and post work commute playlist by a factor of 8 trillion.
All my life, I've been ridiculed for the embarrassing third thumb I have grotesquely protruding from my right hand. It's been a sense of shame and I've wanted it removed. But now I've found pride in my third thumb because I've found purpose. I was able to give the Cult 45 Podcast THREE thumbs up. My life is complete!
Just finished the Street Fighter Ep. Holy was written by the guy who did Die Hard?! Insane! GREAT job weaving info with comedy. Cheers 🍺-Chris from MGT
Love this show. If your a huge film fan and get tired of hearing the same stuff about what's new. Check this show out it has obscure cult films that are just awesome. They'll expand your watch list or remind you of a film you loved and forgot. Cheers guys.
These guys are hilarious, lots of energy, lots of fun but still some good interesting movie discussion.
This podcast is the best!!!
Cult 45: The Movie Podcast is my favorite podcast out there! These guys are freaking hilarious and keep me in stitches! They also completely embody my love/hate relationship with certain movies. Give them a listen and stay for a laugh!
I seriously laugh so hard at thier commentary that I can feel it later. I suppose I am also out of shape, but that doesn't take away how great these episodes are!
Hilariously entertaining...two thumbs up!
Back in the days before podcasts, my "boyz" would gather in front of a TV, one of us would be designated as the remote control and we'd watch a movie and critique it mercilessly while trying to one-up each other's comments. This show brings me right back there with a great group of voices who enjoy the experience of film and pop culture in general. When they laugh, I'm often laughing right along with them. Kung Fu Drive-In approved!


They rock
These guys bring great movie breakdowns to us every week. Some you have heard of, others are a new experience.
These guys...they have no rival, no eqaul, they are the future of us all. They are the best retro/B Movie/nostalgia/no-holds-barred film review show out there. Princes of the universe, I am telling you.
Check these guys out they are a riot! Start with the room and move forward.
This show is hilarious!!! Subscribe today!
Do you love movies? Ok, do you also kind of love to hate movies? This podcast is all about the ups and downs of watching some of the most (in)famous movies ever made. The hosts will make you laugh until you piss your pants. It's a seriously fun podcast and always a great listen.
Cult 45 Talk about being in a room full of comedians this is what you get with this podcast! These are some of the smartest slickest movie reviewer's I have ever listen to and I listen to a lot and don't let the street lingo fool you, these guys are Sharp and highly entertaining! I am so happy that they recently started broadcasting once per week. Now there's just so much more funny without paying any money! Keep up the good work fellas!


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