Reviews For Radiowaves


By mickdm1
Kevin’s interview style is great, and knowing more about the people behind the voices makes for better listening to their shows.
Well said. Easy to understand. What more can you ask for? Check this show out!
You’re the best. Happy to have found ya!
Thanks guys and keep up the awesome works.
I wish I could give it six stars!!! I'm so happy for this program. Would recommend it to every person in the world!!!! Thanks Kevin Caners!!
Really enjoy being able to listen to the show anytime!! This is an incredible podcast! Thanks for share this helpful podcast.
A big statement, isn't it? This podcast is for real though. They have good information and it's fun to listen to.
Happy to have found this. I listen to it all the time. They cover interesting subjects and do it in a fun way.
I love listening to this podcast. They are fun and very knowledgable when it comes to working for yourself. So glad to have found this podcast.
Kevin gives us a behind the scenes look at various NPR personalities. His grasp of the long form interview is solid and if you enjoy intelligent discussions you'll like this show!
Wow, amazing guests and I can't enough of Kevin's sultry voice. Can't download these episodes fast enough.
As a podcast enthusiast I was so excited when I heard about this podcast. There are a few podcasts out there that interview podcast hosts, but this is something I've been craving for. The real trailblazers of public radio, and radio journalism pros. Coming out strong with Brooke Gladstone of On The Media is pure gold. She has an amazing story on how she got into media and I'm so anxious to hear from Alex Blumberg, Ira Glass, Roman Mars, Terry Gross, and so many more...are you freaking kidding me!!!! This will be an extremely valuable podcast to the on demand podcast community.