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This podcast was such an important resource for me during pregnancy and after. I didn’t feel so alone in my journey listening to others stories and learning about all things childbirth.
This podcast is the first thing I recommend to every expectant Momma. During my pregnancy I had an hour commute each way so I definitely listened to over a hundred episodes. Each one is like reading a whole book on pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. and helped me feel so prepared with very little effort. Plus so many good birth stories that exposed me to many different ways labor can go. I feel like I rarely hear about a good first birth, but rather a redemptive second or third birth. But thanks in part to this podcast I had a GREAT first birth. I felt like I got to learn from so many moms before me. Thanks for your work Adriana!
I began listening to The Birthful Podcast about a year before my first pregnancy. It wasn't the right time for a pregnancy, but I was eagerly anticipating that day and wanted to be prepared for pregnancy and beyond. Through a simple search, I discovered Adriana's podcast and was blown away. The production quality was spectacular, the guests were expert, and Adriana's questions both painted the big picture and explored the practical nuts and bolts of each topic. Before listneing to The Birthful Podcast, I was overwhelmed by birth. How could I learn when I didn't even know the questions I should ask? But Birthful quickly gave me a framework for all things birth, and I discovered the topics I needed to explore on my own as I prepared for birth and motherhood. Birthful became my homebase and my springboard by raising important issues and providing the resources to begin delveing into those issues. I listend to Birthful all the way through my first pregnancy and postpartum. Fastforward a few years, I am in my second pregnancy, and today I listened to The Birthful Podcast for the first time in a long time. Again, I was blown away. The quality and relevancy of the podcast is still a shining five stars, and the joy and confidence it inspires is priceless. After thirty minutes I was again hooked (not to mention disappointed to think of all the good content I've missed during my break from the podcast!). Finding this podcast too good to simply let slip by, I just had to write a review. I hope you give it a listen and find it as spectacular and irrisitble as I have!
As a birth doula and preparing for my own VBAC with baby #2, I have found the information on this podcast incredibly helpful. Adriana and all of her guests have helped me to gain a new perspective, while bringing in evidence based research, in a clear and concise way. She stays on topic and is so easy to listen to. I am SO grateful for your work and bringing this information to parents and birth workers, it is very empowering and needed.
There really needs to be a strong disclaimer at the beginning of each episode that the host and most often the guests are not medical professionals and everything they say is pure opinion, not fact.
I love this podcast; I listened to it for months without even being pregnant. I thought it was informative, and she is so kind. She has such a wide variety of topics and guests that she talks with. It really has changed my whole perspective of pregnancy and birth, and I am now feeling much more prepared for my own experience in a few months! I love her outlook on the whole thing, and she is very comforting to listen to.
Hello! Thank you so much Adriana for a wonderful and thorough podcast. As a birth Doula and childbirth educator I always recommend this podcast to my clients and their partners.
I was looking for a balanced and evidence based podcast to listen to on my commute while preparing for birth of my second child but have been overall disappointed by the quality and content. As a practicing pediatrician I have been particularly astounded by their opinion of physicians (that they call “providers”). In the most recent episode I listened to they incorrectly state that “some OBs have never even seen a normal vaginal delivery”(???!!!!????)—there aren’t (or shouldn’t be) any medical students who have not witnessed and assisted with many vaginal deliveries. I unfortunately wouldn’t recommend this podcast to anyone seeking well informed guidance to having a healthy and safe delivery.
I delivered at 42 weeks and had a birth better than I could have hoped for—thanks to this podcast I understood that 42 weeks didn’t have to be a bad thing and that asking for an epidural at 9cm was not defeat. I learned so much from listening to these guests starting at 31 weeks and 15 weeks postpartum I am still listening. Thank you, Adriana!
I can not recommend this podcast enough! The wide variety of guests and topics present parents and the birth community with evidence-based information on so many things related to birth. The birth stories are empowering and educational. I love the mix of stories and education. As a nurse, lactation counselor, and mama, this is what I recommend to anyone asking for any type of pregnancy advice. It’s all about finding what path is best for you and making informed decisions and that is what Adriana presents!
I have read books, followed my apps, and asked so many questions. But this podcast has taught me even more. It’s convinced me to go into my labor not wanting an epidural. (Fingers crossed) and how to stay positive and know it’s all such a wonderful thing even through the pain. Thank you!!
Thank you, Adriana, for this show and the information you and your guests provide. Such a wide range of people and ideas: academics, nurses, midwives, doulas, and most importantly REGULAR people who simply share their stories. This has been invaluable to our preparation for our imminent Little One! Thanks for making us feel a little more mighty.
I listened to every single episode during my pregnancy! It has such a weath of information and Adriana is so fun to listen to. I wish I lived closer so I could hire her as MY doula!
I am a new Doula and this podcast was recommended by a Doula trainer online. This is by far the best educational podcast about birth, postpartum, babies, support and everything in between! I love this podcast so much. Thank you for providing this useful resource, Adriana!
Love this podcast! I like the variety of topics. This podcast is great for any birth worker or parent. So much good information to learn about and great guests! Thank you so much for creating and continuing this podcast.
As a first time mom I had some lingering anxiety about birth. I had never done it before so I didn’t know what to expect. Midwife recommended this podcast for me to hear others birth stories. I am so thankful that I did! Hearing others stories and the variation in the stories was helpful and calming. I had a great home birth and am so thankful for this podcast!
This podcast was so helpful for me during pregnancy. I would listen in my car to and from work, and at night when I was (unfortunately) suffering from pregnancy insomnia. It helped me to make informed decisions and to be confident in my body’s ability. I would love to share my birth story with you, Adriana!
Many of the episodes have great info, especially if you’re a “regular” person who doesn’t do a lot of research but the host voice is deadly her ”yah yaaaah, yah, yah, yah’s” and “likes” are so annoying. I get that this is the direction of American language but it’s so annoying and she says she’s born in the 70s. I am in my 20s but I can have to constantly skip when she’s speaking.
I have loved this podcast during my pregnancy & have learned so much. The episodes with Whapio are super interesting and helpful in discussing the Physiology of birth. There is a lot of variety in terms of birth experience which is awesome. The only thing that really bothers me about the podcast is the very awkward, almost sometimes rude, way in which ads are brought in. The host interrupts the guests, sometimes when they’re in the middle of a seemingly important part of a birth story, to say wait wait wait we have to take a break. Couldn’t these just be edited it, making it more organic? Just a suggestion!
I love this podcast. I have learned so much and Adrianna makes it fun and not boring at all! Very informative and I highly recommend subscribing!
I have really been enjoying this podcast. At first, I thought I would only be interested in the episodes with professionals discussing all the ins and outs and information regarding pregnancy. But I listened to a few birth stories, and I realized I learned a lot from those as well. I like having all the information before making decisions and I like to know the ins and outs of things so I won’t be caught off guard. I have learned so many valuable things from listening to this podcast. It has given me so much more confidence as I progress through pregnancy and get closer to labor and delivery. I definitely would recommend this show to anyone who is pregnant or is trying to get pregnant!
As a new mother, this podcast was so helpful. It covers such a big variety of topics that are extremely helpful and insightful. Recommend to every new mother.
I am so grateful to Adriana for having created this amazing resource. It is so well rounded as it is packed with all the topics I wanted to become informed about and all the topics I didn't know I needed to be informed about and ended up being essential for my birth and postpartum prep. I listened to every episode I could get my hands on during my pregnancy and attribute my wonderful birth experience to the calm and confidence I have built up from becoming more knowledgeable through this podcast. Thank you, Adriana, for helping me rock my birth!
I absolutely love this podcast, it is an excellent resource for a wide variety of listeners. I am a you g CNM from Puerto Rico, I am currently not working in the field, but hope to soon and this podcast has helped me review and expand my knowledge so much! Thank you for your work. I’m interested in learning more about leaving perineal to heal on their own. If you have covered this topic in an episode I have not yet heard, let me know! Thank you!
Thank you for creating this podcast! When I was pregnant with my son, I felt clueless but this podcast gave me confidence as the pregnancy continued. The birth stories were informative and empowering. The informational podcasts were gave me sound information that really resonated. After giving birth, I returned to this podcast looking for information to further this part of the journey and I found it. I distinctly remember after listening to an episode feeling like Adriana was part of the "tribe" of women that I needed in my life as support while going through the postpartum recovery time. And sure enough, I returned the podcast again and again throughout those early weeks. Thank you for giving this gift to women like me who didn't have a huge support network when going through one of the most trying, changing, beautiful times of my life!
I love the information, stories, and resources. Keep up the great work.
I love this podcast and listen to it almost daily. Adriana does such a great job bringing a variety of topics to the show by interviewing experts in their field. She has interviews with some of my favorite birth workers which was exciting to find. The show also has all sorts of birth & postpartum stories. It is a gold mine of information!
As a childbirth educator myself, I love this podcast. It’s informative, interesting and most importantly empowering. Highly recommend!
I just discovered this podcast two weeks ago and I’ve listened to about 20 episodes (I’m 23 weeks pregnant). And I can tell. I’m just getting started. I listed to 2 episodes twice because I just loved the information SO much! This is exactly the support and well of knowledge I’ve needed to plan and prepare for my birth.
Adrianna, I LOVE your podcast. I can't catch up on episodes fast enough! I've been doing birth photography and doula work for over a year now, and just love the knowledge I've gleaned from listening to you interview so many amazing pros. You have helped inform my work! I'm so glad I found you. <3
As an anxious future Mom, I wondered how I would learn all I’d need to know for a positive pregnancy and motherhood. I have been so reassured by the expertise and experiences shared on this podcast, and how one topic or expert often leads to another- and where there’s overlap, I know I have an avenue for further research. I love that I can play these for my partner or we can listen and discuss together, and that Adriana remembers to include all kinds of mamas and families in her thoughtful discussions. Thank you, and I will be sure to continue listening throughout my journey!
Birthful podcast to me is a one stop shop for the information, inspiration, and companionship that every new and expecting mama should have. Adriana has interviewed experts on every subject I was curious to learn more about as I progressed through my pregnancy - and I discovered there was even more that I wanted to learn about than I initially thought. Each podcast is as motivating as it is informative and the guests are so passionate about empowering birthing women to be in tune with their bodies and their voices as we create the births we want to have. As much as I was educated, I was also uplifted and entertained by the birth stories told by other women. Because we are local to Rochester, NY we worked with Adriana as our birth doula and in our sessions I loved referencing the various themes of the podcast that I wanted to apply in my birth. I wish I had known of this treasure during my first birth, and am eager for every mama I speak with to know of it so that like I was, they can feel supported, informed and empowered in their births. Thank you!!
I really like this podcast. Adriana is funny and optimistic. She interviews highly recognized birth professionals and mothers/fathers with diverse and unique birth stories. She covers all aspects of pregnancy and birth, so I’ve hand selected the ones pertaining to me listened to almost every show! The only thing I don’t like is that she interrupts the interviewee for an advertisement. I don’t produce podcasts and I’m not sure what her options are, but I’ve listened to other podcasts where the sponsors are either at the beginning or end or both; or if the advertisements are in the middle of the show, it’s not a blatant interruption but rather just an advertisement in the middle but the interview wasn’t interrupted when they were recording. It doesn’t stop me from listening to this amazing podcast, I just feel awkward for the interviewee who was in the middle of saying something important. :) Thanks Adriana! I highly recommend to all!
The podcast delivers on what it promises- to empower women and unlock your intuition. Good speakers, nice questions and great content.
Informative and empowering! A must listen for anyone interested in all things birth and new motherhood!
I love this podcast and I feel I owe Adriana a good review because her podcast has helped me so much. My time postpartum was initially so lonely and I was so clueless. Listening to this podcast made me feel comforted and empowered. I listen when up late at night breastfeeding or on a walk with my baby and the discussion keeps my mind engaged and my spirits positive.
The Birthful Podcast has been such a blessing through our pregnancy. It's informative, funny at times, and personal. My husband and I are both grateful for this avenue of education as we are becoming parents of our first born this summer!


By Mmp221
This podcast was soooo helpful during my pregnancy when every book I turned to was causing me anxiety!! Thank you for bringing positivity and empowerment to women !!
I don’t always step out and leave reviews but after the episode I listened to about the traumatic csection I had to send a review!! I had two births before my third birth (ended) in emergency csection! He was 10 days late I had went into labor a week earlier but stopped, so we waited. Went in to get induced after 10 days, and found he had a prolapsed cord part way into labor, We were rushed for emergency and he was born 5 mins later! I was put under general anesthesia! The idea about talking about MY feelings was difficult because I woke up and he was not there, yet he was alive and well as was I so everyone always brushed off mom’s feelings of anxiousness and even depression for “failing” at birth as well; at least you and him are fine! and YES! Of course I am so grateful for skilled doctors, but it doesn’t take away my feelings of failure for Unmedicated birth and now my body is different and scared and so two years later I never had voiced my hurts and feelings of the birth and I heard your podcast and I am realizing that I’ve never healed from the trauma of not being there for my son in those first few moments and being put under anesthesia was traumatic when you wake up and have no idea what happened and where baby is!!! I am pregnant again with my 4th and I realize I have been extremely scared for birth again! while I do want to try for a vbac I also am keeping a much more open mind! Sometimes we read all the information and think I will do it this way and that way! And for me I had two previous non-incidental births so it felt like a give-in that my third would be fine even with induction! I just am so happy for the podcast and hearing other stories of csections but also the healing from different moments In Our lives! I enjoy listening and growing and learning! Thank you!
I’m absolutely in love with Birthful. If you’re even thinking about having a baby, you should start listening to this podcast. It’s so informative & the topics are wonderful. I’m always excited when a new episode comes out!
I just recently found this podcast. I am seven months pregnant with my first baby and the goal is to have a physiologic (a term I learned from this podcast!) birth. I’ll be giving birth at a hospital in Mississippi where I live. I have loved being pregnant, and so far the only real issue I have had is getting past my fear of birthing in Mississippi. Listening to your podcast has dramatically increased my confidence in my body and my agency when I arrive at the hospital. I’m a community college English instructor and a yoga teacher, so throughout my prenatal journey I have sought both to further my education and deepen my ability to listen to my body. I knew from the moment I heard your tag line, about speaking to maternity professionals “to inform your intuition” that this podcast was right for me. Having listened for a few weeks now, I know this podcast isn’t just right for me, it’s right for everyone. Thank you for all information and support and resources, Adriana.
Learned a ton from this podcast during my pregnancy. Information from many of the episodes guided me towards choices for support and planning that no doubt contributed toward my wonderful birth and postpartum experiences. Many thanks!
Great info, amazing guests, lots of passion for birth. I really enjoy this podcast as a doula and student midwife!
I'm approaching my due date as a first time mom and discovered this podcast sometime in my second trimester. I've already listened to nearly half the episodes, so helpful to hear stories from others and hear from professionals. I've learned so much I can't even begin to list it. In this case, knowledge has been power for me. I'm even more confident approaching the day that society tells me to be afraid of!
I don’t even know where to start... the broad range of topics Adriana covers on her show were soooo useful (& interesting!) to me as a soon-to-be Mom. Even my husband found some shows we listened to together super useful. The conversations are science based and easy to digest while also linking you to additional resources if you want to continue digging deeper on X,Y,Z. I’m a fan of podcasts overall, and I consider this one top notch and great content production quality. Mil gracias Adriana!
The content is amazing! My only complaint is the amount of advertising done! I’m all for her sponsors and being supported. But having multiple advertisements within each podcast is a bit much. I wish she just did it all in one instead of breaking it up. The advertising each time is pretty lengthy. But again, she’s great so you deal with it.
I have been listening to this podcast since I found out I was pregnant very early on. As a first time mom I am not only more educated, but have less anxiety over my pregnancy, the upcoming labor and delivery experience and the first few days of parenting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!
This podcast has really useful info for birth and new motherhood. It’s a great listen :)
As a mom training to be a postpartum doula, I turn to birthful whenever I want to learn more about pregnancy, birth, and postpatum. Adriana is so relatable. She weaves her natural charm, humor, and juicy honesty into all her interviews. Her interviews each seek out very specific and important aspects of the fertility journey. Together they created a truly well rounded and thorough library of quality podcasts.