Generation Y Podcast (90s and early 2k)

Reviews For Generation Y Podcast (90s and early 2k)

I miss this show so much. Wish there was more!
He talks way more than she does....I gave them a few episodes, but seriously all he does is interrupt her and talk constantly!!! And he constantly says “we’ll get to that later,” but then continues to talk constantly. She actually seems to have interesting points, but before she can get them out, he starts talking again! Also, why can’t I see the other one-star reviews?


Very thankful for this podcast! Please make more!!!!!!!!!!


Please do more episodes about 90s culture, fashion, celebrities, games, music, and tv!! 😩
I gave a 5 Star for the amazing topics you guys cover. Get some serious nostalgia with the different things you guys discuss, but I really hope you don’t keep taking such long breaks! It wouldn’t be a big deal if, in every episode back you’d say that you were sorry for the hiatus, you’ve been sick and busy and from now on it’ll be at least a couple times a month.. then literally no more episode for sometimes even a year! It’s better not to even bring it up, that way we don’t keep waiting for them- we can just be surprised and happy when the new episode comes up. And also, if you listen in each episode, Amy dislikes or has never seen or heard of most shows or things brought up aside from one or 2 things she talks about. Some episodes it seems 90% of her contribution is her saying, “I never saw that, I never heard of that, I hate that!” Almost makes me wish there was someone else as a cohost who knew a little more of the 90’s, but you guys are a great team. So maybe try and stray away from that and just write down some facts and information so you have more to contribute on those things. I’m only saying this as a constructive criticism, I really enjoy you guys! I really hope you don’t take me as rude or as a hater, that’s why I still gave you a 5 Star rating. I love all the 90’s podcasts and this is a rapid growing field, I want you guys to succeed as the competition begins to grow! Have a Merry Christmas!
This is a great podcast. I love all the 90’s audio they add to it. It brings back so many great memories!
Josh and Amy do an incredible job on each topic. Everything 90's from pop-culture to snacks to music. I look forward to new episodes! Keep up the awesome work guys love your show! 🤙❤️👍🏼🤓😎
Love the enthusiasm with these two. Topics are ones I relate to and enjoy. My only gripe is that Amy hates or wasn't a fan of a lot of stuff. Also, the valley girl accent doesn't help the cause.


A fun podcast to relive the 90s!!! Just wished they would use cuss words instead of keeping it G rated lol
As a 90s kid I grew up always loving this specific era and it's super cool tuning in to podcast that delivers so many different aspects of that time. Amy and Josh do an incredible job not only researching and giving really neat facts on tv shows, music, and films of the 90s but they also catch your attention with their fun and active personalities as well as their vast knowledge of the final decade of the 20th century. Keep up the great work! -Larry B.
I'm obsessed with this podcast!! Generation Y is an amazing podcast dedicated to all things 90s. Amy and Josh are so knowledgeable about 90s culture and it's really fun to listen to them. I'm excited for more episodes to come!
I was hooked from the 1st episode TGIF , I'm so thankful SOMEWONE brought the 90s I stared watching them through Instagram and now there own podcast . Love the knowledgeable couple and happy for the engagement can't wait for the wedding ... You should have a live when people can call and give there memories. Of 90s //// PLEASE DO POWER RANGERS AND BOBBYS WORLD AND FREAKAZOID!!!! And the old Disney. Cartoons duck tales and darkwing duck ... SO IT COMES TO AN END ... LOVE YA GUYS AND IM. SPREADING THE WORD...


loved the episode on parents stocked up on canned food and bottled water! Lol! Keep em comin!!!!!! I heard a Roseanne episode is up next...YES PLEASE!
Great start-up podcast, I'm sure you guys are still working out the kinks, but awesome nostalgia with everything! I love the TGIF episode. You guys should do a horror 90s kids tv shows, can't wait to see what you guys come up with next!
This needed to happen. THANK YOU! Please do an episode on clueless!!