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This podcast really puts you in the shoes, on the instruments, microphones, and mixing consoles that these artists play. Real people who make worship special every weekend, that no one ever talks to unless their famous. I learn things I have never thought about, from angles I haven't seen, in ways I haven't imagined every episode. This is compelling for people who play on the stage and those who are interested in how it all works. Thank you for building this!
Pete offers a fresh perspective on worship which is insightful and to the point. Great resource for anyone who leads worship for any group.
It's like the director's commentary for the liner notes of worship music in the church.


By ji_17
No one ever thought to ask the cellist what he thinks. Pete asked the cellist.
I didn’t understand what music production was until I listened to these conversations. I now understand we don’t need better musicians; we simply need better coaching for those musicians. Pete provides an enlightening look at how to make worship even better and more relevant to all participants.
I just listened to one of Pete's podcasts. Very interesting and insightful. I learned a lot about the person he was interviewing and about him as well.
Pete has a brilliant mind for how music works and the pieces play together. I think that helps him quickly dig deep into the questions that matter and make a difference. The podcast is provoking in all the right ways.
I am very pleased to finally see Pete's perspective on music production available for all to experience. Having had the opportunity to work with him on a number of worship projects, I saw firsthand how his unique understanding allowed us to maximize our potential. Pete's passion is evident in the quality and professionalism of his podcasts. These are extremely usefull in learning how to enhance a team's production quality and ultimately create the most effective worship experience possible.
A huge resource for the worshipping church musicians – not to be missed.
Well, this isn't what I was expecting. So far its a good mix of experience and insight. Some things I haven't heard people "say" though its often thought. I'm glad the vocalist spoke to harmony sensitivity, not being a distraction and listening/appreciation.
I was interviewed by Peter a few months ago. He was really engaging and I liked talking to him. I could tell he had a lot of experience and he asked all the right questions. I’ve also read some of the blog and listened to a few podcasts. Peter has a lot of good ideas to share!
This podcast is a reflection of the dedication Pete has to helping musicians, churches, and people do worship better. Technically better, from a production standpoint, and musically better, from an audio standpoint. But more importantly, this podcast is a reflection of Pete as an artist. Pete appreciates the beauty and the worship that comes from all of the artists, from their striving to produce something beautiful in its own right. Pete has a long history of nourishing those artists, consistently standing to the side and staying in the background facilitating the growth and development of musicians, worship teams, and churches. If you’re serious about the heart, talent, and quality of the music and the musicians in your church, this is a must-listen.
I believe that listening to these podcasts will help those in worship bands to refine their art, allowing for congregants to think less about the music and more about God during worship services. I have been fascinated by the podcasts I have listened to already and can not wait to hear what is next.
I look forward to future episodes and the quality of the programming is impressive.
A fresh look at the skills needed to build an authentic and effective worship team
Pete knows his stuff, and knows how to facilitate an engaging conversation. The podcast is inspiring and interesting, but also give substantive help to band members, band leaders, producers, and the people who work with them. Don't miss it!