Reviews For Freed

I love this podcast. It's such a compassionate post-post apocolyptic story, which is a rare find in itself. Characters have compelling motivations and pasts, and conflict is always resolved in very refreshing ways. The small societies of this new USA are fleshed out in a very interesting way with tons of personality and heart. I will say that the voice acting can get a bit campy and audio levels can vary wildly. But this podcast remains one of my favorite because of how high it set the bar for other fiction in terms of kindness, human connection, and human flaw.
Love the show, would love to have more!!
I really enjoyed this podcast series, I hope more episodes will eventually be released. 🌸
The best podcast since sliced bread!!!
The narrator has a great voice and it's an interesting character. I am still early on in the show but it is really intriguing and I can't wait to hear more.
Very optimistic and heartwarming. I love Raimi with all my heart and honestly am inspired by her positivity and go-getter attitude every time I listen. I love the world-building as well. Totally give it a listen!! At least through episode 7.
I just binged this entire podcast in the last like three days. So good, so cute, so queer, the apocolypse fiction we all needed.
I recently started listening and kinda sorta stayed up to 4 am so I could finish watching it???? oops. Oh well, this is a really great podcast! I really enjoy it.
I honestly love this podcast,,, so much,,, you don't understand. I love it so much. It's inclusive, the writers are amazing people and I love them. The characters are amazing done and I just love it,,, so much,,, Please listen to it, its worth it,,, 10/10
Great show! Lookin forward to new episodes.