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I’ve listened to this podcast, for, I’m not sure—a long time. The fact that Brian’s nor Bob’s political affiliations/leanings still aren’t clear to me should tell you all you need to know. Unbiased, attested, and reliable political commentary is a true unicorn in today’s climate. I’m so grateful for their insight and reporting. (And now that I’ve done my duty, I can finally listen peacefully and without guilt to the first segment of every episode when Brian asks for a review).
I’m a new Utah resident and I’m grateful to Bernice and Schott for helping me become an informed voter. They are engaging and funny, making complicated and often dry subject matter much easier to understand and process.
The only recommendation would be to have the hosts take it easy on breathing into the mic. One of the host is almost GASPING for air every few seconds. It’s difficult to listen to
No other podcast about Utah politics comes close. The interviews are informative, and they always provide great insight.
Listen to every single episode. While they may be curmudgeonly statesmen with decades of experience, they have insight and analysis that is not only usually pretty fair and accurate but also extremely funny and insightful. Can't tell you enough how good these guys are and that the sheer fact that they are constantly scooping huge stories for the state of Utah. If your into Politics of any kind regardless of the state you live in, this is worth a listen.
I love listening to these two guys. They say it how it is without worrying about being politically correct. They do their research and have a great knowledge of the subject matters. Best all, they make me laugh during some serious and uptight situations.
There's a depth of knowledge in this show that I just can't get anywhere else.
These two guys are so well-informed on Utah politics and hilarious to boot! I am so glad that I found this podcast! I am moving to Utah at the end of May, and I have enjoyed learning about Utah politics from these two... Thank you!
I have been active in Utah politics for years and I still don't know how these two manage to break so many stories. They're the best in Utah.
I’ve listened to this podcast for the last year or so. There is no better source for the comings and goings of Utah politics. If you’re a Utahn with an interest in state politics this is a must listen. Thank you Brian and Bob for sharing all of your excellent work in such a cool format.
Great podcast about Utah politics from two reporters who have deep knowledge on the subject
I’ve tried several Utah Politics podcasts, this is by far the best. Keep up the good work!
I love this podcast. It makes keeping up on local politics easy. If all politics are local, then this podcast is the perfect way to stay up to date.
Such great insider info. Minute by minute updates. Love this podcast
If you really want to know what’s going on in Utah politics you’ve come to the right place. It’s informative and enjoyable to listen to!
I can't wait to get my political fix from these guys. They know the ins and outs of Utah politics better than anyone else.
I find that this podcast is both entertaining and informative. Keep up the good work.
You can tell they've covered Utah politics for a loooong time. This is THE podcast for Utah political junkies.
So thankful for this podcast. Great insight and interviews!
As a newish resident to Utah (last 4 years) who was hired to teach political science at UVU, I hated to admit to most that I didn’t know much about Utah state politics. When I stumbled across this podcast I was instantly hooked. Bob and Bryan explain Utah politics in such a fun and engaging way that I have started telling all my students and friends about this podcast. Keep doing what you are doing because as our electorate becomes more informed about policy and politics they will start to require more of their representatives.
I've listened to other Utah political podcasts. None of them can hold a candle to this one.
This podcast is really the best way to get a down-to-earth breakdown of the latest in Utah politics. These guys are informative and entertaining. While the tone of the reporting can verge on being gossipy, Utah is a circus, so I feel that is an appropriate way to cover it. Their take on politics is very much a behind the scenes view of things and provides much of the history and context of what is happening in Utah now. I have found Utah Policy to be essential in understanding the odd nuances in Utah politics. Additionally, I appreciate their poling, which was far and beyond the best in the 2019 SLC mayoral race (which is notoriously difficult to poll accurately).
This is a must listen for those who want a quick and informative look at Utah politics. Bryan and Bob do a great job discussing the issues of the day and providing great sourcing on issues facing Utah.
This is a fantastic in-depth look at Utah politics. I love that they are in the middle of it all and let us know what’s happening as it happens. Bryan and Bob are very entertaining and the podcast is packed with information. This is my main source of learning what’s going on in a Utah politics and one of my favorite sources for national politics in the regular segment “Holy Crap! Trump did What?!” Overall, fantastic podcast, and every Utahn should listen.
This podcast has become part of my weekly routine. It’s a fun listen, but you are also up to date on political goings-on in the Beehive by the end. Love that they cover local all the way to national level news. Go Bernick and Schott!
It’s conversational, packed but covered with a light tone, easy listen for a weekly Utah and U.S. policy update
You can not find a better Utah centric political podcast. Bravo
I don’t even listen to this podcast on here- I’m on Spotify. But I’m a political junkie and I love these guys, so I’m depth on local politics it’s great. Hoping y’all still have a few lab top stickers??
There's no shortage of national news and politics podcasts, but when it comes to events shaping Utah, Bernick and Schott take the top spot. They explain how the national news affects us here at home, and they break down what's happening on the state and local level with informative, yet entertaining commentary. This is a must-subscribe for me to keep abreast on what's happening in Utah.
Great objective content about the ins and outs of Utah politics. I listen to every episode.
If you’re looking for a quick hit of the latest happenings in politics without the partisan filters, look no further!
They bring an incredible amount of information to every show. Utah is luck to have these two keeping an eye on what’s happening on the Hill.
No one knows more about Utah politics than Bernick and Schott. Always a blast to listen too.
Utah Policy has all the scoop on politics, policy, and politicians in Utah. They know what’s what and who’s who... the best source of behind the headlines news available for anything related to the Utah political landscape!
As someone who listens religiously to political podcasts throughout the workday, I always begin the day with Utah Policy and you should too.
Timely, informative, insightful and fun commentary on Utah political news, from an insider’s perspective.
The Utah Policy podcast provides insight into the Utah political scene that others don’t come close to matching. And while they’ve never said anything negative about me they haven’t said anything positive either. Vastly superior to the Salt Lake Tribune.
Solid reporting. Great interviews. I learn something new In every show.
This is a great podcast on politics in Utah. It’s like my neighbors miniskirt, long enough to cover the important parts but short enough to keep me interested!
Such a great insight to the who, what, when, how, and why of Utah politics. In all seriousness, this is the podcast if you want to know the insider details and randomness of the Great State of Utah. They give great insight and history into political issues that even a political novice can follow along and enjoy their conversation.
I learn so much from Bernick and Schott. They have extensive knowledge of what's happening in Utah politics!
They have a way of breaking down complex stories in a way I can understand them. Plus, I love how they tweak other media.
Politics, Shakespeare, philosophy, and show tunes! This show has it all. More singing from Bryan, please!
If you want to know what’s really happening in Utah politics, you can’t afford to miss this podcast
I’ve listened to Bryan and Bob for a few years and it just keeps getting better. Even being from Uintah County, they cover issues that influence the entire state. A great resource.
They always give us the "who, what, when, where, why, how, and if" about Utah politics.
The interviews are top-notch! Bernick and Schott have got to be the best political reporters in Utah.
The website and podcast have a lot of failings that can be summed up in an anecdote from a couple of episodes ago. Following the 2019 Salt Lake City Mayoral Election Primary, Schott and Bernick said that they were happy that the campaign would be focused on the issues and not trivial matters. There has been little to no mention of issues in the mayoral race in the month/6 episodes since, only side noise not involving either campaign. This podcast only discusses trivial matters: gossip, horserace polling coverage instead of detailed public opinion research, who has the most money, etc. It is not in any way a detailed discussion on actual Utah policies--meaning which candidates and organizations have the best ones and who has bad ones. Throw in some cheap seats national poltical analysis and you have a recipe for just another middling Utah politics podcast, of which there are many (and not too many good ones to alternatively recommend either). There are a lot of good interviews, a lot of good experienced knowledge about Utah political history, but again, they don't cover policy.
Best political podcast about Utah. These guys have put in a lot of hard work to help Utahns stay more informed about what is going in Utah. Yes, they have a bias and it is very strong to President Trump, but it is decently entertaining and very informative