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Love this show! Wouldn't miss an episode!
The Todd Rhombus Bram Stoker's Castlevania should be blowing up all over the internet. If you haven't heard it, check it out.
this podcast is entertainment news at its most...well, entertaining. with a wide array of wacky guests and the always-hilarious hosts, WGNABS is easily one of the best "indie" podcasts i've ever found.
Great Seller. My items were packaged nice and secure and were shipped very fast. Highly Recommended! A+++++++++ Wait, this isn't We're Gonna Need a Bigger Show's eBay feedback section??? Oh…well, in that case, wicked good podcast. These guys obviously put a lot of effort into each segment and it shows. From the technical aspects as well as the content and delivery, very top notch and professional. Mike and Cam are some funny dudes who clearly know their stuff and are highly skilled at what they do. It also doesn't hurt to know there are nerds out there like me who appreciate sci-fi, horror, video games, and all things fanboy-ish. I'm a fan!
Hilarious. Informative. A must-listen! 6 out of 5 starry thumbs-ups! But seriously, check out the Bigger Show. It's a ton of fun.