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Reviews For Ask an Immigration Lawyer

Jacob provides an abundance of knowledge and neat tips & tricks when it comes to immigration law. I have forwarded this link to several personal friends who I know would benefit from this audio clip. Jacob is truly passionate about law and helping people.
Immigration law is complicated. The issues are many and legal hurdles can be difficult to overcome. Mr. Sapochnick does an excellent job of taking your most often asked questions, and giving you straightforward answers and solutions. When my clients need an immigration lawyer, I always recommend Jacob Sapochnick. Now, I’m also going to send them to these podcasts. Excellent!
Jacob great job! You always deliver concise, relevant information that is very timely. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making the world a better place for so many!
I've been struggling with immigration issues for so long. This podcast has really cleared up many of my questions.
Jacob Sapochnick is my #1 go to for any and all immigration issues. His podcasts answer those burning questions and remove all misconceptions on important immigration challenges. It’s free expert legal answers from a highly trusted source. His wealth of information and deep understanding of immigration law shines through in each podcast. Each answer is quick and in terms everyone understands. Excellent and informative.
Love the relevant questions and answers that range on various topics of immigration law. The host is approachable and gets to the point every time. Short and conscience, highly recommended.
Jacob, Thanks so much for offering this opportunity for us to get answers for questions a lot of us are wondering about. You gave some great advice on change of status and Visa allocation for highly skilled workers. Keep up the good job.