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Bite size and very in tune with everything psu football. In a time when podcasts seem to be averaging an hour or longer, KSN offers more palatable pacing without being too long winded. Plus the fan questions are pretty funny sometimes. I don’t mind Jim’s commentary. It injects the average fan perspectives and concerns. One thing I would Think about is how to upgrade the audio quality for everyone. Another thing to consider is whether the four quarter system can be formatted as one audio file instead of four separate ones. It is a little cumbersome to keep clicking on individual audio files for the same espisode.
An earlier review stated that the show was first rate when the owner did not participate. I agree wholeheartedly. When the owner is an active participant this offering is “amateur hour.” Jim makes it reminiscent of the dreadful programming that appeared in the early days of public access television.
Has a great chance to be a solid listen. When Jim whose the owner is on the show it’s awful. When he’s off the show it becomes a five star rating. Great information from PSU reporters but Jim negatively ruins the listen.
I have the same problem with missing quarters. All of them are not downloading.
There have been issues over the last month or so with missing, duplicate and mislabeled quarters.
Lately I’ve only been getting quarter one and three in my feed. Is there an issue
Great PSU content year round, truly a fantastic podcast!


By m.vogs
Love listening through the work week, but agree with other comments. The 4 separate quarters is a pain (sometimes plays in reverse order). Understanding you need to play the ads, but just play them between quarters in a 60 minute episode. Keep up the good work!
As a previous reviewer stated. It should be one full show-not four separate downloads IMO
I listen sometimes but I’d listen a lot more if the quarters were merged into one big episode. Love your show but I can’t stand the four separate downloads.
Any Penn State fan needs to listen. I think Hockensmith, Flounders and Pickel may have found their calling. The “4 quarters” format makes it easy to listen when it’s convenient. It’s like the cable sports network debate shows without the annoying yelling, unnecessary “hot takes,” and Skip Bayless. Just well thought out, informed opinions and information. Even if you don’t love their PennLive work, give this show a try. FIVE STARS
I’ve probably been listening for about two years consistently and decided to let you know I really enjoy it. I like to listen while cooking, cleaning or doing other chore; makes them go by quicker and easier. So thanks and keep up the good work! And Greg, I hope you find something to help settle that dyspepsia of yours!
Awesome show. I have been listening for over 2 years now. This is by far the best podcast I have found for Penn State Football coverage. I look forward to listening each week and I never miss an episode. Thanks again!
Love the podcast for the most part. Andy is not good at this, though.
I listen religiously, great content and opinions (especially Ross & Bob), only thing missing is to get Jinxsy Jones on every few weeks
Great podcast ... knowledgeable guys that mix it up and always make things interesting... look forward to new episodes weekly!!! Keep em comin
Great show for PSU football fans. Three - 1 hour shows each week... All. Year. Long. Makes the offseason fly-by with recruiting news and team development insights. Regular season shows highlight opponents strengths and weaknesses, predictions and more.
Why can't you upload the Saturday show as 1 whole episode rather than the 4 separate parts. Sometimes iTunes places the episode parts out of order. Or more recently, iTunes is neglecting to upload all 4 parts of the Saturday Kickoff show.


Content is great, but sometimes podcasts are not downloadable or content doesn't match the title of the podcast.
A wonderful resource for Penn State fans. Great guests with inside stories on PSU sports with player interviews, recruiting analysis, the X's and O's, and opponent previews from the most knowledgable folks out there. I look forward to each and every episode. This podcast singlehandedly helps me to feel like I'm truly "caught up" on all things Penn State football.
Great podcast the guys really know there stuff. From the latest going on in Penn State recruiting, Eagles Football to fantasy football. Great for any PA sports fan!