Hand y Machine Knitting

Reviews For Hand y Machine Knitting

Love a podcast that celebrates both machine knitting & hand knitting. Julie has a great voice, excellent mix of topics, and podcast is filled with tips, ideas & resources galore. Her interviews are very good as well.
Ok, I slogged through 40 minutes of her personal life and there's no knitting! There are too many real knitting podcasts out there to fool with this one.
Julie creates an engaging blend of hand and machine knitting information, along with tidbits, such as advice from her mother. With material both for circular sock machine and flatbed machine knitting, I've learned from experts she has interviewed, and other resources she has found. Clear audio and and conversational style make this one of my go to podcasts
I'm a newbie knitter, let along a machine knitter, so learning to master my knitting machine is a challenge. I was thrilled when I found a podcast that focused on machine knitting, and even more so when I discovered that Julie podcasts from Jackson MI, just a few miles down the road from me. After binge-listening to all her podcasts, I was really sorry that I had to wait weeks before the next one came out, but when she releases one it's like a good friend I haven't seen for a while coming for a visit. I'm grateful to her for her reviews of learning opportunities (thanks for the tip about the Monroe Maching knitting Seminar!) and I really like the interviews with some of the machine knitting pioneers. Keep up the good work!
I look forward to a new episode so much. I love my machines and no one understands me! :-) until I found this podcast!
I am so happy that Julie decided to do a podcast around circular sock machines and flat bed knitting. I love listening to her and am learning a lot. Please support her with your reviews. I am currently binge listening.