People Who Matter

Reviews For People Who Matter

I love the perspective. You're able to bring out a depth in the person you are interviewing. It helps the listener gain a relationship with whoever the interview is with! It's highly relatable and unique.
Harley does a great job of asking well paced well thought questions to dig deep in his interviews. The questions yield insights beneficial to both himself and ourselves. I really like the theme of "People Who Matter" focusing on successful often creative people who dissect their path to real results. It's a pleasure listening to the podcast evolve too. The episodes seem to keep becoming better!! The first episode with Dean Dywer was great keying in on how precious each of our individual journies are. I feel so glad and grateful to have found this new tool in my personal development reportoire. Harley and this show are an inspring force for me each day; as I am also undertaking a creative entrepreneurship route. One day I aspire to be featured on this very podcast. What a dream! Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Thought provoking! :)
People Who Matter is an inspirational show that really gives you real motivation through the experiences of the guests on the show. All the while, the host maintains a professional yet friendly atmosphere. Definitely worth your time.
I've never seen a show with such truly unique guests. A triathlete on one show AND someone tried for heresy on another?? Very interesting stories told in this show. Two recommendations: would like to see shorter show intros, and maybe more upbeat intro/outro music.
The stories and general lifestyles of the guests are mesmerizing and incredibly inspiring. This show sorta grounds me back to reality in a sense that we can all truly be who we choose to be. Love the diversity. Harley is fantastic too. Cheers!
Harley is a great interviewer, and I love the concept of this podcast: rather than focusing on a niche (internet marketing! health and wellness! etc.) PWM focuses on PEOPLE—their stories, their strategies, their successes. Definitely worth a listen!!
Offers great content without taking itself too seriously by keeping the tone light and accessible. Features interesting guests who provide a lot of value to listeners regarding various, important subjects from business to personal development. Great job, and keep up the good work!
I love the diversity of guests interviewed and can’t wait to hear more. This podcast offers a unique window into the lives of interesting people, delving into how they see the world and thrive in it.
Harley is amazing at encouraging people to open up about their intricate lives both for the listener's amusement and thoughtful soul searching. He has a way of getting people talking that is rare and wonderful. I appreciate the variety of people interviewed as well! Overall a great podcast.