Reviews For kcstartup411 - Covering the Kansas City Startup Scene

Rob is awesome. All his podcasts are great. There are tons of great tidbits of info in each episode.
So cool to hear how successful small businesses got their start. I also like knowing that if/when I want to start a podcast that I can do so easily from my iPhone. It's been a little while since the last episode, hope the show returns soon!
Great interviews with local folks in the startup scene.
Rob does a great job interviewing Kansas City's best and brightest. I am a big fan of the entrepreneurial content and the regional focus. Thanks for putting a highlight on the KC Start Up scene. Well done!
Thanks for the insights. Very interesting interviews.
Rob is excellent!
Excellent resource for anyone in Kansas who wants a strong support system to have successful startup. Rob is candid and thorough making sure you know the inner workings on how to build a profitable company.