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Dan Benjamin has been podcasting for longer than most people have known about podcasting. This show is a way for him to openly share his knowledge and experience with both aspiring and experienced podcasters. Dan has a fun, clear, and helpful “method” for conveying what you need to know about becoming a better podcaster.
The show has some good information in it, but most of the episodes are pretty much a repeat of all the episodes before it. Some good questions answered by Dan, and lots of technical stuff addressed. But if you’ve listened to about 5 random episodes, you’ve essentially heard them all.
I love listening to this podcast. It’s informative and honest. Presented in a manner that is easily digestible, along with a host that is easy to listen to.
I find your tips very useful and easy to listen to, Dan. You keep me inspired to keep plugging away at my show and have helped me in numerous ways. Thank you. Sincerely, Chris Real world redneck podcast
My review may be a bit outdated, and I will update if my feelings change, but I was highly reccomended this show from a friend, so I went to the beginning and downloaded the entire series and started listening from the first episode. As I write this review, I am on episode 20. Perhaps it's just the lack of spacing between episodes that pushes me to feel that topics are repeated far too frequently in back-to-back weeks. Every episode will discuss noise gates, the necessity to multi-track, a propensity to Apple products, and how Podcasting is changing other media. It's probably OK if you have little to no podcast or audio engineering experience, or are listening to only one episode per week or month, but as a marathon listener who burned through a few episodes per week I feel like very little new material was added in each episode. Rather than explaining a gate every time a question is asked, could you just respond to the question "Noise gates would help you, here's a summary, go to episode 2 for details." I'm a big fan of self-referential shows, which is a method that this podcasts seems to have left behind. Overall, this is a good show, and is useful for it's target audience, but to anyone who's already started, or has a basic understanding of audio tools, there are hundreds of excellent descriptions of the same 5 tips. Useful, but not sure it needs 26 episodes. I'll reassess soon, as I am getting to the point where episodes were released much farther appart, so I'm expecting Dan to reveal that he felt the same at some point.
The Best "How To Podcast" show I have heard to date! I listened to show "1 and I am hooked! Working on beginning my first podcast here very soon and Dan is so helpful with loads of information in his show. I'm now more excited than ever! Rock on 5by5, great job Dan!
My friend and I are planning on starting our own podcast this summer and I stumbled across this podcast in my research. This podcast has been fantastic in terms of answering questions I've had as well as bringing up topics that I hadn't even thought of, which is awesome! I would definitely recommend this for anyone entering the podcasting world andhas no idea where to start. Keep up the awesome work!
I have been toying with the idea of a podcast for a couple of years. Dan's show is the best compendium of solid advice and encouragement I've found so far. His delivery style adds a shot of energy and sincerity to the tons of practical knowledge and tips he shares. There are thousands of sources of podcast information out there and it can get overwhelming. After listening to each episode of Podcast Method, I can feel myself getting closer to an actual launch date. Highly recommended!
I'm enjoying my time learning.
I have heard so many local shows that sounds like it was made in a cave and the podcasters is ten feet from the mic. This is a MUST for anyone starting a podcast. This guy has a lovely voice, flow, and excitement. I love this show!
Is it ironic that a podcast about podcast production is so poorly produced? Yes. Yes it is.
Great info Dan, very helpful, much of this I already know but it's nice to hear it from an old pro to confirm my thinking. Love your show I listen to it at home and at work, even while driving my commute every day. I listen to your shows over and over because I pick up new points every time. Keep up the good work!
This show tackles all the fronts that a podcaster deals with. He explains why.
Great information. Useful to *anyone* starting a podcast. Info on technique, equipment, marketing, monetization. It's hard to imagine someone starting out, and not getting a lot out of this podcast.
Good stuff!
I enjoy Dan because he seems very real and authentic. Very down-to-earth with his advice and I like that he answers real peoples questions. Great show
Just surfing for info about podcasting and came across this show. I've only listened to a few shows, but already have learned some useful info. I recommend this for anyone looking to launch his/her own podcast.
If you’re thinking of podcasting, or just want to learn about sound, start from the 1st show. Dan has a ton of experience, is a great communicator, and responsive to questions. First rate.
I'm honestly just writing a review cause Dan Benjamin asked, to see if it will bump the ratings and get it into new & noteworthy. But I do love the show and really think it's worth 4 stars. I'd rate it 5, but I'm not a fan of monologue style podcasts, I prefer at least 2 hosts or a host + guest.
I love every episode. Always helpful and always encouraging, Dan Benjamin is my podcast mentor and each episode offers helpful technical tips as well as advice on how to present my content! The Podcast Method is clear, direct, always relevant!
This podcast has taught me so much
I don't think that there is a single podcast that I get more excited to see a new episode of. I've listened to multiple shows about podcasting while we've been launching one at work. Dan Benjamin has got me so excited about podcasting that I'm already having to suppress all the ideas for new shows that I have until I get one properly off the ground. Dan doesn't just share extremely helpful technical knowledge, but also provides insightful advise on the deeper aspects of podcasting and how to grow as a podcaster.
This podcast is SO helpful to anyone wanting to learn about podcasting. I can't recommend it enough and appreciate the willingness to share knowledge that's been built up over years and years.
So responsive, so very very good. Dan is THE EXPERT on podcasting. He answers questions, can talk technical or philosophical, and goes the extra distance to make the show the best it can possibly be.
I'm a journalism professor, and next time I teach a radio or podcasting class, this will be required listening.
I miss the regularity, but Dan does a good job covering interesting topics. The gear reviews and shows on compression and EQ were particularly informative
I’ll probably go back and plow through every single episode of this thing. So helpful!
Excellent intro to how to Podcast. From equipment to technique. You can tell that the host really has a passion for creating excellent audio productions, and also helping others get their feet wet.
Awesome show!
Dan has a lot of experience and is great at delivering it. He discusses a lot of technical subjects in great detail without losing clarity.
Amazingly helpful for someone who loves podcasts, and who’s considering doing one the right way. Longtime Dan fan, and he nails this one as usual.
Dan thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! So many great tips and content. Loving this show so much I had to subscribe to The Pipeline and the Dan Benjamin Hour.
Can't begin to explain how useful this podcast is. Informative, detailed, nuts & bolts, but big picture too. Covering a range of topics to help you get started and get better.
Dan's show on podcasting is a wealth of information for anyone who's interested in starting their own podcast, & for newer podcasters as well. Learning a lot from this show. Thanks Dan!
This is your guy if you want to learn how to broadcast effectively while eliminating countless obstacles and barriers he already went through. Dan Benjamin relays his timeless wisdom for podcasting through all of his years of experiences through broadcasting. Highly recommended for advanced to beginner broadcasters. Brilliant! Thank you Dan.
This show opens up the world of podcasting to everyone. It's been a while that I've been wanting to do a show. Now I'm actually moving forward with one thanks Dan's help! Keep up the awesome work DB!
This podcast is a vast source of information and inspiration! I enjoy each episode tremendously and try to take away as much as I can as I try to prepare to do my own podcast. If I wouldn't have listened to this podcast I know for sure I would have already made major mistakes right off the bat! Thank you for providing the information on all the different equipment and what would work best. One of the best resources I have found!!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
I am an avid podcast junkie...and when I stumbled upon "Road Work" one night...I said this guy Dan Benjamin is just so calm,cool & collected ...and Hmmm... I've heard his voice somewhere else...so when I found Podcast Method off of 5 by 5...I said Holy S&%t...it's him ! I usually blow about 10 gigs amonth listening to all of the other "How to" podcasts on my IPad...Thanks Dan...you just saved me a bundle. I am launching a new podcast 1/1/16 and will be in contact shortly...I dont tweet though...so look for a long e-mail....Decision made....Thanks again
I’ve been a fan of podcasts since the early days, and been thinking about starting my own. Thanks to Dan and this show, I have an idea of where to start!
As someone who makes commentaries, the stuff I'm learning here helps with my audio editing. Show is great, needs a new episode.
I'm new to podcasting. This podcast is an incredible resource. I'd recommend it to anyone. Thank you Dan Benjamin!
Love the show! Keep it going!
Dan Benjamin provides a great resource to those who are just starting out with their podcasts, and those who are looking to improve. The best part of this show is that Dan's not trying to sell you on a product or a webinar. It's just good advice from a guy who wants to help people get better. Thanks, Dan!
Dan is definitely an authority on the subject of podcasting so his advice is greatly welcome. I wish less time was spent on sponsors but I know that's a high demand topic from the audience. This is the first podcast I ever took notes while listening to; it's that good.
Dan is very good and this show is an awesome way to help others. Thanks, Dan! Big fan of your work and 5by5 in general!
he's smart, considerate and super helpful. hit him up with questions on twitter using #podcastmethod. he'll get back to most of your questions... oh yeah and he has an amazing voice.
These podcasts are a great resource to those of us who want to get started in the world of podcasts.
I wish I had found this show before I started by podcast. Lots of great info!
Great for those of us trying to hone our podcasting skills or even just get our show off the ground! The technical help has been invaluable but I am looking forward to hearing more about what small shows can do to grow. Thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences with us, Dan.