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I only make decisions based on Ask Agata.
..... I like
Love this show! Very good chemistry between the host and always hilarious guest. If new to the show, a good place to start would be either the good ol' boys from Hollywood handbook and the doughboys. But to be honest, any episode is a good entry point.
These guys are so funny! July is a dream boat!
Love this podcast! Great hosts, great guests, great segments.
When the moon hits your eye like a big peeksa pie that's a podcast


Really fun
This is such a cool and inventive podcast with so many fun bells and whistles! It's a wonderful ode to Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Robo Laura Hall is GENIUS) with more than a dash of Gabe, Agata and July's own improv chops, and a heaping portion of Twitter insanity. This is where I get my news, which is why I'm such a happy person. the episodes with hayes and sean. they were great but also incredibly scary. i loves my boys and i know theyre big boys, but they need to use the buddy system and stay together. there are a lot of bad people out there, ok?


By alekgv
i love this podcast and most especially i love episode 6 because of the funny way july says pizza. it will help you keep up on owl news from around the world
If you like to laugh, then I highly recommend this podcast. If you don't like to laugh, I still recommend it. This podcast will convert you. This trio is witty, funny, and adorable. They don't even need a guest to make a great episode. Their regular segments such as the hoe down and July's funny pages are always fun. This group seems to be having a really good time. I wish I could hang out with them and one day win a kiss from Gabe!