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These dudes are drunken jackassery at its finest. Learn something new every week as you become fluent in their increasingly slurring language. P.s. The white dude is a great lay. I hear the other three ain't half bad either. That's got to count for something.
in a good way!
I've been listening since day one and it just keeps getting better. The guys have totally found their groove and that groove may be filled with punishment booze. Or nah is a great game, my music library is expanding thanks to the Top 5 segment, I started listening to The Young Turks thanks to Jon's awesome rants and I'm hoping one day to have a good enough entry for the hashtag challenge. I agree with the other reviewers it's like hanging out with your funny, smart, non-PC, silly, drunk friends. Keep up the good work boys! - Punishment booze chug warm Chardonnay
I’ve been a loyal listener since the beginning. I love the addition of punishment booze, or nah, and the hashtag contests. Keep up the good work boys. Punishment booze: chug wine.
Brutally honest and hysterical this podcast feels like you are hanging out with good friends at two am. You never know what will happen, but you will be laughing the whole time eh!
I love this podcast. It's like the best way to get news, hanging out with your boys, drinking, and talking smack. Music, sports, current events, science, and a bottle of good hooch, how can you go wrong? Steve, Jon and Sean are entertaining for the whole trip, and they trip over their words while they entertain. 5 stars.
This is full of actual good info with a twist of just funny ridiculous comments. Highly recommend. I feel more informed but I'm also drunk.
We need more of this. This is like drinking with my friends except with notes. Well done gentlemen. Cheers.


By JuAnMu
If I wasn't concerned about the negative side effects to their livers I'd request more episodes.