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I look forward to listening each week. They have introduced me to tons of great content!
I’ve listened to this podcast since early 2015. I keep coming back because of Rebecca’s laugh and appropriate use of the f-word. Also, the reviews are thoughtful and their feedback makes me think critically about storytelling and research in my own work.


By dawg180
No one care about your stupid opinions also just bc someone leaves you a bad review don’t mean there a fan of mike get over yourself
I love this podcast-it’s helped me discover new material to listen to/watch as well as what to avoid. The banter is great and the reviews are well thought out and critical.
They must save the interesting conversations for their patreon, which Rebecca relentlessly promotes. I get it, she wants your money. And her laugh seems to have gotten louder and more constant. Notice that no one else is laughing when she is. It not because something is funny, it must be a nervous tic. Too bad, this used to be a podcast that I looked forward to.
I've been listening to Crime Writers On for few years now and am a big fan. Aside from recs from friends, this podcast is one of my primary sources for finding out about new podcasts, tv shows, etc. I aprpeciate their thoughful discussions and generally agree with their reviews. Over time, I have figured that I generally lean to Rebecca's tastes. 5 Stars!
I can't get enough of it. The rapport between this group is amazing and they have led me to so many great stories (podcasts, documentaries, etc.) I also love their low key liberal politics...they just express themselves without ever getting overbearing or self-righteous. I hope it creeps into their listener's psyche in an insidious way. Keep up the great work!
I couldn’t give a lower rating because they really put a ton of effort into the show. It’s well done all around an I’ve appreciated it for a few years now. That said I have to unsubscribe. It’s a firm rule of mine that if psychics are pushed in anyway on a true crime show I jump ship. Considering the climate of US policing, and how so much of the forensic tools they use are based in little to no data, advocating even in the most innocuous way, for them to use psychics is a deal breaker for me. Would it be ok if Doug Evans employed a “real psychic” to prove Curtis Flowers guilt? Again, it’s a well done show but we are not in a world where advocating for things like psychics in policing is in anyway ok.
I love Rebecca’s laugh and her husband’s sultry voice.. weird I saw them being interviewed on TV and Kevin’s voice sounds totally wasn’t as sultry but whatever.. I enjoy the teams relationship and their discussions.. In Additional: KEVIN, 50 is NOT advanced age.. can’t believe u said that ....
I tried really hard but the laugh finally did me in. It’s like scratching a chalkboard and I can’t take it anymore 😢 I appreciate this podcast. The reviews are well done as far as the covered aspects. The spoiler time codes are really helpful. Have to agree with the annoying laugh reviews. And none of them have the best podcast voices.
So funny , and smart. I laugh out loud all the time which bugs my husband while we work from home together but I don’t care! As a fellow New Englander close to home and right in point!
Intolerable! Great information but the chronic, constant, overbearing laugh kills it...
Okay, before I say anything, I must advise that this show could be addictive. It is for me—andI’m sooo happy about it. The four hosts each bring a different take from the world of writing about crime—and the four varied personalities mix, mesh, don’t mesh, mesh a little more. The results are highly entertaining. And to those reviewers who don’t like Rebecca’s laughter—get over yourself. That laughter is sometimes the only thing that keeps me hanging on these days. If you are into true crime podcasts and TV shows, you will get the best reviews here. I only wish they could record the show in my kitchen, so I could bake them all my famous chocolate chip cookies while they tape.
I don’t always agree with the panel, but they are thoughtful and kind and mindful folks who always have interesting things to say about whatever they are reviewing.
I have listened to CWO since the first season. It was actually only the second podcast I ever downloaded, Serial being the first. I respect the opinions of all 4 of the hosts and I have discovered so much content because of them (Helloooo, True Crime Obsessed!). They make me laugh and learn each week, sometimes questioning my own opinions. At this point, they feel like old friends, especially because they interact with listeners on social media. I highly recommend this podcast!
I love this podcast, and they always help me find the next great podcast to listen to or show to watch about True Crime.
One of my absolute favorite podcasts! I haven’t missed an episode yet!
Listening to this podcast is like getting together with some friends on Monday morning for a coffee and a fun chat. It’s a podcast about podcasts. Rebecca, Kevin, Toby and Lara give fantastic insight to crime related podcasts and television shows. They are funny, passionate, warm and real. They also engage directly with their listeners in their FB discussion group. Have a listen- before long you will find yourself eager to see what your new friends Rebecca, Toby, Kevin and Lara are talking about on Monday. Love this podcast and the Crime Writers ❤️
Every week, the team brings the best minds and opinions to true crime and media.
I love love love this podcast. Especially Rebecca’s laugh!
And not all that smart.


This podcast is so boring. Rebecca’s laugh makes me want to kill myself.. is she having a seizure? Why listen to these idiots talk about anything?? PASS.
You’d think the co-hosts were Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Richard Pryor.
Things changed for me when their Patreon exclusives were constantly pushed. I get that they need income but they always spend so much time talking about it. And, when you can't afford to be a patron you start feeling left on. On top of that, they now seem to be more focused on Netflix and HBO shows than podcasts. I'm not saying it's awful. I'm just saying it's not for me anymore.
I used to love this podcast and found the insight and introductions to new podcasts awesome. Not sure what changed - the ultra cozy mystery attitude - cat chat - hysterical laughter about not so funny jokes, rambling chatter or the lecturing as to how I should think. I used to just go right to the reviews and skip most of the nonsense, but lately the reviewed content makes me scratch my head as well. Just not my pace anymore - I prefer intellect and wit ... and if I’m personally called out on the Pod for this opinion, that’s cool—- I’ll never know anyway. 🤷‍♀️
The hosts are ridiculously annoying and overly casual about serious issues. They also have a very leftist slant and if they catch a whiff of something or someone that doesn’t agree with them they pounce. Your personal politics should not be part of the discussion. Their close association with Rabia Chaudry is disturbing as well. I would give 1 star but their podcast helped me find the love of my life so I am thankful for that and will never forget that. Also, mentioning bad reviews in your podcast is very cheap and obnoxious.
Honestly I was sold based on how much you all disliked True Detective, especially it’s treatment of female characters. I think this podcast strikes a nice balance between all four panelists discussing their personal preferences and discussing craft (writing, audio production, investigation) from an insider perspective which is something that’s really valuable. I live in Maine currently and I also love the more casual conversation of New England shenanigans.
I used to love this podcast but in recent months it’s become quite tedious. Not to blame the hosts entirely, because this may reflect a general decline in true crime podcasting quality. But that still doesn’t make it enjoyable to hear review after review of mediocre Netflix originals every week. Also, the hosts really lean into their smug upper-middle class white liberal affectation. I agree with most of their views, but it’s tiresome—if not borderline offensive at times—to hear that demographic self-congratulate for making basic woke talking points. There are still some great moments of humor and insight here and there, but the staleness and smugness are too much for me personally now.
Engaging and funny. It’s led me to some of my favorite podcasts through its reviews, while helping me avoid wasting time on others. I really trust their takes on podcasts and entertainment, and trust them to describe why they feel a certain way so I can make up my own mind.


By Ea9
This is my favorite podcast. Love all of the hosts, love their points of view and their discussions
This podcast has led me to so many great podcasts. The reviews offer different perspectives and help me choose my podcasts. After 6 weeks of shelter at home, I really appreciate the laughter and off topic banter!
I’m subscribed to a lot of podcasts. Some, I end up deleting episodes, filtering through stuff that’ll interest me and discarding the rest. Not this one. Been listening for years and I never miss an episode. The four personalities mesh well. I laugh, a lot. I also disagree with the opinions sometimes. But that’s ok, I still respect them.
I’ve been a listener to this podcast since the very beginning when they were discussing Serial, and it’s still one of the podcasts I look forward to most each week. The hosts have great chemistry and are genuine and thoughtful, and I always enjoy hearing their perspectives on any topic, whether it’s a heavy true crime documentary or a fluffy bit of pop culture. Highly recommended.
I listen to an obscene amount of podcasts each week. Some are better than others but this is one I never skip! Not only is it fun AND informative but I’ve also discovered many great podcasts because of this one. Keep up the great work!
I’ve been a faithful listener since 2014 and CWO is my go-to source for learning what to listen to, watch, or read (or not). I treasure the insightful discussions around true crime properties, true crime updates, and occasional pop culture and journalism. I also enjoy gaining much insight through the smart discussions and unique perspectives from a crime writer and / or journalistic perspective. Much love to Rebecca and her team for all their hard work and dedication over the years. (I still want a CWO bumper sticker, btw).
I have no idea why there are four people on this podcast. It would be much better if it were only Rebecca and Kevin.
This is my favorite podcast. Hands down. The 4 hosts work well together and offer different insights. I love Rebecca’s laugh. It is infectious and makes me laugh. I agree with Lara most often and love her stories! Toby’s dry humor is great and I always laugh at Kevin’s impressions. Oh... and they review Crime Podcasts and shows.
Inane chatter and giggling
I can’t decide if the show has changed or if my tolerance for it has changed. Either is possible but when the content becomes one of the hosts going on about a negative iTunes review and calling out the user by name that feels pretty icky to listen to. It’s their show to do as they please with it but for me it isn’t what I’m interested in listening to. The actual content reviews have felt serious and lacking in fun recently as well. They are almost aggressive to the point where the show is missing the spark of humor it felt like it once had. They used to have more a of a conversation vibe and now it’s like each host gives a book report. There is also a vibe from one of the hosts that their opinion is the right opinion. Maybe that isn’t the intent but it is how I’m hearing it a lot of time. As a listener I don’t have to agree with the hosts opinion but I would like to enjoy listening to the discussion. I had previously cancelled my Patreon membership after one of the hosts declared a piece of content that was well received by audiences to be “f&cking stupid”. Is that necessary? I’m fine with the f-bomb but it felt attacking and nasty. The world is weird right now so maybe this is just a reflection of that but I’m not enjoying the show like I used to and honestly turned off the most recent episode before they even got to the reviews because it was stressful to listen to such negativity. It’s frustrating and a bit of a bummer to lose a show that I once really really liked but at this point I think I’m going to wish them well and take a break from listening.


Some critics come here to knock Rebecca for being a smart, intelligent, f-bombing woman who is “too much” for them. Oh no! A woman with opinions.
Update: I COME FOR THE LAUGHS! If you don’t like people having a good time while reviewing at times questionable content then move along. This is by far my favorite podcast... it’s the kind that you know what day it drops so you can schedule your other podcasts around it. They have great discussions about podcasts to listen to (or to stay far far away from). FYI- they also have AMAZING Patreon content (ahem 4 other podcasts). Get on this train now!
I love this podcast. The camaraderie between the hosts is enjoyable, and I love Rebecca’s fierce advocacy. She’s my hero!
So, when you love true crime like I do, a show like this is amazing! I either want to talk about what I’ve just listened to or find out what I should listen to next and this show it’s great for both. I think their discussion is funny and interesting. I’ve also found some great podcasts that I wouldn’t have listened to otherwise. Also, I like all of their different personalities and what they each bring to the show!
Inappropriate laughter that is intrusive on the dialogue of the other hosts. You’re just not that funny. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Rebecca has an intrusive, cloying and annoying laugh that completely distracts from the content of the show. To make matters worse, she also laughs at inappropriate times. Repeated, intrusive laughter is no substitute for quality of content : in fact, it’s more an indication of the lack of it. Then, when she comes off one of her grating laughter binges she’ll use the F bomb. So if you like witless banter and socially insecure guffawing and profanity this is the podcast for you. Pity.
Rebecca’s virtue signaling is out of control. It was always bad, but my god... I used to listen the morning that new episodes dropped, but now I probably listen to 1 out of every 5. Sorry guys, but for real, it’s getting annoying. There are 3 other people on this podcast that can barely get a word in, and they’re the ones not dining annoying things.
This is always the podcast I most look forward to listening to every week. I’ve been listening since they were reviewing Serial and loving it ever since!