The Capoeira Podcast

Reviews For The Capoeira Podcast

On many occasions I’ve told my girlfriend to stop being intimate with me cause I had to listen to the capoeira podcast. And she is a doctor/model.
Great listening! An amazing idea and very well done!
It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. The idea is so entertaining and full of possibilities. Can't wait to see what the future has in store. Love all the progressive work you guys out west are doing...axe
Love the podcast! I'm a lower cord player and I love the episodes talking about music and game etiquette, super helpful. Thanks, Colton(soldado) Volta Miuda Utah
Couldn't have asked for better candidates to start a Capoeira Podcast. Jamie and Eugene are two of the most passionate Capoeiristas out there. Keep up the good work
Interesting topics presented in a fun, clever and informative way. Part 2 on the pregnancy and capoeira podcast is my favorite so far. Keep it up!!
I enjoy listening to this podcast very much. Esperta and Animado are fun to listen to. Hearing all the personal stories and tips has helped me understand some of the difficulties I'm currently experiencing and has inspired me to keep at it and never give up. Obrigado e Axé!
Witty and funny all at the same time
Thanks for making a Capoeira podcast! What part of the world do you play Capoeira in? How long have you been playing Capoeira? Keep the episodes coming! The podcast has so much to cover and grow!