Reviews For Blazer's Edge: for Portland Trail Blazers fans


I’m so glad you all finally address the elephant in the room. Danny you finally said it, CJ has totally under performed, injuries aside if cj had been playing better this team wouldn’t be as bad. Whenever we need him to hit a shot or take over dame duties he has failed more times than not.
Can you please stop pronouncing Nassir Little’s name incorrectly, Tara. It’s Nas. Like the rapper (Nah-s). So frustrating having someone cover the team mispronounce players’ names. C’mon. Get it together, Tahrah.
Keep it real and keep em’ coming!
love tara, hate dan. he is incredibly annoying and condescending and just likes to hear his own voice and injects his irrelevant analysis’ and detours the podcast. literally cannot stand him or his pointless rants.
Danny represents a large segment on the blazer fan base in being very pessimistic, he should learn to cheer up.
I would suggest you start off with a more formal opening. Hello welcome to the Blazers Edge Podcast. You seem to hit record and begin talking. A little more formality in the opening would help a lot. You guys have great info and takes! Keep up the good work.
Love the pod but your audio is pretty bad. If you are anywhere outside where it’s loud (in my case a subway in Hong Kong) I can barely hear anything. Compare it to Rip City pod or Canzano’s BFT as they both come in MUCH LOUDER. Are you using proper mics at all?
Enjoyed this until these clowns said no team in the NCAA could beat a European team that lunka went against. People forget there’s a reason there are very few European players in the league. I like hot takes but when it’s just outright wrong it’s tough to listen to 😶
Dan, I do appreciate your in-depth basketball knowledge but you could be a little less of a curmudgeon. Also, you come off as a little condescending to your cohost, Tara. You guys have a good balance between you but I could do with less mansplaining.
With out a doubt my favorite blazer and basketball podcast. Tara and Danny are a perfect balance!!!
At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the new duo of Tara and Dan, (maybe because I was so used to hearing Dave and Dan) but I’m starting to really enjoy the new dynamic between you two. I absolutely love the comment that Dan made about the new statement jersey when Tara said she’s staring to like it. “So do you like ugly puppies?”. Hahaha! I couldn’t stop laughing. I also enjoy the way Tara tries keeps Dan in check #GoTeamMom! Keep up the awesome work. The chemistry is definitely starting to come together.
We love our Blazers, and so do Dan and Dave and Tara. It is great to listen to them talk about the highs and lows of the NBA season from a Blazers-centric perspective. They have some fresh takes and its a great hour of programming.
This is one of my favorite podcasts - the one that gets bumped to the top of my playlist whenever it comes out. I appreciate the variety of voices brought on and love all the topics discussed. Tara has become a fantastic host, I love hearing her interview guests.
Thoughtful and well produced this is a gem for fans of the Trailblazers and beyond.
Dan's basketball acumen is second to none. Add in his self-loathing Blazers fandom and you have a recipe for a super entertaining podcast. This pod is my go to for all things Trailblazers.
This is a great place for Blazers information. There are three teams. Tara and Jo bring the "soccer mom" perspective, and they know their stuff. Brandon and Chris on the weekends are very informative (especially when joined by Eric), and tend to bring on good interviews. Dan and Dave sound a little like two old guys that pile on the negativity. Dave used to be joined by a guy named Phil, who provided a little push and pull with him in terms of attitude and opinions which made it interesting. However, Dan and Dave preach the same message, kinda brings you down by the end of the episode. Overall though, a good podcast!
This year--into the 2016-17 year is much improved. Dave and Dan in particular are energetic and knowledable, and, with all due respect to the previous co-host, it is a more intelligent and enjoyable show.
Kudos to you guys for getting Taylor Danforth on an episode. Been lamenting my commute ever since rip city mornings went through a makeover. Still not sure what happened there. Gonna miss his commentary this season. Guy knows his stuff and listening to his commentary just feels like hanging with an old friend. Hope you guys feature him in future episodes or he gets a regular spot.
I miss Phil and not a big fan of jo and Tera it was great listening before but now it's kinda stale.
As a longtime BE fan/reader, I was very excited about this podcast. Unfortunately, co-host Phil is pretty awful. Uninformed and seems to think that his experience coaching tennis makes him an authority on everything. No, your tennis background does not make you know what Popovich is thinking, neither does it give you insight into the Warrior’s pursuit of 73 wins. Also, he does not know much about Blazers and the team history. Most annoying, however, are his ignorant remarks about the team and fans, which he thinks are so edgy and provocative, but are actually quite tired. I remember when he learned about the “soccer moms” label, and couldn’t stop using it every five seconds. How did he get this job? Nevertheless, I checked out months ago. Will come back if podcast fixes this.
I really like Chris Lucia's episodes (he is my favorite), and Phil for his outside opinion that sometimes grates Blazer fans for not conforming to the most popular opinions at the time. I'll catch every Lucia episode, and sometimes listen to the others when I get bored and have time. I do respect the womens podcast for being something different and unique, and hope they continue get better as they get more episodes under their belt.
Love this podcast...
This podcast is the only place to get the kind of in depth insight into my Portland Trail Blazers. Phil drives me a little crazy, but Dave and Chris are great.
Dave's been hoodwinked. Phil makes this unlistenable.
Dave definitely brings it in terms of leading the discussion and having a meaningful take. Phil, on the other hand, is just there... and really doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of a good take or analysis throughout discussion. He does at least keep the conversation moving. Still love listening as it is the best Blazers podcast I have listened to.
Love reading, listening to and watching Dave. I devour just about everything he puts his name to. Have a very hard time listening to Phil, though. Phil drones on without anything of substance to contribute. With a dearth of good Blazer podcasts out there (Courtside has turned into an infomercial, Dontonio Wingcast is retired, Bald Faced Truth is insanely diluted to fill time), this market needs The Blazer’s Edge Podcast. I've just had to learn to skip any episode with Phil.
I really like listening to Dave and Phil - great analysis and insights! I love reading articles/blogs about the Trail Blazers, but listening to these two is even more enjoyable! More (longer) shows, please! Can't wait for next week!
Phil & Dave always provide solid, insightful analysis and commentary about the Blazers on a weekly basis. It's a pretty young podcast but these guys already have good chemistry which makes for enjoyable listening.
It’s a good balance of Dave’s nuanced perspectives and Phil’s passionate impressions. That, and they talk Blazers, which is always awesome.