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Relevant and Intelligent. I was taken off guard by, "Are we all cult members now?" So interesting.
Just listened to my third episode on "Truth Decay"... Excellent!
I enjoy the WhoWhatWhy podcast with Jeff Schectman and the new Russcast with Russ Baker. The WhoWhatWhy podcast is not too long, but manages to cover topics that interest me in dept and with great guests. The Russcast is still new, but I enjoy listening to conversations about the news of the week.
This show disappoints me often. I subscribe because sometimes they give me hope and have excellent, hard hitting stories with a strongly liberal mindset (like civil liberties). However, they are too often just another outlet spewing progressive propaganda and garbage, usually with a snobby patronizing tone. Too bad.
Very educational, but in an unusual way. They bring to light stories and ideas one doesn't normally hear about. The guests and their stories are, not only important, but also very relevant to our current political discussions.
This is one of the only podcasts I subscribe to (also Intercepted). I like Jeff Schechtman's interview style, but the real attraction is the subject matter. This show finds current events and topics I'm interested in and consistently teaches me new things. Please try it, I think you'll like it too.
That says it. If you're interested in facts rather than opinion, this is your podcast.
Real depth and detailed discussion of topics. No strings of sound bites, no nasty name calling, just clear reasoning presented without histrionics.
Looking for serious investigative jounalism, this is the place. I depend heavily on WhoWhatWhy and happy support them.
Exactly what needs to be discussed in the media. Great spotlight.
Each episode is packed with juicy information and thoughtful ideas from guests. I very often listen more than once, stop and do my own research, and then follow the work of each episode’s guest. These are tremendously important issues in the country that aren’t “profitable” or convenient to mainstream media, and the kind of issues that we should be talking about with our family and community.


By LC Mel
Interesting topics and good questions from host.
This podcast is consistently thoughtful and refreshing. Good guests, smart, informed host, not too short, not too long. Topics that aren't covered widely. A winner.
A cross between early Vice (back when it was a start-up) and I.F. Stone, Russ Baker's little news outfit grabs unclaimed territory and unclaimed angles that aren't tackled by mainstream news. Carrying on from Baker's book on the Bush family ("Family of Secrets"), you'll hear documented facts that put a whole new light on the news.
Deep news cuts and interviews. I challenge you to find these topics in the news. Prepare to listen intently, there's lots of information in these pods.